Guyana NEWS Source 23rd July 2019

Guyana NEWS Source 23rd July 2019

this is your new source evening bulletin for today Tuesday the 23rd day of July in the year 2019 here's what we're tracking tonight at Guyanese registered cargo vessel has been busted with more than 95 pounds of cocaine in Tortola according to reports out of the British Virgin Islands the vessel carrying the name christened was met at a port of Purcell with illegal cargo the bus took place in the 18th of July after the vessel arrived in the BVI from Trinidad and Tobago the seizure was part of a joint operation involving both the police and customs departments of the British Virgin Islands according to a statement from the police in the BVI three pallets concealing 200 bags of thin-set cement were discovered in search and it was during those searches that the packets of more than 95 pounds of cocaine were discovered in there has been no information released on the owner of the vessel as the investigations are ongoing the vessel was lost in Guyana in mid-june and left here for Trinidad and Tobago more news coming up in just a moment [Applause] guyot super 95 gasoline gives you more reasons to drive and is available at 56 service stations nationwide for affordable price high performance and high mileage choose dials Super 95 gasoline why you must register registration is a legal requirement according to the National Registration Act chapter nineteen oh eight persons who do not register can be charged and fined along with imprisonment getting registered has two main benefits for eligible citizens national identification and the opportunity to participate in the voting process after registration you will receive a national identification card a national identification card may be used to vote at an election identify oneself and transacting business or seeking employment transact business at the bank obtain old-age pension security ivis license transact business at a post office secure a loan conduct a higher purchase transaction obtain a police clearance collect national insurance benefits apply for a passport apply for a ten certificate don't miss the chance to get registered look out for ChiCom make it your responsibility to register for more information contact G Komen two two five zero to seven seven to nine or two to three nine six five three email PR OG como Gy contact the nearest G comm registration office or visit the website at www.viki calls the four campuses family and friends five gigs of data plus 250 text messages and your vampire friends involve you oh yeah thanks which is butterfly summer is just around the corner and this year we're giving you a syncopation is easy get your GB to a Visa card and travel to your dream summer destinations or shop all you want online with Visa keishon you get to win prizes when you use your gbt ID Sicard between June 1st and August 31st don't have a Visa card visit your nearest gbto branch or go to welcome back and turning now to the world of politics Chief Justice rocks in Georgia will chair this morning denied a request by the attorney Christopher Ram for the court to grant in order to stop the house the house registration exercise by began elections commission attorney and Anand Lau who represented the interest of Christopher Ram in the matter told the media the Chief Justice did not grant the order the Chief Justice did not grant the conservatory order which we sought to restrain the election the registration process mr. Mandela however staged that achieve justice emphasized that she understands the CC James ruling that elections must be held by September 18 the Chief Justice emphasized that she understands that the CCG ruled that the elections must be held by September the 8th and she said that very clearly Attorney General basil Williams had a different understanding of what was said by the Chief Justice the three months that had been overtaken by the court matter now that is clear and so the next step is the two towards exit an extension by two-thirds majority which the Vishnu honor Chief Justice said has not been done as yet in other words he's still pulling out an extra an expectation that the parties will get together and do as 1 or 6 7 require since the three months had elapsed you will get it to Taj extension the Attorney General said the ccj base in its ruling may be hopeful that the two parties will still get together and do as required by the Constitution although Chief Justice George Will should deny the order to stop the house the house registration exercise she has given the applicants more time to put forward additional information with regards to the order asking the court to order the Elections Commission to hold elections by September 18 missing and I'll said that based on the arguments put forward in the original application the Chief Justice has granted more time for additional information to be added we have not satisfied her on the affidavits we are we have we have not satisfied her that there is enough evidence to show that G calm is not acting to complete it this process unholy section within that time frame that she wants more evidence to persuade her that this exercise that G calm is embarking upon will take us beyond that time frame as the first thing and of course secondly we have another ground upon which we are challenging the house-to-house registration that is purely illegal attorney general Bassel William said all of the orders now being asked of the Chief Justice were already dealt with by the Caribbean Court of Justice and he believes Rams move to the court is an abuse of the court and is also disrespectful of the higher court what I know is that all these things were said to the CCG that G Komen had already expended about three-quarter billion of dollars in respect