Half a Person (Media Persona) – película gay

Half a Person (Media Persona) – película gay

Come over. Nah, I can’t do it. Why not? I kinda got a date. You kind of
got a date. Lies. Seriously… Did you
call a hooker? Nah, she seems like
a nice, clean girl. A nice, clean girl. And since when was
that a priority for you? Her name is Kathy. I don’t think you know her. You don’t think
I know her. Kathy, the fuckin’ tramp! I know her. She works down
the fuckin’ street.[cell phone ringing]Hey, babe. No, I’m just out with Alex. I’ll be home soon. No, I’m not smokin’. Fuck off! Yeah, I paid it… A few weeks ago. Look, I paid it three
weeks ago, and I– I’ll call you later, okay? All right. Whatever…
I’m going. I’m going now… Okay, bye. Oh, fuck. Wanna go get some breakfast? Nah. I think I’d rather sleep
a couple of hours tonight. You’re fuckin’
whipped already – see? A man can’t own his
own cock in this world. Fuck! Please! Forget it.
I work in three hours. I know you don’t
know what that’s like. I make my own hours, buddy. Right…
Go fuck yourself. What do you want?
I’m sorry. I’m so wrong. I’m a horrible boyfriend– So you don’t care? I care, I just– Okay, relax.
It’s one bill. Have I ever missed
a payment before? Yes! Okay, but not utilities. Hydro, Mark! They called last night,
ready to kill our power. Well, they didn’t. You’d be giving yourself
pedicures in the dark. Not to mention
your friend down there. It’s not like your
record’s spotless. Anyway, he’s the only
reason we can afford the mortgage on this place. Don’t get me started
on the mortgage. Look, my fuckin’ grandmother– Your grandmother chained
us to this sinking ship, with all due respect. As for Alex, he’s got
the sweetest deal in town. Son of a bitch. What the hell is this? Every towel I own is soaked.
I’m late for work. Can we just pretend
for one second that you’re my
responsible landlord and not my shitass friend? Fuck. Let me throw some
clothes on and I’ll take a look. Hurry up. I’m supposed to be
in at noon. Deadline today? Yep. Hey, I’m just ordering
a pizza here. We’ll get two meals
out of it and I’m short on cash– Mark, that card’s
almost at its limit. I don’t get paid
again till next week. Well, I get an EI check
on Friday, so don’t worry. I don’t even think I’ll
be around for dinner, hon. No time. There’s still Chinese
in the fridge. I’d like to order an
extra large cheese pizza. It doesn’t make sense! You’re not staying, are you? No, I can’t.
I have to go to work. Yeah, just cheese. No, no.
Just cheese. Hey, I gotta go to work. Can you just look into– And can you throw in
just a little bit of that dippy garlic
sauce there? Yeah, just put it
right in the box. – Later, Alex.
– Thanks. I need you to stay a few
hours late again today. Paulie’s wife
has an appointment. I can’t tonight. Why?
What’s the matter with you? Nothing – just family plans. Med school?
That’s really something. It’s what I’ve always
wanted to do. When I was a little girl and
adults asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up,
I always said doctor. So did you go
to university? Well, Mark needed me. I had some acceptances, but… Wait a sec. So, you and Mark – You guys aren’t
in school or anything? Want some more wine? – No, thanks.
– You sure? Well, what do you do? Kinda long story. [voice message]
Dangler, what’s up?Your key’s in the mailbox.
Pick it up,go downstairs,
tell me what you think.I had a guy down there.He said it’s gonna
be done any time now.It’s practically done.I swept the floor.
It’s all over to the side,so you can just put that
in a garbage bag or whatever.Um, the pipes
are pretty much–You can’t even see
them hardly anymore,and nothing’s really
on the floor,so you’ll be all right.Hopefully we’ll drink
one down later, buddy.Gimme a call.
Bye.The good ol’ days. It was just
you and me back then. What the hell
are you doing here? I dunno. Tom asked me to come down
here and deal with this, so– Well, deal with
it later, all right? Did the pathetic
mating ritual not go so well? I see she didn’t come back here
to conceive your first born. Gimme a break, huh? Hey, there’s no water. So if you’re gonna shit,
shit in a bucket. And if you’re gonna
fuckin’ jerk it, you better use a towel
or somethin’ to wipe your hands. Why don’t you just take a
second and calm the fuck down before you go and blow
a hundred dineros on a fuckin’ bus ticket? I’m calm, I’m calm. I just need to get outta here. Okay, seriously,
it wasn’t my fault. It’s fuckin’ Tom.
