Hannity: Adam Schiff was in rare form during hearings


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  • "America does not need to see the tax return

    of a billionaire who became a public servant.

    America needs to see the tax returns of public

    servants who became millionaires while being

    public servants"

  • Maybe Trump should start campaigning for DEMOCRATS , cause everyone in GOP he supports loses.hahaha. another loss for him in Louisiana, in a state he won by 30 points. Shut up hannity your day's are numbered. REPUBLICANS CHANGED THE RULES FOR COMMITTEE HEARINGS AND NOW GOP SAYS NO FAIR. IT'S CALLED KARMA,. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. REPUBLICAN TEARS MAKE MY DAY . ANOTHER BLUE STATE .. MOSCOW MITCH GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER HEART ATTACK.

  • Who's funding this ignamious Schitt show
    This really endears voters to Democrats?
    do they have any other
    Political agenda besides this total waste of time and money, when this backfires then what?

  • Shammity is upset with interruptions?!! 😂😂😂

    Maybe if she studied the rules of procedure she would be more effective in this forum.

    Schiff easily shut her down for being stupid and unprepared to play at this level.

  • Anita Mooreland-Simms says:

    Dam what the hell was that it was her time and he didn't even let her speak. This is B.S.! Not voting Democrat seeing how they operate not good. No respect for cheaters!

  • This is not about the 2016 Election, this latest FAKERY is all about the 2020 Election they KNOW they are not going to Win !!

  • Reading this thread reminds me of a quote I heard recently… "The mob is where one goes to take a break from their conscience"

  • They agreed on rules and the women from New York was not following them, but Hannity spins that too. There’s truth if you look for it but Hannity wants to hide it from you.

  • Imagine if Mr. Adam Schiff knew how many people wanted to slap the taste out of his mouth -he would probably go away to Canada or Central America -BolshevikVille

  • The Schiffty is a real misogynist to shut up a congresswoman like that. Where are all the SJWs to defend a woman's right to speak?

  • The whole world along with God & all of His angels & warring host of heaven are watching Adam Schiff speak & act for the devil himself & WE LAUGH at you Schiff. God laughs at your doom because you, just like the devil, think that you are god. We see you & laugh at the little child who can only understand his wants and not the whole country's wants & needs. Schiff you are severely overruled.

  • Talking of substance the left media did not spend a second on discussing the substance of this hearing, but used all the time praising her personality and crying her unspecified victimhood. She actullay lied about the do not prosecute list.

  • The Fishy Life ! says:

    Presidential power and acting in bad faith are 2 totally different things….how dare this party protect this president and be complicit in his wrongdoing and acts of bad faith how dare the republican voters allow this behavior to carry on! I be God dammed if a Democrat did this and refuse to let us be a party of hypocrites but…..I guess we already are!!!! Impeach and remove is absolutely the punishment this president has brought on himself and this is not a game….. nobody wins!!

  • Emilio Bistamante says:

    Adam Schiff is a moron and has no will to look for the tryth and should be replaced by a qualified person. Schiff is under qualified for the position and or sent to jail rught away for wasting tmoney of the taxayers. Schiff should be penalized for not doing his duty .

  • Hannity: the man you pay if you want to leave trustworthy allies to die like cattle (for Putin’s pleasure and such…)

    Hi from Holland!

  • Schiffee, I pray you and your family become victim to a very serious physical violation by our illegal violent immigrants, look at his pathetic lying bulging eyes.

  • The minority leader and their counsel are the only ones that are allowed to use the initial 45 minutes, that is the rule. The republican members know this. That was a attempt to look like victims. Looks like some people fell for it.

  • Strange MARVEL Theories says:

    Get Shiff out of Washington…people should cause a traffic jam to prevent Shiff from even arriving at these hearings…Trump WILL be re elected in 2020.

  • When I try to consider and compare these democrats to what they remind me of there’s really only one thing that comes to mind time and time again. You know when a bag breaks in a trash can with really slimy garbage? Have you ever seen how the garbage manages to stick to the bottom of the can? These democrats remind me of that same garbage. It’s disgusting to look at but at first you try to avoid dealing with it. But it’s only a matter of time before it really gets gross and starts to stink up the entire house. The only option is to peal it loose as it crackles in protest. This is what comes to mind when I think about democrats holding office. Their very presence has turned into something so disgusting that you want to remove it and hope it doesn’t return any time soon. Don’t forget to use plenty of disinfectant on your hands otherwise you’ll feel dirty for a long time afterward.

  • Fox News argued in court a long time ago that their corporation has no obligation to tell the truth. “We are selling a product.” Just like cowboy hats and bubble gums …right?!?

    But listening to Hannity try to smear these career diplomats and ambassadors is just so very Fox News LOL!!! They are now literally comparing these war heroes and patriots testifying under oath to “gossiping little girls” because they obviously have no idea what integrity means. I’m sorry.

  • Strange MARVEL Theories says:

    Shiff is trying to hide the fact that an associate of his ..is a convicted pedophile and Shiff could be implicated in his associate's crimes

  • Strange MARVEL Theories says:

    Shiff just shovelled the last clump of dirt over the graves of the Democrats hopes to win in 2020 with his actions yesterday.

  • Did Adam Schiff have dreams of being a judge when he was a little boy? He cannot get enough of that gavel; pretending he is the "ruling authority of the land!" WHAT THE HECK IS THIS? Is this America??? Why IS THIS being allowed? It is so far-out there that sometimes I really do wonder if I am in the twilight zone, and if not, then America went warp speed into another dimension and forgot to tell me!!!

  • LukeSkyWalker Ng says:

    This is why my family of 5 will vote for the Lovely President Trump again in 2020! I hope he completely drain the swamp of his second term. God bless America! God bless President Trump.