of home sauce registration because the decision was made since in around 2018 way to be done in 2019 no one thought about the no and nobody expected a no-confidence motion and they already recruited and trained personnel the five materials so the question would be what happens such required a billion dollars each into the river is that simpler to continue the process the house house I think they have truncated it from six months to three months to do the field work and so on so you know it's a question of what's reasonable do we have money to waste so what any other thing is going to have of course and ChiCom is only chica has a boat and a redetermination not lowly me not the president but when jamia was president he said the parties will return to court next week to further address the other matters dealing with the case let's tell you now that chief elections officer Keith lowenfield has announced that again elections commission has increased the number of staff members in the field conducting house-to-house registration speaking to reporters this morning at the High Court mr. lowenfield said the process has been progressing with satisfaction we have many more teams at the front end and people are coming out tourism that's correct the amount of numerators we have increased about of front-end as I said earlier so that we can move the process the chief elections officer said questions about whether G comb can use the old list for new elections should be directed at whoever becomes the new chairman of the Elections Commission and the commissioners it depends can it be used for elections if so I leave newest questions for the new cheer and the only Commission certainly will level is usable for election the list as authoritative April if he claims an objection exercises to be used then that will form the basis of the preliminary lists for he claims and objections to be held claim to objections exercise to be there he also shied away from other questions on the vote is less than its size he said he has never used the word bloated to describe the voltage list I have not I have not engaged his Excellency on the numbers game and I cannot pronounce him that it's speculative you will want to do an exercise to determine that amount and began Elections Commission has stated that in the first two days of house the house registration over 20,000 persons got to registered it an effort in the court by attorney Christopher Ram to stop the process was dismissed this morning while the opposition people's restive party Civic is holding firm to its decision to be non-cooperative with the house the house registration process that is ongoing in a statement last evening that PPP said it will not accept any voters list that will be generated from the house the house registration exercise the Elections Commission intends to use the ongoing registration process as part of the preparations for a new voters list the opposition party wanted the Commission to use the old lists with a new claims and objections period according to the PvP its leadership has decided not to participate in the process and the like or Guyanese to follow its lead him the party maintains at a current house the house registration exercise is illegal and in contravention of the ruling of the carribean Courts of Justice the opposition leader barrage AG view repeated that claim during a radio interview today on 94.1 so this is a mass this is an act of mass disenfranchisement this is an act of to create confusion around there we get such a bad product at the end of the exercise with thousands of people off that to fix it will take another year and that's what they're trying to buy time but again Elections Commission has said that the process is lawful and the Commission is following the law and all legal requirements in relation to registration the opposition PPP believes that the start of the house the house registration exercise is meant to prolong the preparations for elections and to force an extension G com has stated that there is nothing illegal about the process and it was ordered by the Commission and funded by the National Assembly and therefore the process will continue in other news let's tell you that the instrument landing system at ganas Cheddi Jagan International Airport is getting an upgraded the gana Civil Aviation Authority has inked a contract with the canadian-based company Intel Khan for the upgrade and installation of the Instrument Landing systems at the main airport according to a statement from the Civil Aviation Authority the instrument landing system is a precision approach aid employing two radio signals and that provides a pilot with vertical and horizontal guidance during the landing phase of an aircraft the authorities said with the upgraded extension of the runway the Cheddi Jagan airport the acquisition of the new and modern equipment will enhance the landing capability of aircraft of the airport to alleviate a need for diversions in minimal weather conditions the new system is to be installed by February of next year and when that is done it will also align the gana Civil Aviation Authority with more international standards as dictated by the International Civil Aviation Organization while a group of Guyanese crafts producers staged a protest this morning in front of the Karakum Secretariat to raise their concern and dissatisfaction with the way they are being treated by the organizers of kara Festa the group of crafts producers will be part of ganas contingent at a regional festival which is being held this year in true that in Tobago in August at issue is a number of boots being provided in the carry festive village for Guyanese craftsmen they complained that the last Harrah Fest the event which was hosted by barbatus 25 boots were