100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the media using repetition as a tool”

  • Turkey should be removed from NATO.
    But then again, so should everyone else. NATO should have disbanded with the fall of the Soviet Union. It is a bureaucracy searching for a reason to exists.

  • If the world is worried about ISIS getting into Europe then i think you have your answer of who should be there helping the Kurds….

  • Wayne VanderLeest says:

    The Kurds are NOT there "fighting for us". They are there fighting for themselves!
    We were there supporting them during the period of conflict FOR A TIME.

  • And whose kids are doing the fighting and dying? The Deplorables. By the way, the Kurds love foreign volunteers, any bet if Juan would join or Chuck Fraud, Fredo?

  • Other than the crazy Democrats, things are so much better now. I feel safer now as well, as far as terrorism and war. I think it's about time they pulled out the troops. They need to learn to protect themselves. We can't be the police for the world. I'm sure if it got bad the President would help them. One more thing, I can't stand Juan. This show is better when he's not on. I usually change the channel or mute the sound when he opens his pie hole.

  • There has to be an end date from now on. Staying forever and being the police force for everyone is ridiculous. Afghanistan etc. Let them work it out. Don’t trade with them if they’re dicks. We do t need the oil anymore.

  • Greg, you're on point in two cases;
    1 – the left hates flyover country and conservatives – want to be rid of us but Trump is in their way.
    2 – the war hawks want to leave troops in Syria to validate a war if any are attacked and killed.
    Thanks for mentioning that.

  • It is a tactic also used by Trump. No obstruction, no collusion. People are wakening to these facts. Comes from both sides. Pure manipulation of narrative.

  • It always amazes me how Trump gets handballed the wars started by Obama ,Then liberals wail and flagellate themselves crying that Trump is prolonging war . Then he pulls the military out to prolong American lives, only to hear thew wailing begin again.He may have been under pressure from Turkey with them declaring to him that they will send all the millions of refugees to Europe if he continues to keep them out of Syria and chose the lesser of 2 evils.

  • Health is a Choice! says:

    These curds and the others have been fighting for 2000 years, but we are not obligated to be the police of the world at the cost of our soldiers lives for a war that will NEVER END. We cannot stay there or interfere in the insanity of these warring peoples. All it does is keep us in a war and the U.S. interfering in the matters of the insanity of these people does NO worldly good. War with people who will war there, here, and everywhere equals war. Just keep these kind out of America to keep them from bringing this insanity to our communities.

  • Cameron Kerr Bôcher says:

    Was Fox absent the day project Mockingbird was leaked. The CIA manipulates public sentiment by releasing story lines and talking points every weekday morning.Retelling these furnished reports follows. Just an hour or 2 later, all MSM run identical stories using the same key talking points. The old Bush suggestion that if you retell a falsehood numerous times it becomes real. Bet you didn't realize that American statutes were changed quietly that allow for the government to propagandize the American people by both falsehood and spin. Project Mockingbird… yeah just another conspiracy theory. Right.

  • Steven Marriott says:

    Hello everyone. I live in Australia. In my view Trump has Balls..!!! Standing up to China is such a great move…. But the left side of politics would say Better RED the Dead… Thank you Fox News for Transparency… Just like the President of the united states.. We all should be proud of our Nationality…!!!

  • The Kurds should immigrate to America. They are a valued asset. Let Turkey, Russia, and Assad worry about Syria. Chances are they will be at each others throat in no time.

  • Funny how a president who fulfills campaign promises made by failed Democrat presidents over the years is hated by Democrats.

  • Alex Jones-Anaya says:

    There is an old testament prophecy in which Damascus is completely destroyed in one day. Hasn’t happened YET. We may be in for some heavy duty war in that area. Damascus is doomed, get our people out of there

  • Marieanna Bourne says:

    Ref NATO: President Trump talked about countries either not paying their fair share or not paying at all. I wonder what Turkey has paid?

  • Elmarie Pieters says:

    If all the player's in that region are so immature to sort out their own differences and Europe and others don't want to bring their side America can't be held responsible for what happen there.

  • The real question isn't "should we turn our backs on NATO allies who HAVE assisted us in other wars?". It's how long and to what end will we fight to federalize sovereign nations against their own citizen's will to give the Kurds a semi secure homeland. How long should we spend American lives in that pursuit? Decades? A century? How long? We have failed in that goal in both Iraq and Syria already. It's time to bring our people home. Our government and the press have no real interest in the bull they are spouting about the Kurds anyway. What those corporatist maggots are concerned with is an oil pipeline from Saudi through Syria to Israel, that requires the removal of Assad.

  • Do you think we should wait or give them warning that we are pulling out? We could say something like, "We are only staying until 100 more American solders get killed and then we're leaving." Is 100 enough or should we promise more?

  • Trump has said what the situation is in Syria but no one listens. There are those on the Syrian/Turkey border that are enemies of the Turks. Trump has said go get them but leave civilians alone. A very tentative situation which I have no doubt Trump is keeping a close eye on. The main problem with Erdogan is what he is going yo do with the 3 million refugees he has. We would be shamed into keeping them here in Australia though he is going to force them out. The EU has more major problems or maybe Syria should Erdogan force them that way. By the way, the kurds are firing into Turkey too!

  • Has anyone else heard that the Kurds have been training the International ANTIFA and they come to America to train ANTIFA in the U.S.? That's been going around on Twitter. Is this true??