  • Who does Schiff really work for? Is Schiff and Pelosi on the same payroll with Biden's son? Are they fighting to cover their tails? I daught they are trying to protect the Biden/Ukraine bribery scandal. It's more like a distraction to keep any investigation from looking into the Biden sellout to China. Is China pulling their strings? Pelosi, Schiff, Kerry, the Bidens and you guessed it, Hillary all need to be in prison. All of the low-lifes involved can be scraped up for prison also.

  • Kitty Witty animations says:

    The reason why Yovanovitch was called as a witness is because she is implicated by the Ukrainians for her part in the Ukraine meddling in the 2016 US election. There is an on going investigation into this so the republicans don’t know all that has been discovered and I’m certain Barr has asked them not to give them a hint yet of all that is scheduled to be exposed.

  • ……………………If there is a secret group of people who control the U.S. can you please fry our brains already I can't take anymore of this BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rare form consisted of increasingly bulging dual orifices above his nose and an an obvious dry mouth one gets when caught in a lie.

  • The obvious intention is to BRAINWASH the American people, let us be very honest the average American is not the sharpest knife in the draw and most of them will catch only little snippets of this farce, most will have no clue about the actual facts or non-evidence presented, this is just a move to brainwash people into voting for the communists come next November…its, not rocket science folks.

  • Michael Cohen warned all of us of things to come to those who continue to support Donald Trump blindly. When will FOX turn away?

  • Putting aside all the hatred you feel for us minorities, and focusing on facts and patriotism…how is it possible that anyone still supporting Trump after attacking a woman that has devoted her life to served us all?? Attacking Hillary, I get that fair game, but Attacking the ambassador come on. No excuse!!!

  • Fox news is killing decency and there are a lot of you that are ok with it…how do you explain this to your kids is beyond me

  • What's worse, ABC, CBS, and NBC tows the same line, even protection of Epstein if it leads to Clintons (Democrat Royals) and the real Royals

  • Slyde InfinitySpinCasts says:

    Its not like a prosecution trial for its just hearing out what the president wanted of a foreign agent kind of thing sure which contravenes some of the bring it on strategy , a very much innit aint that the truth situation. Hannity expresses nothing, or a rare form of narrative yet it seems process to encourage the hearing and then the oath of office is defiled if like firing the firer is the service to his all his people aside being a restructuring only process and knowing.History has been made and immersing oneself is tedious but sure the 660 of yielding time highlighted the important part of the Ambassadors recollections and keeps the focus on the impeachment and probable dispute about using a coerce a foreign agent or power against a political rival ,or sure so it's heard.

  • DIRTY Filthy PUTRID Adam SCHITT!!!!   THE END IS COMING!!  THE EXECUTIONER OF TRAITORS IS COMING TO THE GALLOWS!!   Schiiittt.  the foulest lying viper in the swamp. A word of truth has never come out of his forked tongued mouth. He is as ugly as he is crooked. His sins are endless. He was to be the queen wretched psychopath killary's choice for AG, as he would have further buried her 33K counts of deleted obstruction of justice. Instead he has been the ringleader of the Coup D'tat of Potus Trump co-signing the treason of Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, mueller, ohr,Clapper, Brennan, strzok, page, fusion one, Steele and every single DEMONRAT who has not rallied against this deep state corruption is COMPLICIT in these crimes. When General Barr and John Durham, true HONEST PATRIOTS start handing down indictments, an

  • Schiff lying Schiff, thinks he's immune from any prosecution…Not so fast lying Snake eyes Schiff,  no one has immunity from TREASONOUS ACTS like yourself….  Your days are numbered.  Enjoy FREEDOM while it last.

  • The all other news stations report it all a different way. They say the democrats have all kind of evidence on him. So who are you suppose to believe?

  • Wish people would watch the hearings and not be fed the news. You don't hear all the information unless you listen to the hearings

  • Yeah, Fox News fucks the news: black is white, wrong is right, Trump has done NOTHING wrong, he's a wonderful guy, the Dems are all communists, white supremacists are the nicest folk you could hope to meet and William Barr is a DEVOUT Catholic.
    Ha ha to all that !!

  • Does anyone take Hannity seriously or do they watch him for entertainment value. We are aware that he portrays himself as Trump's rather elderly, overweight Robin, on steroids, who spends the time he's out from under his stone ranting about the evil forces who are maligning his master. But does he have anything to say of value?
    Toads belong to the family 'Bufonidae', Bufo for short.I think Bufo Hannity has a certain ring to it.

  • The student body president at the University of Florida is now facing an impeachment inquiry after paying $50,000 out of the college’s general funds to Donald Trump, Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle to have the two speak on campus. These funds are not to be used to promote any partisan activities, and Junior and Guilfoyle spent most of their time engaging in partisan politics.

  • What are they hiding? This is crazy. Dem's are terrified of something. They are desperate to hide something. A. Schiff, his eyes were standing out of his head? Like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Must be something big to leave them so scared they would continue with this farce.

  • If hannity is so high n mighty, he should run for office. Otherwise, he's too scared to serve in either the military or public office.

  • Hannity and followers you are the low life of the earth, you are liars and have sold your soul to your devil,,you are disgusting human beings. Hannity you are a con man like Trump and Bernie Madoff! GTFOH! you gullible people can keep believing Hannity and Trump all you want,,,karma is going to catch up with you!

  • Why do you act like that Hannity? I've never seen a "news" caster act like that. By "that" I mean over dramatic and flamboyant. Professional anchors are normally reserved and un-obnoxious. Just curious.

  • Mr Schiff is playing a master roll in destroying forever the DNC. Remember you are watching a movie, Q. Schiff and Polosi walk away with their lives for destroying the Satan ic is DNC.

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