made available to Ghana for the showcase of its art and crafts however they claimed that he organizers for the festival ensuring that are only offering them five boots to showcase all of their work and that not enough we are the founder of CARICOM Kyra Festo and we have always been the largest contingency that's what I was made on the Sun and I think it's unacceptable if you're gonna do that you should have been doing that five six months ago and giving value every reasons why but you cannot just do that at this minute when everyone is already made all the reservations I have people telling me they took a loan to bake crafts and they made a reservations with their apartment their tickets etc it should be minimum twenty twenty-five boots why what is the reason for you to cut him Diane out like that the protester said it is disrespectful for a large contingent to be limited in the amount of work they can showcase and a regional cultural festival the Department of Culture Indiana has been seeking to address the issue and it should you to dispatch official letters of concern to the Carrie fest to organizers in trinidad and tobago across the region is coming up next fall's a trademark of China sang-ho incorporated located at land of Canaan East Bank Demerara was incorporated in April of 2013 with over 10 billion gana dollars invested in a state-of-the-art 100,000 biofuel storage facility a modern service station an office complex and a modern Wharf that can berth international vessels having no association with any other fuel company false imports its own fuel which meets quality specifications has all the legal permits and is in compliance with international requirements its bulk facility can load if trucks simultaneously at a rate of a thousand litres per minute while the service station can service twelve cars at a time using computerized fuel pumps which can facilitate the use of ATM cards through its professional team of mostly Guyanese falsehood seals and details fuels to the public including farmers and miners and will continue to positively contribute to Guyana by providing quality products service and attractive prices try Falls today for all your fuel needs get ready for the new year ladies we can present sometime did you slaughter from jungling Club Eclipse for my Heinicke from five cities your lifestyle what sign is entertainment 38.5 raucous interrupts sweets candy boss the van Elections Commission will commence house-to-house registration in your area soon you must register if you are guide a citizen by birth descent naturalization or registration 14 years and older by the 31st of October 2019 citizen of a Commonwealth country living in Guyana for a period of no less than one year preceding the qualifying date if you were previously registered you will need to register again look out for G com make it your responsibility to get registered for more information contact G comm on two to five zero two seven seven to nine or two to three nine six five three email PR o @ g combo r g gy contact the nearest g comm registration office or visit our website WWWE across the region right now the lights went out in Venezuela's capital of Caracas and there were also reports yesterday that much of the country is also being affected by a massive outage the power in the capital went out of the round 4:30 yesterday afternoon and immediately backed up traffic as the subway stopped working and office workers had to begin tracking home during the rush hour there were reports and social media that 19 out of 24 Venezuelan states were also affected black house cause confusion in the country back in March leaving much of the capital without power for a week at that time President Nicolas Maduro blamed the outage on a u.s. sponsored attack against the nation's biggest hydroelectric company his opponent said it was the result of years of mismanagement and on the investment in the nation grid across in Haiti president jovenel moise has named fritz William McHale an executive in the Ministry of the economy and finance as his fourth prime minister since he became head of state in 2017 McHale replaces Jean mikela peon who had earlier announced that he was stepping down in the interest of the country in the post and Twitter and Monday night Maurice named a virtually unknown Technic rat to head his government and is expected to formalize the position in an official decree later the new Prime Minister's appointment followed talks and Sunday and Monday between Maurice and the leaders of the two chambers of parliament Lapine had become the third head of government on the president Lewis who himself came to office in February of 2017 media reports had earlier indicated that Maurice had approached three people including a woman three places up in who had come to office less than a month after thousands of people took to the streets across the country demanding better living conditions and the departure of the president the president has refused to step down and finally tonight international news Boris Johnson has been elected new Conservative leader in the balance of party members and will become the next prime minister in the United Kingdom he beats out Jeremy Hunt comfortably winning 92153 boats to his rivals 46,656 the former London mayor takes over from Theresa May on Wednesday in his victory speech mr. Johnson promised he would deliver pranks it unite a country and defeat the opposing party speaking at the Queen Elizabeth the second Center in London he said the country is going to be energized mr. Johnson thank is pretty says her saying it has been a privilege to serve in her cabinet he was mrs. may foreign secretary until resigning over brexit and that's your new source evening bulletins for tonight I'm Gordon Moseley reporting you


