Hamas’ instigated riots erupt on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount – TV7 Israel News 17.01.20

Hamas’ instigated riots erupt on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount – TV7 Israel News 17.01.20

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Jerusalem officials are voicing concern over the possibility that tensions on Israel’s
southern front with the Gaza Strip may escalate in the near future, amid a recorded increase
of terror-related activities that are directed toward the Jewish State from the Jihadist
infested Palestinian enclave. Hundreds of Muslims staged a violent riot
on the Temple Mount early this morning, following calls by Hamas to confront ‘Israeli attempts
to Judaize Jerusalem’. The Islamic Republic’s Supreme leader Ayatollah
Ali Khamenei boasted in his country’s capacity to strike U.S. targets in Iraq, while insisting
that it showed that his regime maintains divine support. Jerusalem officials are voicing concern over
the possibility that tensions on Israel’s southern front with the Gaza Strip may escalate
in the near future. The Islamist Hamas is reportedly scaling back
its operational-efforts to prevent terror-related activities directed against Israel, despite
ongoing attempts to reach a long-lasting truce arrangement between Jerusalem and the Islamist
organizations in Gaza, by means of Egyptian mediation. In accordance with the presiding Israeli intelligence
assessment, ‘while there is no apparent change in Hamas’s position pertaining to
its decision to avoid aggravating the situation with the Jewish State, tensions are likely
to persist in the form of indiscriminate rocket fire from the Palestinian enclave toward Israel’s
southern communities.’ According to one Israeli intelligence source,
who spoke to TV7 on condition of anonymity, ‘Hamas has limited hostilities directed
at Israel over the past two months, purely out of selfish reasons.’ He explained that while the Islamist group
maintains its Jihadist aspiration to annihilate the Jewish State, it comprehends that it would
not survive another wide-scale conflict with the Israeli Defense Forces.’ Nevertheless, Jerusalem’s deficiency of
political stability, which its enemies view as ‘a perceived lack of operational resolve’,
apparently limits Hamas’s will to do anything meaningful to prevent rogue terror organizations
from launching rockets and other incendiary devices sporadically toward Israel. The Islamist Hamas did not immediately respond
to TV7’s request for comment. Meanwhile;
The IDF spokesperson’s unit informed TV7 that an Israeli Air Force “attack’ helicopter
struck an installation “used for underground activities of the Hamas terror organization,
in the northern Gaza Strip.” The attack came in response to four separate
incidents in which ‘explosive balloons were launched from the Gaza Strip into Israeli
territory.’ While three of the explosive balloons were
safely defused, a fourth exploded in an uninhabited area in the Sdot Negev regional council. Thankfully, no injuries or damage were reported. Turning now to Jerusalem, where;
Hundreds of Muslims staged a riot on the Temple Mount early this morning, following their
weekly prayer procession. The violence erupted after the Islamist Hamas
had called on Muslim Palestinians, earlier this week, to flood the ancient compound – where
both Biblical temples once stood. “With spirit and blood, we will liberate Al-Aqsa
(Mosque).” According to the police, the riots erupted
when Muslim worshippers started shouting – what it referred to as: “nationalistic chants”
– toward Israeli officers that are permanently stationed at the compound. When police attempted to disperse them by
means of crowed dispersal measures, the situation escalated into violence – which led to the
arrest of six worshippers on suspicion of disturbing the peace. The police also noted that the six had been
disrupting visits of non-Muslims to the ancient site. In response to the violence on the Temple
Mount, the Islamist Hamas released a statement in which it praised the riots as “a sign
of hope that Palestine will be liberated and (the) Palestinians will be victorious at the
end.” It further called on the Arab and Muslim world
to confront, what it claimed to be ‘Israeli attempts to Judaize Jerusalem’. Turning now to Iran, where;
The Islamic Republic’s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei boasted in his country’s capacity
to strike U.S. targets in Iraq, while insisting that it showed that his regime maintains divine
support. Speaking at an Islamic prayer sermon in Tehran
this morning, Khamenei stressed that “The fact that Iran has the power to give such
a slap to a world power shows the hand of God.” The Iranian supreme leader also seized the
opportunity to describe the downing of Ukrainian airliner 752, which claimed the lives of 176
people, as a tragedy that is currently exploited by Tehran’s enemies. He asserted that the “unfortunate incident”
has prompted the adversaries of his regime to overshadow the American assassination of
the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Quds Force commander, Major General Qassem Soleimani. “I want to say that to the same extent that
we are saddened and felt grief in our heart by this plane crash, our enemy was overjoyed
to the same extent. Our enemy was overjoyed, they thought they
had found a lever with which to bring into question the forces, our military forces,
to question the Islamic establishment.” With regard to the decision by France, Britain
and Germany to activate the dispute mechanism under the 2015 nuclear agreement, Khamenei
declared that Europe cannot be trusted. He further underscored that regardless of
the measures undertaken by the European parties to the nuclear deal, the Islamic Republic
will never be brought to its knees. Meanwhile;
The U.S. military confirmed in a statement that 11 American forces were injured as a
result of the Iranian ballistic missile strike on Iraqi bases that house U.S.-led coalition
forces. After initially insisting that no service
members were wounded in the Iranian retaliatory attack, the U.S. military announced that it
treated eleven of its troops for symptoms of concussion from the blast. According to U.S. Central Command Spokesman
Bill Urban, as a measure of caution, some service members were taken to U.S. facilities
in Germany or Kuwait for “follow-on screening.” He further noted that the injured troops in
question would return to Iraq, once they are deemed ‘fit for duty’. Turning to London, where;
The five countries whose citizens were killed when Iran shot down the Ukrainian airliner
last week, including Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Britain, declared that the
Islamic Republic must pay compensation to the families of the victims, and warned that
the world is watching for Tehran’s response. Following a high-level meeting in the British
Capital, Canadian Foreign Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne stressed that instead of blame,
the families of the victims seek answers, the truth and justice. “I would say today is not the day for blame. Today is the day for answers. I think that if you were to talk to the victims,
like all of us, to meet families of victims and their loved ones, what they have is grief,
anger. And they want us to stand for them, like we
are doing today. To seek answers, the truth and justice.” The Canadian top diplomat further underscored
that the Iranian acceptance of responsibility was only the first step in the pursuit of
justice. “The Iranian government has accepted full
responsibility, but when you accept full responsibility there’s consequences coming from that and
that’s what we are going to be pursuing.” “I would think that under the circumstances,
that Iran should take the path of co-operation. The international community is watching. There is a path for Iran to continue in the
first step that they’ve done, which is to admit full responsibility, and like I said
when you admit full responsibility there are consequences that flow from them, and full
cooperation is part of that.”Most of those on Ukraine International Airlines flight 752
were Iranians or dual citizens, many of them students returning to their studies abroad
or families on their way home after seeing relatives in Iran. Many of the victims were academics, researchers
and students linked to 19 Canadian universities. For more information on Israel and its region visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM


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    I see some very hard and trying times coming but I also see Victory for Israel and the USA. Our enemies are weak in that they have no God of truth.

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    “The days are coming,” declares the Lord,
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    because they will all know me,
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    declares the Lord.
    “For I will forgive their wickedness
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    None was "overjoyed" about the plane incident. Only "oversaded" with the idiotic "supreme leader"s comments! He is behind Iran's terrorism that caused the Soleimani's assassination!

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    Having concussion symptoms from being closed to a large blast is not nearly “injured by the Iranian missile attack.” Please.

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  • What a wonderful staff photo I got in my email today of the people who work at TV7 Israel News 🙂 Mr, Hesson: wow your TALL! 🙂 and praise God that you and your family care and love ISRAEL so much!

  • Hamas instigated or *Israel instigated*. With Israel, you have to begin with- everything Israel says is a lie. Then you'll find the truth.

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  • Khamenei, that's pretty weak, everybody walked away from your "divinely assisted attack"

    That means in simple terms, it was a FAILURE

  • The muslims have 12,000 times more land than the Jews in Israel. 12,000. Not twice as much, not 5 times as much, not 10 times as much, not 100 times as much land. 12,000 times as much land, and they can't take in "their brothers" and make them citizens of their land that is 12,000 times greater than Israel?

  • Francious they already know the truth iran shot down the plane and trude is going to blame Trump and compensate the families INSTEAD OF HOLDING IRAN CULPIBLE AND DEMANDING THEY IRAN COMPENSATE

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