He’s been on my case all week. You don’t have to
apologize for anything. The plumber’s been called,
things will be back to normal in two, three days tops. Can you not do that? Take a look at that. Okay, so?
You’ve aged really poorly? I spend every cent I make.
I’ve worked three years and I’ve got nothing
to show for it. What the fuck did you expect?! Kids have fuckin’
stupid dreams, man. You’re 28 years old now.
Grow up! What is that supposed to mean? It means have fun,
make the most of it, indulge. That’s what life’s about. Well, life is too long
for it to suck this bad. Oh, fuck. Suck this bad? Seriously, man, you spent
four years of your life in Toronto and now it’s your
big vacation destination? I’m stuck here with
Tom with his panties all in a little fuckin’ ball – bitchin’ at me all the time. We haven’t had sex
in three months. I mean, seriously.
Stay. We’ll go out,
we’ll get trashed. What about that fuckin’ bitch? Kathy is staying in
to do some pleasure reading. Pleasure reading? Sounds like she’s probably
taking it in the ass from her old man. I’m kidding – she’s probably
just suckin’ him off. I need to get outta here. Wait! Hold on. What’s up with you, man? Is something going on
between you and Tom? No, everything’s
fine in paradise. Look, he’s got his
own shit to deal with. I dunno, it’s– Anyway, I was thinking… Wait a couple hours,
catch the next bus. I’ll get my stuff. Mark! It’s not like you’re a rich man.
We’ll split the hotel room, probably get a deal
on the bus tickets. Don’t leave me
here alone, man. Yeah! I hate you. Seriously, do you know that? You see that? Oh, come on! Take a picture
inside my mouth. Would you grow up? You want a picture
of your mouth? Can you get– – I’m reading.
– I’m trying to take a photo. – I’m trying to read.
– You don’t read! I said turn it off! What are you doing? Oh, God… That’s disgusting. Are you gonna take it off? Shut up. Shut up! Would you stop it? Sorry, I’m gonna have to
take a raincheck on dinner.It’s not our evening
I’m worried about.Why are you on a bus?Mom, relax.What did you
tell them at work?Your friend’s been
in the bathroom a long time. I’m Julie.
This is Crystal. Hi. Hi.Alex, what are you
doing with yourself?Mom, I’m an adult.
I’m not going back to school. My life is here. So are you guys
headed to Toronto? What are you doing?
Let go of my camera. They were afraid you maybe
jerked yourself to death. So, what are you boys
doing in the city? Well, we’re actually not– Hang on. It’s a long ride. Why don’t we change
up seats for a bit? So it’s easier to talk. Smart idea. Can I have the
fuckin’ window seat? Yeah. Thanks. Tell me how old you are. How old do you
think I am? 28, wow. Yeah, it just kinda
snuck up on me. So how long have you
two known each other? Forever. Well, we’ve been pretty
tight since high school. The further I get away from my
high school friends, the better. I’ve just grown up a lot
this past summer, you know. Well, what do you
do for a living? I’m an independent consultant.
Got a couple of jobs on the go. Yeah, I’m actually– We’re actually kinda
shootin’ from the hip here, because Alex there’s havin’
a bit of a nervous breakdown. We figured we’d get
him away from the cruel, wicked world
for a little while. Favorite evolutionary
ancestor of man? Australopithecus Afarensis. Homo Erectus. Piltdown Man
all the fuckin’ way. Parry Sound. We’re gonna hit the
ladies room and freshen up. Cool. I think we’re kinda starvin’,
so we’re just gonna grab– No, not enough time! I’m gonna grab
something over there and stretch my legs
out for a minute. Dude, we got 15 minutes! We’ll eat the subs on the bus. Come on –
14 minutes. Okay, fine. Quit it! Sweet. Can you spot me for this one? Dude, I don’t even know
if I have enough cash on me. Smells like someone’s been
smoking a little reef in here. Hello? Hey, I’ll have veal on a bun
with extra roasted red peppers. I’ll have the same,
but with hot peppers. Dude, that sign’s
calling my name. It’s my new mission in life. You keep Cheech distracted. So, it’s just you here today? No, man.