43 thoughts on “Guyana NEWS Source 23rd July 2019”

  • amazon warrior says:

    well charles alves, before these jamacian and Haiti investors come ,Guyana must have well built houses to house them and oil money pay outs to compensate them for the hard work they will be doing for Guyana.ah how wonderful,but things can be arranged.

  • Like jagdeo the devil and Christopher ram thief the law courts and all our money land and everything happens in Guyana with the government and jagdeo and Donald don't get their way to dictate to Guyana public how the pppc leaders want they take it to court and wasting so much time its time to put a stop to jagdeo now before he ass mouth cause a racial riot in Guyana God almighty help Guyana please from jagdeo the devil and Donald and all them others in the pppc in Jesus Christ name AMEN.

  • Hemchand Lallram says:

    This man BW is real Jackass he should take off the glass just to see his eyes when making himself a j..k

  • Monica Persaud says:

    What about the people who is working an they miss the house to house Registration, what will that mean ,that u cannot vote if the new voters list is out, can anyone explain that to me

  • Monica Persaud says:

    I just pray that Guyana doesn't end up like the 90s in riot because of political affairs,, Please people it's a free an fair election, vote for who u think is best in your knowledge an let us all stop this corruption..

  • I am ashamed of my country everyone are you guys want to play Yankee instead you guys are a Dunkee Guyanese I'm speaking to

  • All of you dumb Guyanese just keep running your mouth on social media when you should go on national television or go on protest in the streets of George strong and vote both party's out of power in Guyana you guys try to hide and talk on social media typical Guyanese some of you love to steel Kill rape deal drugs I don't want to get a real job don't want to sweat for your money some of you like easy money so easy money comes with easy dead Who don't like what they say burns yourself upπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Jagdeo is behaving stupid now he will cause division among the PPP supporter. He needs to encourage all his supporters to register to vote in that way they will win whereas if some register to vote and some do not his chances of winning will be lesser. Wake up Jagdeo go out and campaign to encourage all your voters to vote. Simply man face the facts and vote this tyranny out

  • amazon warrior says:

    hay Ramish fire, so you dont like the venezualians and Brazilians? well you prefer haitians and Jamacians,do you? after all we are in the west indies, and we are a floating island off the coast of south america ,that is not connected to south america,in any way.In fact some stupid people think Guyana is faceing the the atlantic ocean, what jack asses.As all right thinking Guyanese people know, we are faceing the caribbean sea.Now as we are caribbean I will contact Jamaica and Haiti to send 200 000. Haitians and 200.000 Jamacians, investors who will bring in Millions in investment for Guyana,now of course Guyana need to house these investors,but as Guyana is rich that would be no problem. Then Guyana will be 3/4 africian ,then we can be a little haiti or a little Jamaica,to make you happy.

  • Anil Ramnauth says:

    It is interesting to note that Guyana Chief Election Officer told reporters that the current voters list can be refreshed with a period of 21 days of claims and Objections and be used for General Election. The CEO did not confirm that the old voters list is bloated. It is necessary for the appointment of a new GECOM chairman for guidance on the current voters list and holding of Guyana election as outlined in CCJ rulings..

  • Dirk Bradford says:

    Reading through some of the comments it's clear that some of you will still vote race, which is dumb in my opinion. We saw what both sides did. Come on people, as a Guyanese we all deserve better than what we got from both sides, don't vote race! Suggestion; let's give the smaller parties a chance and make the national assembly more diverse!

