Hannity: Adam Schiff is a proven liar


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  • I wish Trump smash the coup de ta harder and decimate CCP this time for good and liberate Chinese people. It is Trump's calling to erase CCP and the deep state from the planet.

  • How come you don't talk about real news, it's been discovered by China that a record number of patient's have been approved by chinese government
    for IVanka Trump, who has no recorded proof potus did not prosper from the arrangement, is that not what his rival is being accused of? I smell a orange rat.

  • Drexel Finnicum says:

    Actually your a proven liar. Like most humans. Get ready for the worst weather your Grandparents never told you about. Hope u do t Have kids, I don’t.

  • Hannity caters to the perpetually stupid. You have to be a real dumb ? to believe the alt-right propaganda this knuckle-dragger pushes.

  • bridgebuilder1225 says:

    Trump has embarrassed and disgraced the entire democratic party with his promises made/promises kept! Trump gets positive things done for this great nation even without any democratic support. Trump is one of "we the people". He is not a career liar/politician as most. There are a few exceptions. Trump/MAGA 2020 !

  • @10:22 see a pattern I see one an agenda that is dividing the country it's never been this bad and it's getting worse by the hour

  • President Trump handled this beautifully. He has every right to be mad as hell and to lash out at these idiots after how they've treated him. Get ready boys and girls because the gloves just came off and Trump is really pissed off now. The dems and the lunatics in the media' went too far. This is gonna' start getting good. 🙂

  • For me, one of the worst parts of this is that the rest of the country thinks that everyone in California likes this Schiff-head. But geographically California is a red state. It is only the crapbags in the big cities like San Francisco, L.A. and San Diego that are still brainwashed. And man it sucks living here with these @$$holes in charge.

  • Joeybabbs .BABBS says:

    watch out as the election nears.. the Do nothing Deomocraps will do anything to win.. Talk about a bunch of sore losers. Trump won and will win again.. Glad Trump does not take their bullying.

  • Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor says:


  • I am a proud Canadian and I believe Donald Trump is the best president America has ever had… you can tell how much he loves America and the people of America .He will probably go down as the best president ever .I would be so proud to call him our Prime Minister instead of the arrogant smug lying little man child they call Trudeau who has made Canada a joke to the word and all of the other world leaders have no respect for Trudeau they all just ignore him when ever they meet.

  • Multiple fact checkers list more than 12,000 lies by Trump and they have posted online the proof that those are lies. Has Hannity ever complained about even one of those 12,000 proven lies?

  • He honestly needs to quit saying how he shops at walmart. I dont think anybody believes he doesnt have staff to go get anything like that for him. It makes me not believe anything he says. He isnt like me, and that's completely ok. If someone who has that much money is living like me, there is something wrong with them.

  • Donald Trump held back foreign emergency aid to a country under siege by our worst enemy Russia, aid sanctioned by Congress and the Senate, in order to press their leader to help him win an election. This is beyond illegal. He must be impeached.

  • I really like Hannity but I can't watch his show anymore. He's been saying the exact same thing for 2 years now. I can go watch a 2 year old show of his and it'll be the same as the one that aired last night.

  • Rashaad Hamilton says:

    “In response to questions, spokeswomen for Senators Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, the Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Mark Warner of Virginia, its Democratic vice chairman, said it was standard procedure to refer whistle-blowers to the relevant inspectors general.”

    -From the same article Blowhard Hannity quoted at the beginning of the clip

  • We know he promised to drain the swamp . I think biden is just the tip , the ones fighting the hardest probably have crimes as serious as biden….or worse .

  • Whistleblower laws changed so they can create lies against our president. Who would have access to President trumps phone calls? Schiff is the whistleblower. Its obvious

  • So why isn’t he being investigated, terminated, and fined? Known /proven liars have so place in our government. We need more qualified and moral people in our government. If he continues with no regard for us, he will just do it again and encourage others by his success. Please do not let up on this perv. He needs to be GONE. Do not let up!pease! Those trying to ruin his commander in chief, should be tried for treason and punished. Do not let this disappear please!

  • "Proven to lie over and over again"…
    Are you talking about the President Hannity….you Fox Shill….what a f#$%^& tool you are Hannity.

  • Don’t people know that to NOT pursue investigation on things like the Biden’s on the take would be a disservice to the presidential office and the American people?….??

  • WILL SOMEONE PLEASE START THE ARRESTS! ? I Hate to see OUR President Trump SO 'Aggravated'! < [better word?]
    Many words to How We ALL Feel! It's Frustrating, at least, Wondering WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO PROSECUTE ?! 11 + Years, We Still WAIT.

  • People actually subject themselves to this mans ranting voluntarily? And businesses voluntarily associate their products and services by advertising on his program? What is the attraction?

  • Sham Hamity is a proven trumpanzee sycophantic lackey. He would suck trump off if trump promised to pat him on the head while doing it.

  • Oh you got nick names! Me too! Hannity Trump's Hand Jobbity! Trump Sycophanity Hannity! Vanity Hannity Up Trumps Fannity! Shawn Trump's Pawn Hannity! Shawn Hannity Not Journalist Just a Pansy! Hahaha. NANCY PELOSI 2019!!! LMAO!