It’s just me here. Right… Not too busy, huh? No, man, slow day today. The deed is done. Am I wrong or is that
our fuckin’ bus? You fucking idiot! Hey, you wanted
the fuckin’ subs. Oh, great.
The bus is here, now you threw your sandwich. What the fuck
am I supposed to do? Not throw your fuckin’ sandwich. Cocksucker… Get up off
the fuckin’ ground, you cunt. Get up! Fuck!!! Here, take it… I’ve got a vest. Look, just go get yourself
another sandwich and we’ll figure this out. All right. There should be some
change in my wallet. There should be some change
in my wallet, which is on the bus. Well, I got mine,
but it’s just plastic. And it’s not like
I actually carry any money in my bank accounts. All right, fun’s over.
We head back. Call your mom or Tom and… I don’t know – just get our
asses back to Sudbury. Probably be home
in time for Conan. Jesus…
Take it easy, man. It’s not the end of
the fuckin’ world here. I mean, you could be living under some
military dictatorship. Fuckin’…people starving
in the streets, selling their kid
for two bucks. Mom’s out working
the fuckin’ hooker shop, tryin’ to pay the bills, and dad’s out there pickin’
cans in the garbage. – Kids dyin’ all over the place.
– Just shut up! We’re not going back anywhere.
We’ll make this work. Just leave your sandwich and
let’s get the fuck out of here. I’m not leaving the chips. Oh, the name on this
credit card is Tom? Uh, yeah, he’s my partner. We’re living together. You know, we’re married, for all intents and purposes. That’s a great sweater. Thanks. Don’t you think she looks
pretty in that sweater? Yeah, yeah. Okay, I’m sure you’ll
understand, sir, that we’re always very careful
with our customer security. And in a case like this
we like to call the cardholder
to authorize the purchase. That wouldn’t be a problem, except for I didn’t
explain this correctly. Sorry, let me do it again. Actually, my partner is on
his way to Toronto right now. He’s actually flying
to meet us there, so we’re supposed
to take the car and then we’re
gonna go join him. So he’s not actually available. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Anyway, it’s not your fault. We can’t actually
do that, but it’s all right. Oh, okay, no problem… Sorry about the confusion. It’s not a problem. Do you need a second
key for your– Friend. Single friend. And no, no key. Just one’s good. So if we add up the
driver’s insurance and the vehicle insurance– And the ‘where the fuck did
that come from’ insurance. What are you talkin’ about? Well, you need insurance
to rent– That’s included in the $29.95? No, it’s extra. We want the $29.95 deal, okay? That’s what you told me
when we came in the door. You’re sittin’ here
in your little sweater. That’s our policy, sir. I understand, but my policy is I don’t get
fucked around by people. Would you like
to speak to my manager? Why don’t you just give the
old fuckin’ manager a call? George, I have a problem… George! Can I please
talk to you? Mark, will you shut up? – Can I please talk to him?
– I’ll be outside. Just one second. Thank you very much. Hello, George. Yes. My colleague and I
were just trying to get to Toronto and we’re running
into some trouble here. On the road again… You know – maybe I just
don’t want to drive anymore. Would you just– I don’t want
to drive anymore. Jesus! So the grandiose
adventure continues. Despite your best efforts. Dude, those fucking
charges were bullshit. That fuckin’ bitch is there
to serve us, not– She’s a stuck-up
wage slave! Probably lining her own
pockets with that cash. Besides, all this is
on Tom’s credit card, so I’m the one
who’s fucked anyway. Look, I’ll pay for the car. We’ll get our bags
as soon as we get to Toronto. See those old ladies? Pretend like you’re
giving me a blow job. Would you keep
your eye on the road? Pretend like you’re
giving me a blow job! I don’t wanna die.
All right? Come on!
It’ll be fuckin’ hilarious. Pretend like you’re blowing me! Just bob your head a little bit.
