Hannity: Dems try to educate us on ‘virtues’ of impeachment


100 thoughts on “Hannity: Dems try to educate us on ‘virtues’ of impeachment”

  • You do know after this hate fest is bungled over there will be another anonymous opinion terrified for our constitutional democracy in which they will all be outraged. They will feed the liberal's hate and they will love them for it…

  • The left disgusts me. 3 years of SORE losers! The system that has been in place for sooooo long worked… Not in their favor and all they want to do is turn this country upside down!
    Lets show them just who's in charge! VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2020! PUT SOME SENSE BACK IN CONGRESS!
    They should be ashamed of themselves!

  • …the charade is a disaster for our country … you want traitors you got some traitors in schiff, nader, brennan, clinton, obama (any republicans yet…no….any case against Pres NO …any class or love of country from the dem-ons NO… anything to gain control by the dem-ons YES , no doubt they will sacrifice the nation for their delusions …

  • No lords, no barons no monarchy. No single family bloodline ordained by God here in America. My Mayflower ancestors fought thier king for the freedom of the press and to end the 👑's reign. The presidency is not this country, our shared Constitution is, no one is above the law. They spoke passionately and beautifully about the grace and strength of the Constitution and checks and balances. Hannity is inacurately paraphrasing what the experts testified too. Trump could have been blackmailed by a third nation and our nation's security could have been really compromised if his actions had not been revealed. Where is the audio, where is the video about the testimony? We are a nation of laws to prevent also facism, a thing all four of my grandparents fought in WW II. What you don't know is that Pence has been asked to declassify a criminal act and or embarrassing information that was classified for national security though not national security classified material.

  • Where's Jackson Lee's "I like Liddl Boys" Pedophile RING?? KArlan is just another Kahzarian lying Khunt…probably services the likes of Nadler and Schumer for fun…

  • Fernando Barajas says:

    The biggest difference between us and our former land owner the U.K. the USA has a written Constitution. Our neighbors to the North Canada finally got a "Bill of Rights 200 years after we had one and these people hate the USA!!!

  • How angry is this guy. It's not about Dems or Republicans. It's about character of the person. The person is a perpetual liar and a fraud. The person in charge is not a good human. Well done USA.

  • Wow.. I really thought it was kind of an ongoing joke when people were making fun of Fox News for being so extremely bias and full of conspiracies and carbage covered as "news", but, really!? This is shocking to say at least, if you guys really believe this s*** just shown as being truthfull, reliable and independent news.
    Sincerely Yours,
    The world citizens of the free world.

  • If Pelosi and the Democrat are in favor of impeachment as a way to remove a President they don't like, the rest of us will keep that in mind should there ever be another Democrat president elected in our lifetimes.

  • Gina Skrobosinski says:

    We don't want her anywhere l am l will walk on other side of the world first grow up Pam not in kindergarten r u wow Baron is must more mature she needs help

  • Why do all of these so-called Progressive woman look like Dian Fossey? Did it ever occur to this crack-pot that she was appearing on TV? Put on some make up and brush your hair!

  • "Your deceptions and lies will be brought to light." God is not pleased with lies and deceit. ❤ In Jesus's name, defeat to all agents of lies and deceits.

  • Karlan, director of Stanford Law’s Supreme Court Litigation Clinic, has described herself as a “snarky bisexual.” Was there ever any doubt?

  • Are you purposely NOT mentioning China, for meddling in our election. They wanted Hilary. Not Tough Trump. China has more hackers than any, and probably more than every combined, country. China is our #1 worry. Hands down. They are expanding and have the most to gain or lose based on our policies. Period.

  • yypBobbie Cheaney says:

    And when she was asked, she said she hadn't even read the phone call evidence. She is a filthy, biased child hating person.disgusting. I wouldn't let her teach my dog much less my intelligent children or loved ones. Wow…….

  • Patricia Marie Mitchell says:

    Liberals: "We want to be free to be ourselves and have privacy!"
    Trump makes a phone call.
    "Did anyone catch him saying anything we can use against him? Anyone?"

