“Guyana Is On The Edge Of Constitutional Crisis” - PPP Chief Whip. News for 25th July, 2019

“Guyana Is On The Edge Of Constitutional Crisis” – PPP Chief Whip. News for 25th July, 2019

because what time it is is on the edge of a constitutional crisis right and we want a stable country we don't mind violence in our country we want to be able to go to the boss peacefully and but and get this coming out and get a PB PC back in office that was People's Progressive Party chief would kill to shira who says that plan is on the edge of constitutional crisis tashera was at a time speaking at a recent public meeting which was held in worthiess the chief whip stated up under the leadership of the People's Progressive Party Diana cross court it is only when the People's Progressive Party has been in government if we go from the 60s if we go from 90s it is owned and 2012 and 14 and is only when the peace event is in government that this country grows this country prospers well it is we got good juju oh whether we have some special thing but I do know now when we bring to our people is a we bring growth and we've been growth in his fear as Teddy talked about that it must be people for the people people subversive party chief would kill to share employer needs to be supportive as they worked and sure that the coalition government complied with the Constitution of Vienna so that elections can be held in a timely manner and so comments we are facing some challenges I wouldn't say hard times but don't be surprised at the PNC goes on as I said with our fingernails but you know when your audience your fingernails at some point you gotta go and so do not be intimidated by anybody it will not be frightened by people like Graham Dayton and so on and then we must show our strength in numbers we will have these full marches we will happen to the demonstrations to show that the Constitution be respected and now we want elections by September 19 I want you to stay strong the chief whip guilty sheriff called on our fellow people subversive party supporters to stand up for their rights as the people subversive party continued to fight for democracy Reverb understood reporting for lr t v– s Newswatch


12 thoughts on ““Guyana Is On The Edge Of Constitutional Crisis” – PPP Chief Whip. News for 25th July, 2019”

  • Dirk Bradford says:

    People of Guyana please don't vote race!!!!!! That's all I'm asking, do your own research and read the papers daily and see which one of them have a vision for this country.

  • Kamini Deokaran says:

    Guyana is on the right path what you guys did nothing only took care of berbice and forgotten about every one else in Guyana Guyanese don't be fooled by the ppp

  • The constitutional crises in Guyana can only be solved by the USA the guyanese are unable to govern themselves president trump appoint the us ambassador administrator until fair and free elections are held Granger is another Maduro Mugabe idi Amin Castro and black Hitler protect ExxonMobil from these imbiliss and rogue terrorist gov't that hails Abdul kadir and buju banton as national heroes they paraded known criminals as heroes

  • This is the modus operandi of the PPP. I am the least surprise because they have been like that since their inception. Always fooling their illiterate supporters that the earth is about to implode because they aren’t in power. They keep their followers in a state of hysteria.

    When y’all march, rest assured that no one would be shot down like dogs. Remember no one would be shot with rubber bullets. Thanks to the Granger administration. Gail you were right there when all those things happened. You remembered when cane cutters were stripped and dehumanized?

    You dogs would never gain power again in Guyana. Go to hell!

  • Renay Mc Kenzie-Talbot says:

    Smokie Gail as a woman, you should do your best to work with our Government, and stop talking about you don't want war, I never heard that from President David Arthur Granger, the piss poor party will never regain control of Guyana ever again.

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