Come on… Will you grow up, man? You used to be a hell of a lot
more fun than you are now. Well, I didn’t ask you
to come along. If you’d just let me explain
and complain to that guy, we could have got the
return tickets for free. I just wanted our bags.
The driver was right there. It was about to
turn into a fuckin’ fiasco. Well, paying for
two rooms is stupid. Look, I’ll pay the difference. Whatever, man. My key’s fucked. Get up, buddy! Forget it.
I’m not up yet. You’ll waste the whole day. I can’t talk.
I’m sleeping. Would you get out of here! Come on!
You’ll waste the whole day. I can’t talk!
I’m sleeping! You look up. Get out of here.
Seriously. I’ve got stuff
I want to do alone today. All right. Don’t be all surprised. You’re the one
that wanted to tag along. Then I’ll just take a scenic
drive of beautiful Toronto. It is a beautiful city,
you fuckin’ ingrate. See ya. Wait a sec. I need the car. What the fuck’s your problem? This seems like
a reasonable compromise. I just want to
do this on my own. Last time I was here
I didn’t even know you. Yeah, must have been
fuckin’ wicked. Can you just wait in the car? Hi there. Um, I’m just wondering
if you can help me out. I used to live here when
I was younger, and… Well, there used to be
some houses here. Do you know…? Well, actually…
I’m sorry. I think the door downstairs
is supposed to be locked. Yeah, I just, um… The construction here –
do you know how recently– Actually, you know,
it’s private property. I just wanted to ask you– Yeah, I got some business
I need to do, so… Hold on. Why do you
have to be like that? I’m asking you – why do you
have to be like that? The guy’s got a question
for you, he used to live here – you can’t answer? I’ve got some work
I need to do here. That’s all right.
You don’t have 15 seconds. You got some work to do? I’m just kiddin’, man. Fuck ass! Let’s go. I used to live here, you know. You’re gonna die here, you know. Convenient. See, that’s what
I’m talking about, man. That’s what people
are like in this world. Yeah, thanks for what
you did back there. I’ve never really
told you this, but I– Well, goddamn!
Look who it is! Our female counterparts. Just tell them that you’re gay
and that I’m not interested. Shut up. Let’s have some fun with this. Surprise, surprise! Look who it is. Our two most favorite
ladies in the whole wide world. Why hello, gentlemen. What are you two lovely ladies
doing on this fine afternoon? We’re headed down to Queen Street
for a little shopping. Wanna come? Be nice, say hi to the boys. Hi. Sure, we’re not really
doing anything anyway. Right…
Um, not me, sorry. I’m just gonna go back
to the hotel and take a nap. What? What are you guys doing
that I can’t afford to miss? What did you
come here for if you’re just not
gonna do anything? Have a good time, guys. Suit yourself, buddy. Leave me with the two ladies. So, how was
the rest of your trip? It was bumpy.
We missed you guys. Yeah, no shit. We thought that maybe
you ditched the trip. Oh, yeah. Look, I don’t even
wanna go there. Are you hungry? Um, yeah.
I am hungry. I want something sweet
and Torontoey though – like nothing you can get in– What’s something
sweet and Torontoey? Like a big fat cookie with some white chocolate
on it or something? Mmm, nothing you
can get in Sudbury. Yeah, no shit. Hands off my swing, bitch! It’s mine now, baby. What about you there, talkative? What about me? Did you buy anything? – Yeah.
– Like? She got an
organic ice cream cone. An organic ice cream cone. Gee, that’s about as
exciting as your shirt. Gee, that’s about as exciting
as your entire conversation! Oh, I kinda liked it. – Be nice.
– We were having fun. Oh, wow. Hey. What are you doing
in the city? Uh, I’m just visiting. Look, I don’t know
what to say– I was hoping maybe
we could sit down and… Yeah…
You can come on in. Looks like you’re
doing okay for yourself. I guess I’m all right. Just when I think
the well’s run dry, something else comes along. I did manage to save
enough money to do all this. How’s your mother? I dunno.
She’s…fine. She’s found a good
thing for herself. How’s Richard? Christ, I didn’t even
know you knew his name. Richard’s been gone
for a year now. I’m sorry. I don’t know if Sudbury’s
working out for me anymore. I mean, you left… The city isn’t cheap, Alex. You know what you’d pay
for an apartment in Toronto? I could work around that. You need a plan first, Alex. Dad… Just don’t rush
into anything – that’s my advice. Sure. Thanks. Did you come all this
way just to see me? No. No, Mark was in town,
so I tagged along and… Hey, no.