  • I hope the voters don't elect these people ever again, they obviously don't care about the average person at all. they should be working tirelessly to make the country better, not take a 150k salary and have a 4 year long pissing match

  • I personally think little Mr. Barron Trump should be able to sue these freaks who bring his name up. I don't know the young man, but I've seen him on tv many time. And every time I've seen him, all I see is a precious young man with a precious soul. I'm truly sick of hearing adults talk about this child. I'll tell you one thing, our GREAT President Trump is a much much better man then I am. If I had his resources, as a father I would financially break you, if that didn't work, I would, well, will leave it there.. TRUMP 20/20 Lets teach those dummycrats a lesson and go Trump 20/24

  • Hannity wants to know: How stupid do you think we are? I don't know who he means with "we", but I am nearly certain that the fungi on an athlete's foot have more brains than this guy.

    So a mlnor needs protection of privacy? Oh really? So a somewhat mediocre pun on the president's son now counts as an intrusion of privacy? What have I missed? Let me remind you, being a snowflake is the prerogative of us liberals – please don't take that away from us. And furthermore, you are not really good at it. You need to be credibly offended. A little display of sadness, for instance, helps to convey this.

    But hey, enough bad jokes before I need to apologize. Therefore, what minors need is this: NOT to be seperated from their parents and NOT being locked up in cages – unless of course, they have destroyed their emails (Mind you sir, you shall not be able to accuse me of being biased, right?).

  • What is the real reason for the aid being paused ? If there was no intent from the President's side, no pressure on Ukraine and no issues or awareness with the aid being halted, why was it halted until almost it's expiry date nearly a year after it was issued ?

  • A big shot Stanford professor who picks on a minor. I think we should start a petition to have her fired from her job at the university. Her ethics are very questionable, and she shouldn't be in a position to influence impressionable students. Abraham Lincon would say exactly the same thing.

  • The really sad thing here (or at least one of many) is that all of these liberal I'm better than you law professors are in some direct way influencing the future lawyers that will come through their respective programs during their tenure. That is truly scary proposition given their obvious contempt to anyone who doesn't adhere to their agenda.

  • I stopped voting for Democrats after the the way they conducted themselves during Bork Confirmation Hearing in 1987. Since then, the correctness of my decision has been continually and completely confirmed and validated. They do more damage to our country than the Soviets, Mexicans, ISIS or Al Quaeda could possibly accomplish together.

  • They are similar to AOC…..not in reality/lie/good actors/are pushing their agenda which is not good/making up things/twists/hate/use projection accusing Trump of what they are doing/waste money/get nothing done/think they are influencing people to their ways/corrupt/are on the "dark side"/ some think they are president/unfair/emotional/are children/narcissistic/fake witnesses/want power and more.

  • The dems are just sabotaging their own party at this point. Anyone not blinded by hate can see that. I’m a conservative and I didn’t vote for trump in 16 but I probably will in 20 solely due to this pathetic attempt to disparage him in the eyes of the people.

  • Yes, Sean Insanity, there have been arrests and convictions of many TRUMP ASSOCIATES! Michael Cohen. Paul Manafort. Rick Gates. Michael Flynn. George Papadopolous. Roger Stone. And Rudy Guiliani — under investigation.

  • AfD for Trump !
    We Germans, EU(not the Istitution NOW, but all members+GB), USA, and Russia can be very good frinds, from now easy,
    when the "Deep State" is gone.

    This will be the beginning of an good proces worldwide …
    We Germans are not free already and oure "deep state" is very interwoven
    with yours. Your History is now a big part of oure History! Your "deep
    state" is the Mothership of some other "deep states" worldwide. USA will
    be a Superpower, easy without this Mafia of "deep state" and a better
    place to life in. Remember the good Dreams, we have had …! They will
    be back 🙂 when we win!

    TRUMP is a hope Worldwide!

    … and its a shame some People dont know because of the Mainstreammedia
    Mafia CNN & co. In Germany every is by the bringing of all major
    TV stations and nearly all radio stations under government "control",
    the spread of self-censorship …. horrror! USA dont forget to be
    thankfull for FOX! aned more importend the small free "pirate" media

    FOX is a hope Worldwide!

    God bless You Patriots and Friends! SRY my mad English 😉

  • Go to the MSNBC/CNN videos on Youtube, & all you find are liberal posts. Conservatives on the Fox posts. As seemingly futile as it seems, we (conservatives) need to post on the MSNBC/CNN videos. If we just stay here on Fox videos, we're preaching to the choir. I've been trying it, and although it's frustrating, and I go off on them sometimes, we need to get the truth out over there. You never know. We may convince the more level-headed ones(I know, I know. A rarity for sure).

