100 thoughts on “Hannity: Hunter Biden was peddling his influence”

  • Only problem is; many nations wanted Shokin fired for corruption and he wasn't actually fired until 3 months after Biden's meeting, not within 6 hours, that was just Biden being a blowhard. Did other nations want to find Hilary's server or get Biden investigated? Maybe evil ones, but not normal ones. Besides, Biden isn't the VP now so he can't be impeached for things he did as VP. Trump is still a sitting President, big difference. What do you want Congress to do, Hannity, impeach Biden retroactively? Okay, you are hereby impeached, Joe, clear out your locker.

  • Hey Sean I would really love to see Hunter's tax returns for those years. Think he paid US taxes on this illegal gotten monies, let take a look. They want to see Trumps, we want to see Biden's

  • BIDENS AND OTHERS ARE LIVING LARGE AT OFF THE BACKS OF AMERICANS. To make matters worse, coverups in plain sight at ever turn while attacking and accusing our ELECTED PRESIDENT for the crimes they commit. There is a lot more going on but unfortunately it gets filtered out and/or suppressed.

  • Speak only facts says:

    More transcripts being released today, Tuesday? Don't worry Dementia 45 supporters the public hearing is coming. Fox better get the spin machine up to max and fast.

  • It almost looks to me like the Trump impeachment train is linked to Democratic criminal activity in the Ukraine and the current efforts by Democratic officials to cover it up. Gee! And I thought the impeachment inquiry is all about flipping the 2020 presidential election to the Democrats. Live and learn.

  • I am so beside myself that none of them have been arrested. This includes Hillary! If it never happens then there is NO JUSTICE! PERIOD!

  • If not for double standards the dems and their left wing liberal media outlets, would have no standards at all. How much more proof do you need?

  • How is investigating Hunter considered investigating a political opponent? That 1. 2 I honestly believe that creepy Joe got in the race so Trump couldn't investigate him. But wether Trump is right or wrong what everyone is forgetting about are the facts that creepy Joe committed a crime regardless using his influences to benefit himself and his family's name. And who knows how much other dirt this elitest self-righteous idiot committed while in office and imagine how much would of continued if Hillary would of won..

  • The Left and Dems will still flip this story…

    Schiff clearly said there was a quid pro quo with Trump hoping to draw attention away from Bidens…
    That blew up though in his face…

  • Not to mention that he is a pervert and molests little girls. which doesn't seem to be important to anyone not even the parents of the children involved. If it was important to the parents they would speak up.

  • no boundaries, no borders, so entitled, arrogant fact pattern these people. making as much sense as socialism. All American Citizen Tax Paid. It's Shocking.

  • Whoever that person who is Ukraine, there was corruption in the office. Someone was doing money Laundering, that why . New Ukraine President want to clean up his swamp up just like President Trump is doing. I love President Trump. He kept his words.

  • Obama and Hillary Adam Schiff Nadler Nancy Schumer Mueller Biden Bernie made more Money than Ever When Obama and Michael was in 8 Years .They got Richer selling out America Over Using there Power in the House of Democrats

  • It's funny I've watched three Fox news videos today, in each video at key points a commercial was placed to disrupt the viewers attention… Who you got editing your videos Fox?

  • Best thing the democrats could do is drop all the persecution of Trump and go after Biden so the party can regain some sort of legitimacy, at least in the Fake News.

  • I hope that Benghazi Sean is pushed by that Moron Trump to out the Whistleblower! Then Benghazi Sean will be indicted and force to sell out Trump so you can all see what he is all about. Trump will say he will pardon him to get him to do it. But If the Dems were smart that would wait until Trump is forced to resign over his tax returns and we all see the fraud from Moron Trump. Then indict Benghazi Sean and LOCK HIM UP!’😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Marcel Dijkstra says:

    Biden and the e.u and i.m.f wanted the prosecuter out because he didnt do enough to investigate corruption !!!
    Get your facts together hanity insanity calling your show news is nothing but a joke

  • We have to remember that Democrats are a corrupt, rebellious and subversive cabal where good is evil and evil is good. They, by any other name, have been revolutionaries for the past two thousand years. This Election is bringing out the real enemies in our country. It brings out all the anarchists, anti-God, socialists and communists that have been wearing masks deceiving the people. They are being forced to remove their masks and expose their true identity. The further from God, the more cursed the land is. History proves this truth.

  • Robert May-Marra says:

    Parts of this has largely been debunked on fact-checking platforms.

    And the irony that Trumps family is in the White House (with no reason to be there at all other than being family) and that Trump Jr. Is complaining about someone profiting off their father 🤣

    Regardless, no matter what side you're on, you should be held accountable

    Same for Trump and the hypocrisy with this news network is astounding.

    You think saying "a Democrat did something wrong so it's totally ok for a republican to keep doing the same thing"
    Is a patriotic defense?

    And if it's about nepotism, you realize trumps unqualified children are in the White House and have profited from Trump's presidency right?

    His daughter got several contracts in China worth huge amounts of money right before the trade deal with China.
    Donald Trump jr, who literally has the same name as Trump and profits from it, goes on news networks and gets paid 50k for speeches. Why? What has he done other than be the presidents son?
    Trump says "there's no way that Biden would have a position and not talk to his son about business dealings"
    Yet, Trump said EXACTLY the same thing about giving his sons reins of his businesses. He said he wouldn't talk to them about business so that it doesn't violate the emulate clause.

    You guys thought Bill Clinton doing the same thing was incredibly corrupt.

    God there's so much ignorance in here, I can't even put my thoughts done properly.