  • Pulling people out of Syria might have been all of a sudden to us, Dana. I very much doubt it was all of a sudden to President Trump and his military advisors. And even so, I seem to recall the President saying last year already, I believe, that he was planning to withdraw the troops from Syria. He has taken quite a bit longer than he planned, due to the objections at the time. I'm pretty sure that he has planned this very well (in conjunction with his generals). I suspect that most of his everyday supporters trust the President a whole lot more than all you talking heads do.

    Anyway, since when do the MSM actually care about anyone besides themselves? If they're all attacking President Trump for something he's doing, we can be sure that he's doing the right thing!

  • I usually agree with trump but we should not ignore turkeys expansionist goals or their history of atrosities and we shouldn't let them slaughter the Kurds.

  • And back on planet earth, two more associates of Donald the don trump and Rudy have been arrested for illegal activity…

  • It’s ridiculous. I had someone telling me how bad this entire thing is for Trump. I printed out the text of the call and had him read it. I asked what’s the crime? They wouldn’t believe this was the actual text of the call. Unbelievable!

  • Docinze H. Martin (Satheist's Nightmare) says:

    Cmon, dont over analyze people who just cant keep their hands to themselves…. and just reap to what they sow. Kurds, wants a stake on the oil business. They can have an option to leave and assimilate to syria or iraq or turkey! I guess, someone in the politics wants a dummy state for the kurds… and be an oil producer or in oil business or something in that nature.

  • As POTUS clearly states, the Kurds have been fighting in defense of their own self-enlightened interest; the fact is, we were there supporting them in their centuries old fight to secure what they perceive to be their lands and over which they seek autonomy.

    Even here in our great country, it would be an exercise in folly to expect our local police forces, which most would consider as allies, to sit outside of our doors, as a buffer, protecting us from the wrath of some disagreeable neighbors indefinitely—no that’s not going to happen. The solution in my opinion would be to make peace or move.

  • Trump has betrayed the Kurds. They were the ones who fought ISIS. It's easy for Jessie to say "This happens all the time", smug and dismissive.

  • Advanced Chiropractic says:

    I am going to be 💯 % honest. I was for us going into Iraq. At the time Dems went from let’s go to no we should not be there.
    I do believe WMD’s went to Syria, but looking back because we were not willing to come down hard, we should never of went in
    Now Trump has a Nationalist stance I was Naive and no American life, not even a Liberal should be harmed in a war that we are not willing to come down with all our might.
    Trump is Devine Providence!

  • Media is like ‘ground hog day’.
    Utube Citizen reporters never report the same thing twice.
    It feels really good to have a President who has our best interests at heart. Beautiful feeling. First time ever! ‘They’ tried to call for war, but nobody turned up.

  • Why don't you girls run for congress, you will be elected, besides being politically gifted, we can give the Democrats a chance to see what they have been missing, you have our votes.

  • Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy says:

    Dems are acting like a military unit rather than a political party… It's then passed on to thousands of Antifa to stay informed…

  • Dana is quite right to try and say that taking out the Kurds was completely wrong. A disaster. So wrong. Many of the American troops are mortified that his happened. Massive immoral mistake by Trump.

  • You want repetition? How about Trump's "no collusion, no obstruction" BS, in direct contrast to the actual contents of the Mueller Report?

  • I like what Knowles said about Syria- Where is Syria on a map? What country are they next to? What country is North of Syria? I ask because I want to see if all of this outrage over Trump withdrawing from there after two decades is real.

  • Why they keep Juan on this show he’s rude he’s a total bore I never listen I just read others comment I mute him👎

  • efienemokwu ekene says:

    I think the Kurds should be protected from Slaughter, but Europe should do more to support the pursuit of peace and stability in the region. America is doing so much.

  • Campaign promises is for Nation prosperity and it's future. A Nation is of People and people must bleed blood and sent in war where some hatred evil group's attack each other and do not see their evil and wickedness.

    Why USA has to mediate between evil who desired to see the fall of evil? BASTARD'S! Aren't you sexual immorals and you sinners talk about rights, lives and keep violating, exploiting law, constitution?

    USA Military and Soldier's will not engage in war's and until any crooked Nation covets evil against USA. Beware of that. And any crooked evil Nation rages against MY Israel. You BASTARD'S beware of the anger of ME. Play not with fire.

    What NATO is doing for Turkey behavior?

  • Unfortunately America IS the world police . We stepped up that role after world war 2 and that’s why we are a super power . That’s exactly what a super power is …

  • We have spent a trillion dollars on this war so we should have just bankrupt America so you people can feel good Obama does it and its strategic moves

  • Simon van Ophem says:

    Talk all you want the real people who are responsible are the European Union they have only condemning WORDS towards Turkey but no action they are bullied by Erdogan for opening millions of people into the EU
    The EU need to threatening the Turks with extreme sanctions but they are standing idolling by letting it happen is this Americans fault or Trump's no they knew there was already diplomatic talk's I know I live in Europe

  • Trump makes a good argument to bring back the Troops watch his Minnesota rally.
    when the troops come back in coffins parents jump on the coffins in extreme grief and he sees that . This is the only president to take on China yet Steve muderfucken Kerr and Biden cant criticize China but can criticize Trump.

  • Matt Muccigrosso says:

    Kurds are communists. They are not are allies. It was an enemy of our enemy situation. Turkey is our nato ally. It’s unethical to give weapons to Kurds who are attacking turkey.

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