  • Trump's OWN Justice Department just demolished Trump's conspiracy theories about the origins of the Mueller probe.

    * Inspector General Michael Horowitz found that there was a proper legal basis for the FBI to seek a surveillance warrant against Carter Page, according to a new report.
    * Horowitz also reported that there was no evidence of political bias at the root of the investigation.
    * But Horowitz’s probe did find “serious performance failures” made by some agents in charge of the surveillance applications as part of the Russia probe.

  • The party of "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" is trying to convince us that the Ruskies are the good guys and our Intel agencies are the bad guys.

  • I'd respect this news channel if he reported the news as is and not try to sway our opinions with his stupid remarks. He sounds as stupid as the President. Hey Sean, just report the news and quit showing who's side your on. That's why no one takes Fox news serious. Do you see other networks acting as stupid as you do…..

  • The government is a syndicate, all of it; there will never
    be accountability and consequences for the famiglia; Only we the people keep
    paying tribute to this fugazy government. We the people are paying a lot of
    money for this “war” – a war within the syndicate. It’s all at our expense;
    nothing more nothing less.

  • I love my President more each day. The demonrats are throwing every thing they can think of at him and he just flicks them off as a man would a fly.
    I hope he wins 100,000,000 to 0.

  • You know what's funny most people couldn't stand school because a pieces of crap like this you know those teachers that oh we're better than you and you should listen to us and we know everything and you don't know crap people get tired of getting preached at I mean that's why when you go to church church only last so long because people can only handle so much being preached at and that's what they do they preach they preach at you oh well you know you should listen to us because we're from Harvard and all at Harvard is is a school for preppies and Rich fagets to come and spend their money and listen to us pompous pieces of s*** seriously in school I would have skipped this f**** class skip I would have took an F in this class cuz that's all they do is preach at f**** people preaching at I'm not telling him they're preaching oh I'm better than you you should listen to me on from Harvard what the f**** do I don't give a f*** if you're from Heaven itself you're a piece of s*** nobody wants to listen to you so shut the fuk up

  • trump isn't yale spawn demons so of course that's why they all so mental tell them to get out of their allegiance club then they can serve the presidency how can you be loyal to your government but also a sub society that's the real truth

  • The Trump Derangement Trio, are an example of 80% of college professors, and the reason people come out of college less intelligent than when they went in to college.

  • Let's not fool ourselves that this sort of blatant liberal slants of professors are just in the snobby elite schools but also in your local community colleges. I experienced it first hand.

  • Shirley Ann Sellars says:

    Hannity and Trump voters are delusional delusional delusional delusionaldelusional delusional delusional delusional delusional delusional delusional delusional delusional delusional delusional

  • Both of those witches had that question and answer prepped. You could tell by the”professor” looking around to watch her moment the room. Boy, she really thought she said something smart. That just made her look like a nasty roach needing squashed like the rest of them.

  • Free healthcare for ALL and all i can think of is that she does not know math. It will never work, at least we have a president that run on promises that he kept and not like previous presidents, they promise to do something for people but they never deliver on them ! ! ! !

  • Got an Elizabeth Warren ad before this video. Apparently she wants to ADD to Social Security? In what world would we have the money to fund the other programs she’s pushing for, while adding BILLIONS to the largest expense in the US? I swear she lives in a fantasy world. I don’t like Andrew Yang or his ideas, but at least his push for ‘UBI’ is somewhat realistic and involves the abolition of Social Security.

  • Notice that the majority of these news casts just show random pictures to educate people. I encourage those in the comments to turn on cspan or CNN and watch the actual proceedings instead of relying on these story tellers that are seriously spreading disease. Name calling and anger. Literally every thing showed from the clips of the Republicans is pretty much all they said while when you actually watch the whole of the proceedings, you will see what really was happening and you will see that you've seriously been fooled by fox network. This was not rushed.. you watch all the hours of testimony and days of hearings and tell me how rushed it was. You'll be amazed how fox likes to say the Democrats think you are stupid who are watching fox when it is actually the fox news people having that the last laugh because they have fooled you all. I'm sorry people. Dont bother commenting unless you can state some facts that back up what youre saying and have links to footage proving so. This is so insulting and ridiculous some "news" anchor sits and lectures b.s. with images that are meant to stick in your mind and be repeated. I'm so unhappy that my parents are also sucked into this as well.

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