Not necessary. Just in case. No, it’s okay. Please. Take care of yourself, eh? Yeah.[cell phone rings]Hello?Alex?
It’s Tom.Hi. Is Mark with you? No, actually.
He’s not. We kinda split up for the day.Had enough of him
on the bus ride?Your boyfriend’s a sick man. I used to think
he was a laugh riot.So you’re on your own then?Yeah, pretty much. I got some things to sort out. I can’t believe he let
you out of his sight. Aren’t you guys supposed to be
joined at the hip or something? I dunno. Mark’s being Mark.Know what I mean?Yeah, I know what you mean.I’m gonna leave a message
for him at the front desk.If you ever do see him again,
let him know I called.Will do.Bye.Honey, I’m home. What’s up? Now what’s up with that? They deposited my
unemployment check today. What? We saw this lady get her
head caught in an elevator. Like, the doors wouldn’t stop… So you been here
all afternoon? Tom called. Oh, thanks. Well, are you
gonna call him back? I dunno, man…
Things are fucked. I love Tom, okay? And I don’t regret
moving in with him. And I still love him. For a while now
things have been kinda fucked. Buddy, when you guys
got together it pretty much tore
your parents apart. That’s their problem!
You’re blaming me for that? No, it’s just sometimes
it’s like you’re living in a different world. You have no idea
how that felt. Yeah, you were there,
but you didn’t– I don’t just mean with Tom. Do you ever look around
yourself ever and realize that what we have here
isn’t a normal friendship? I mean, normal friends
go out for drinks, and… Well, they aren’t– Let’s not get
over-excited here. All right, so here’s
the plan, okay? We’ll go get a bite to eat,
then fuckin’ party time tonight with Julie and Crystal,
see a bit of the city, maybe check out a club. I think that crazy
chick has a thing for me. What the fuck?
In case you didn’t realize, Crystal and I didn’t
exactly hit it off. We’re just talking
about a fun night out here. We’re not talking about– Look, do not be
a fuckin’ recluse. You mean you don’t like
vaginas anymore? You came here, you’re gonna
sit in your hotel room all day? I didn’t come here to get drunk
with a bunch of teenage girls I barely know. Fuck yourself. You’ve been actin’ fuckin’
hostile since we left Sudbury. And for a fuckin’
while now you’ve been on this pretentious trip
where your friends aren’t good enough for you, and everything I fuckin’ do
is a waste of your time. We’re like twins. Look, man, no one
understands my shit like you do. You went through
all of it with me. And I know you better
than you know yourself, so just cut
the fuckin’ bullshit. Let’s go home. This, whatever it is,
it’s over. It’s almost 8. I’m going back
to the hotel and change.Hi, Kathy.
It’s Alex calling…calling from Toronto.I had some free time
so I wanted to calland see what you’re up to. I hope everything’s all right. I had a really, really great
time the other night, and I guess
I’ll talk to you later. Okay, bye. Tell Crystal I’ll be there
to brighten up her evening. You can tell her
your own fuckin’ self. She’ll be here any minute. I didn’t know they were–[knocking on door]Here. Well, tell them
I’ll be five minutes. Fancy! He’s not ready yet, so direct
your complaints accordingly. Alex, you’re ruining
the whole fuckin’ evening! Okay, well… Do you guys
know where we’re going? Um, I dunno. There’s a pretty good
pub at the campus we’re staying at. Well, go get changed! Okay, I’ll be fast. Crystal, go help
him get dressed. Right. So, you’re staying
at the university? Okay, hold on. You already told me
all that meaningless bullshit back on the bus, right? So when do I get to actually
learn something about you? You know basically
all there is to know. Not really. Why does it matter? I guess it doesn’t. Okay, well,
I’ll get the fuck outta here? No, just – sit down. Ask me something. Okay. Okay, if you could be
any kind of animal, what kind of animal
would you be, and why? A shark… Because I like to swim. Mark, oh… No, you’re boring! Well, what the fu… You’re not that boring. All right, and yourself? You’re so exciting, you carry a guitar around
everywhere you go? Why’d you bring a guitar here? I was gonna… I was gonna
serenade you with it. You were gonna
serenade me? Yeah.