  • Birbal Hardial says:

    Guyanese politicians always get their people like yoyo and only wants to fill their pockets. Now is our time now ! Thief ,Thief,Thieves, what a bunch of clowns that's running the country, have not a clue how to run their own house but this minority Government wants to rule a country with smart and bright people of Indian decadent.


    I knew this would be the next step to come from Fag-De-Hoe and the PeePeePee Cult.
    So now we have:
    -"H2H is illegal"
    -"do not partipate in H2H"
    -"we will not accept the new list"
    Let's wait for:
    -"we will not vote in upcoming election"
    -"the new election is fraudulent"
    -"the new Government is illegal"

  • The EYES and VOICES of DESPERATION like…Nandlall, Ram, Fag-De-Hoe, PeePeePee Cultists et al…!
    Like wounded DOGS, these INSTIGATORS WILL NOT STOP…!
    What an abuse of the JUDICIAL SYSTEM.
    I hope the Government apply for hefty court cost when they loses.

  • House to house registration can be completed in 1 month,reviewed corrected etc in another month and elections held the next month. All the nation’s resources must be made available to achieve this end……its a simple matter. Pres Granger is planning to never hold elections.

  • Let’s be honest, Guyana is a blasted DUMB country. Just imagine 450,000 voters is such a damn big deal in that country. Where the hell is the center to report births, deaths, and migration? When I said you people need to take donkey/horse carts of the streets, most replied about those people needing a job. Is that what is going to welcome the expected foreigners? You people need to upgrade yourselves from thinking in a primitive way.
    The first impression one gets after leaving the airport is that Guyana is a BACKWARD country. Imagine little small islands are far more mature and developed.

    I bet anyone of you that don’t understand, or disagree with what I am saying, to look after the elections are held. The results are going to take about a week before the outcome is known. Every other jurisdiction in 2019 takes a few hours to give their citizens the results.

    As an aside, I warned you people right here that that Daby girl who pulled the gun on the cop was going to walk. My prediction came through. Everything I say becomes reality because I understand the stupidity and mentality of the people in that country called, Guyana.

  • never trust son of man. king James says:


  • I don't know why Mr. Granger doesn't get rid of Basil Williams. That guy as an AG isn't persuasive at all. In fact, he can barely speak. He is so poor in the courtroom and often makes the President look bad. Having said that, prepare yourselves for H2H registration

  • House to house registration can be completed in 1 month …..get 100 or 200 or 300 employees to GCOM so elections can be held within 3 months.

  • Alot of indians over stay there visa in the US, black bush alone PPP lost hundreds of voters he dam well and know why they don't want a house to house registration. He jagdeo is the one make the indians run left guyana when this government won the last election u paying the price now.

  • Those Governments that are security conscience and effective MAYBE OUSTED out of office by POLITICAL OPPOSITION OPERATIVES.

    In a circle.ONE GOES right back to The Caribbean Court of Justice which has already deliberated and ruled on the matter.

    How disrespectful to The Caribbean Court Of Justice is the PPP power-thirty gang led by Christopher Ram, Bharrat Jagdeo and Mohabir Anil Nandlall!

    Isn't it illegal to refuse to be registered?

    Where is Mrs. G "G" Persaud?

    The PPP's electoral impedance is threatening the swift holding of General Elections; don't you think?


  • Gecom is a arm of the pnc AFC lowenfield is a traitor he took bribes nothing but a stooge lackey crony asshole bigot scumbag shithole paid agent of the terrorist pnc organization blacks will always be slaves under the pnc they are a number for votes only


  • If anybody have a problem with what I am saying just for some gas on yourself I light your self on fire πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  • Since Guyana government is allowing Venezuelan Brazilian Others country To in Guyana they are so much Killing Ripping Stealing drug dealing and the government is not doing anything both t party need to be in jail or hell a comfortable for a damn kind of behavior this like I said since Guyana get Oil everybody is trying to run to Guyana guyanese people you need to stand up and fight back and push all these outside out of the country

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