  • Robert May-Marra says:

    Influence pedeling?

    Lmao. U know trump is president and his kids are in the White House and coming on your show because of his name lol

  • You have to wonder how many people were committing like acts under Obama. That is why it was so important for clintion to win, so these acts could be overlooked.

  • This how Biden has become rich… 500K per month! no body gets that per month! $6 million per year, one year of work and you become rich. Wow!

  • Timothy Roberts says:

    Main stream media said they could see no wrong doing by Joe Biden or Hunter Biden. But they saw many things wrong with the president's telephone call to the leader of the Ukraine. Something is wrong with this picture.

  • Robert May-Marra says:


    Are you serious

    Lmao trumps kids are literally in the White House and doing the same thing…..

    They have no experience lol

  • erin still cries about laika says:

    so biden and trump are both corrupt, i’m not even remotely surprised. this is why we vote bernie baby. enough of these greedy corrupt bastards and liars.

  • Son of B.. Son of a Biden.. the prosecutor investigating cocaine Hunter got fired for millions of US taxpayers dollars .. Hunter could not even lay of the cocaine to stay in the military .. what a joke!

  • Robert Winninger says:

    lots of typos and verbal flubs… c or b, this or is… Anyway, nothing will happen for the same reasons Hilary is immune. You'd also have to investigate half of Congress and Washington's bureaucrats, and the press. Good luck with that.

  • John Cunningham says:

    Who care about moral at the state department, the President Trump constitutionally sets foreign policy for state department employees, they do not over ride by ignoring his directives.
    Removal from overseas post is within the constitutional powers of the executive branch, state department employees do not set foreign policy over the voters choice as President.

  • Maybe Somebody should check Malia Obama's bank account and her vast experience in solar energy!! I wonder if she had stock in that $500,000,000 solar boondoggle!

  • Fattier, uglier, and dumber Rachel Maddow (Hannity) you suck so hard. Pull your lips off Drumphs tiny pecker and talk about RNC paying a third party to call democrats' and tie up their phones. Fake news fox.

  • The Bidens don't pass the smell test! They and the Democrats are a whale on the beach. The more the sunshine the worse the smell!

  • Hunter has a lot of experience…
    in cocaine. That's a sort of energy. I'm just saying. Not for his illigality he probably would be homeless. Not even his dad will use him Biden said I won't put my kids on my boards in the the white house. That's because his kids are drug addicts and know nothing's.

  • " A people that elect corrupt politicians, impostors, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices." – George Orwell

  • It’s pretty clear Hannity is threatened by Biden. He seems a tad bit obsessed. Just look at his own companies poll. Hillary is beating Trump!

  • Nothing will ever come of this.
    The Bidens will keep on living their cushy elite lives while the rest of the corrupt elites protect them and each other. The cycle continues on.
    Nothing ever changes.

  • after all those claims of violations& yelling …nothing happens….obviously the so called unfair processes by the dems are protected by the constitution; the gop & hannity talk talk cry cry…

  • Hello. Quick question.First of all i am impartial to both sides. Iam just watching the U.S. politics(I am not from the US) because its entertaining and House of cards was canceled. To my question now, what does Bidens wrong doing has to do with Trumps wrong doing, by calling a ukrain President and asking him to invistigate Biden? Both of them has to suffer the concequences of those wrong doings in my opinion in two separate cases. The ukrain president is always sared of the US president, one dont have to intimidate him:). Pardon my mistakes, english is not my first language^^

  • so you guys are indirectly admitting that if there was a quid pro quo between biden and the ukraine, then trump's situation was also one? shouldnt you guys be arguing that biden's situation was NOT a quid pro quo so that donald's situation cant be one either?

  • How do these crooked Demonrats live with themselves. They are exposed and the majority of the American people despise them.

  • We have the goods on the Bidens and if the Justice department doesn't do anything about it, we the people should. So many criminals and so little time.

  • I think Hunter Biden should be looked at by the DOJ. Too bad the President could not have simply done it through proper channels like he should have. You can't say what one person did is OK simply because another person did such and such. There is a proper way for a government to do things and the president did not go through the right channels to the DOJ. Even if those channels were populated by corrupt officials that would not aid the president in doing it the right way, there are proper channels to handle them as well. An experienced politician like Ronald Reagan would have known that. He would have smacked that smirk off of Putin's face, too. The president promised he'd clean up the swamp, not join it but he is honestly in over his head, he's a businessman, not a politician, we all knew that. Senator Lindsey Graham called his policies a "shitstorm" just a few days ago……

  • You think Obama knew this was gonna come out? Maybe come back to him? Is that why Obama told Biden not to run for president?

  • Dems. would do themselves a big favor if they just shut the f*** up, sit back and watch how DONALD TRUMP gets RE-ELECTED.
    ✨✨🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP-2020 ⭐️

  • And who thinks this wasn't planned? Bringing out corruption…bringing it to the surface…and those who were complicit are getting exposed and they are pissed off…and a tad bit stressed😉

  • Nepotism that's the word,, everyone has forgotten it leads always to abuse of station,, in the UK an official can be prosecuted for purporting to be themselves for instance the prime minister at an airport check in saying he doesn't need a passport he's the prime minister 👍maybe in the USA you have a similar law that applies 🇺🇸❤️👍sorry I always pause and comment,, you do have the laws👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Looks like Biden is retiring early and turns president's witness, I didn't say States evidence because it's all about removing Trump👍

  • paula cheeseberger says:

    Hannity… You can keep crawling up his butt all you want but he still not gonna name you to the White House staff like he's done to most of the other announcers on Fox

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