But now I’m too shy. Well, don’t t be too nervous.
Now you have to. You can’t–
I hate that. People are like,
tell you one thing and then they don’t do it. You gotta do it. Okay, well if I play,
will you play something after? So we can just forget it? Okay. All right. Just don’t look at me. #I am looking at a boy# #Who is desperate
to play coy# #Who is trying to employ# #A character he thinks–# #can protect him
from this world# #Can protect him
from this girl# #But why hide?# #Why waste our time?# #It doesn’t really suit you# #Kind of like your shoes# #Woo hoo, woo hoo…# Then it doesn’t
really have an ending… I don’t know. Magnifique. Thank you. Fantabulous. I feel like– Like a girl? No. I feel like I should
return the favor. Oh, my God.
Thank you. A little song
I wrote on the road. My underhanded
reason for doing it. – Really?
– One of the reasons. – You knew I was a rock star.
– I totally could tell. #Met a girl on the bus,
had an ugly friend# #Said I like you, girl,
can I take your picture?# Can I peek now? I’m decent. You even dress like my dad. What, I’m not even– Relax, I’m joking. #But Alex is a virgin# #Hope that girl’s a surgeon# #Pull his cock right
out of his pants# #and make him do
something silly# #He’s a virgin boy# #Never used his toy# #But I hope he uses
it in a hurry# Self-actualization,
I think, is the word for it. Right, right, right. It just feels like
there’s these anchors, holding me down. This is her
favorite conversation. Hold on, now.
The girl’s opening up here. Like what?
What anchors? I dunno. What can I say?
Life’s a bitch. Wish we all could
have your problems. Let’s talk about Mark
for a second. Okay, fuck off. Twelfth grade. We got ourselves locked
in the school overnight. Before long we were both
trashed in the photography lab. Hey, this wasn’t my idea! In fact, the whole thing turns
into a typical Mark fuck-up. Next thing I know
this guy’s running out into the hallway
like an idiot. He said nothing about a security
guard when he convinced me to go along with this. I could tell some
stories myself. We were terrible. So are you as much of a ladies
man as your friend over here? I didn’t date much during… Hold on. I’ll be right back. You all right? – You care?
– What? I feel like I’m being
fuckin’ crucified out there. You were ripping
into the poor girl. I barely said anything. She’s acting like her
little 16-year-old existentialist crisis
is the end of the world. Remind you of anybody? Look, you wanted to do this. Let’s just go back
to the table, make an excuse, and bail. Yeah, I’ll see you out there. Driver, where are we going? Where are we going? Who the fuck– I dunno –
this random direction. I don’t think we should
just go in a random direction. We should probably choose, or we could wind up— In the what? In the wrong part of town. I don’t think there are too
many wrong parts of town here. I’m stuck. I’m stuck…in the wrong part
of town! Are you gonna give
me a piggyback ride? Yeah? Stand up straight. Shut up. I’m drunk. – Stand up straight!
– Shut up! Come on.
Get on this fuckin’ pole! Wishful thinking. – No, don’t!
– Oh, yeah. So are you gonna write down
your number for me, or what? Why? Um, so I can call you
when I get back home in the middle of nowhere? You’re gonna fall. What are you – permanently depressed
or something? If you fall, I don’t really
know what I can do for you. Gee, that’s romantic. I didn’t realize
you had that in you. Romantic… Listen, we’re drunk,
and you are fucking incredible. But I’m old
and you’re young, and I think we should probably
restrict tonight’s pleasures to just getting drunk and
falling off of these things. Well, first of all…loser – you look a lot younger
than you say you are. Do I? And, second of all…
I’m 21! Hmm, well. Why are you actually in Toronto? Uh, um, Julie’s following
some guy she met from Halifax in a bar. Yeah, but what about you?
Why are you here? Um…I’m the sidekick. I’m usually the sidekick. That’s a pretty
respectable job, you know. Sidekick to your friend,
the shithead? He has his moments. Yeah, sure. So what about you?