  • The Democratic Party Crime Syndicate IS the law. Just ask them. Any expedient action requiring a summary reappraisal of such ideas as legality or lawfulness is itself legal, providing the Democrats are doing it. Imagine if Hillary Clinton were in the White House now. Not only would her endless executive orders redefine existing constitutional and statutory law, her two Supreme Court appointments would lead the Court in a breathless rush to revive the "living constitution" lest America fall dramatically behind Europe in formalizing its commitments to the LGBT and non-citizen communities and who knows what else that can be designated within its ubiquitous purview. And the leading issue for the Court? Free speech, of course. For what is free speech if not "corrected" speech which focusses on such issues as misgendering, politically correct "identifiers" such as "foreign citizens" and other absurd notions better left to the insane state of California to decide on their relevance and validity? And know this. The DPCS WILL NOT tolerate challenges to its authority whether its agents presently hold office of not. They are the law! They are the embodiment of all that has legal status in this latter day polity we still call the United States of America.

  • At this risk of stating the obvious, Schiff will not recuse himself.
    If dishonesty and bias were going to get him to recuse himself, he would have recused himself a long time ago.
    What might, unlikely, but might, happen, is this moron my embarrass the Dems to the point that they need him out of the public eye. My doubts about them doing it stems from the fact that there doesn't seem to have been any attempt to stop Maxie Waters or The Squad.

  • Faulty Lifesaprentice says:

    The fact that Fox keeps this Trump operative in its payroll just to echo what the Trump Propaganda Machine asks him to say will be the downfall of this Media Outlet. How come Sean Insanity can make a claim of dishonesty on Adam Schiff why uttering not a single word in rebuke of the Liar-in-Chief, the record holder of lies, his true boss, the Don?

  • Haha a proven liar…. were you speaking about Trump! I watch fox yo laugh at them more than I laugh at Trump. No no I laugh more at the idiot Trump followers. Oh Goodness they crack me up!!!

  • Take a look in the mirror. This sht is crazy. If you give Hannity or any other politically motivated talking puppet the time to influence you, THEN YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYED. Hit the refresh button on yourself. How is this video communicating to you? Do your research! Anyone and everyone in Congress will hold to power and point the finger (the swamp). Some people are playing the game better than others, but Trump is obviously breaking the rules. Do your research.

  • Dems are trying to take all of our money as taxpayers. Please people see this. Was a democrat my whole life until last election.

  • to continue this obsession with the president, its going to work against them it has already turned so many over to Trump,they committing political suicide ,if they continue to think that the can do things in plain sight and people wont notice,soon they will see that people are waking up and seeing the truth ,that what ever hold they had on the people its getting weaker by the min.

  • I keep saying it, lets put professional lieing detectors as interrogators in this investigators and then according to their findings on the questions, key questions on both parties, strip them from their political powers and then we can see who's telling the truth ,and then we can judge and hand out time for those who committed crimes, who did it and why, and we can all see who's right and who's wrong going back to the bushes ,father and son then Obama,Hillary ,FBI,CIA,HOME LAND,NASA,and many other things that have our heads rap around questions we would love to hear the answer to,and I bet this would be a better world

  • You don't have to refer to the whistleblower as "he or she." Shttf always uses the pronoun "he." Hmmmmm, now how would he know that?

  • Pitting Americans against each other is a dangerous game to play. We need to look for ways to come together as a country. Blaming, lying, evading the truth, refusing to take responsibility for actions, not speaking the entire truth erodes and does not build up leaders in our government at any level. “Us” vs “them” destroys America. I am a Republican. Please stop dividing our country. We must look for ways to come together or we become vulnerable to forces outside our country who seek to demolish our Democracy!

  • Nobody ever heard of this idiot until collision nonsense started and nobody ever holds him accountable for his lies so what do you expect. Morons all over the country hail him as some brave hero so I expect he will keep running his mouth until his fifteen minutes are up.

  • Nope….your orange dictator has lied over and over again. You just can't admit he does because then you have to admit you were stupid enough to believe him. But really you deserve to live in a country with this new orange kim jung un.

  • Ouch Shawn 98,000 views? Ouch! Down down baby your street in a range rover, street sweeper baby…. come on gotta let it go! Hmmmm mmmmmm mmmmm mmmmm

  • The demon rap party lying, I'm in shock! The bottom line is, we have the whole transcript. Our wonderful president did not do anything wrong! So sick of these people trying to get him out of office. It's not going to happen. God put him there and God will keep him there!

  • Hannity calling anyone a liar is laughable. Jughead spends 4 hours a day Mon-Fri spinning and outright lying. Anyone that believes him needs to start fact-checking. Learn the truth for themselves so they won't call it Fake News or a Left-Wing conspiracy.

  • Luisa Plancher says:

    Hello: How do I become a Fox News Contributor? I would like to be contacted and express my opinion regarding which way we need to go in order to improve the Status Quo of our dear Nation. And that is because, if we go down the tube, the rest of the world will go down the tube with us. We need a Think Tank of well intentioned authors and thinkers who come together to discuss how we can counteract all the false news, all the sabotaging occurring in our Nation. The USA was Great, is Great, and will be Great in the future. But we need to take action Now, before it is too late. Thank you for this opportunity. Luisa

  • Antonio Alberto says:

    Mr Hannity, Schiff is not a Proven Liar! He is worse than that, he is a bullshitter. Please read Dr Frankfurt essay about the difference.

  • Seriously? Sean Hannity is a proven liar! He lies every time he opens his mouth! What will Faux news do when the lying, racist, conman in chief is impeached or voted out? It’s sad to think there are people in this country believing this and other opinion hosts flat out lies! Hopefully Hannity is involved in tRumps criminal schemes. It would be great to see him locked up! You should be put away for what you’re doing to this country.

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