Do you have any moments? I had a lot to drink.
Just give it some time, okay? Oh, sorry. Mark’s song, right. Is that true? A virgin?
No… Is that true?
You’re a virgin? Let’s go have some drinks. Yeah?
And then what? Um, I dunno.
Ultimate frisbee… Nude. Okay, this is not a good idea. The neighborhood watch is
gonna be on you in 5 seconds. Whatever.
You don’t wanna be here, you can go stand
outside on the sidewalk. All right, either you’re just
totally not interested in me or there’s something else
going on. Either way, I wish
you’d just tell me so I knew what the deal was. What deal? There’s no deal. There’s no deal. I thought your whole
American psycho thing was charming at first,
but now you’ve been stalking the streets like
a madman for, like, 2 hours. And you’re saying
there’s no deal? – Shut up.
– Fuck off. You’re afraid of me? Kind of. What do you expect? You’re fucked. Why don’t you just go back
to wherever it is you came from. See ya. What if Julie shows up? To hell with Julie.
She’s a big girl. I hope Mark’s all right. I just want the car keys. She’s gone now. I didn’t want to– I haven’t been able to stop
thinking about this one night, back when we were just
finishing high school. You and Mark. Yeah. It was the time we both
stayed at school overnight. He talks about
this all the time. His parents
were hearing rumors and he just didn’t want to
go home and deal with it. We hid in the boys’ showers
until everyone else had left, then had the school
to ourselves until morning. What did you talk
about all night? Mark came clean
with his folks that day. Told them everything. Can I ask you something, Alex? Shoot. I need to know
what happened in Toronto – with Mark. Yeah, well, you know… I guess we got on
each other’s nerves. We’re not exactly talking. I mean, was Mark
with someone else? What? No, we just hung around. Where would you get that from? Alex. Nothing happened. Mark did mention that you
guys were having some trouble. Yeah. So… What happened with this
date you had the other night? Seeing her again? – It didn’t work out.
– How come? Lack of interest. On whose side? Oh, that sucks. I dunno, you just kinda
looked all…sprightly when you walked in here. I thought maybe
something was up. I guess you haven’t
heard the latest news. The short version’s that
I’m leaving town for a while. That’s the first
I’ve heard of it. Does Mark know? [voice message]
Buddy, it’s me.I’m at a gas station
in somewherethat is not Toronto
and not Sudbury.So, uh, look, anyway,
have you heard from Tom?I can’t get a hold of him
and I’m worried thatthat fuckin’ car rental bitch
might have calledor whatever, so…
Okay, bye.[new message]
Hey, I’m back.Are you down there or what?I called your mom and she
hasn’t heard from you either,so fuckin’ give me
a shout when you get backand we’ll drink some beers.Bye.[cell phone rings]Alex…Get up here, man.He left last night. His sister came here
this morning with a van. Apparently she has an
extra room at her place. Moving the furniture? I mean,
give it some time– No…I don’t think so. You don’t… No, ’cause we talked. He’s gone for good. It’s over. I don’t know what
I’m gonna do now. I don’t know. It’ll be all right. It’s okay. It’s not even just
the obvious stuff. Like, you know, I can’t
make the mortgage on my own – even if I do get
someone else in downstairs. I need you to stay here
with me in Sudbury, you know,
just for a little while. I’m not staying, man. So you’re just
gonna fuckin’ leave me? Would you relax!
I gotta go. I was thinking – you could move
into the basement. It’s cozy when it’s not flooded. Thanks for the advice. Seriously, you bastard,
you’d make twice as much rent, why don’t you– Get the fuck out! Get out!!! You all set then? Yeah… Yeah, I think so. Sure you gave
your ride the right time? Yeah, he’s still okay.
It’s only five to. See ya’ then, man. Yeah.
Take care of yourself. Keep in touch, eh? For sure.
I’ll be around. Oh, I almost forgot… Brand new, actually. Only used it a couple times. Yeah, I just washed
my hands down there and it looks like
the plumbing’s broken. Go figure. Well, good luck. The landlord of this place
is a fucking asshole.


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  • Interesante pelicula, buena fotografia, sin embargo creo que la falto a la trama definir un rumbo especifico, Igual la recomiendo.

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