Gutfeld on the media and the virus


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  • I’ve been telling people for years, the easiest way to know if something is good or bad it is to look at how the media is portraying it. They love darkness and hate the light.

  • Fletch Redwine says:

    Yeah, we should all embrace the new religion of identity politics like the leftist idiots. No thanks. Not buying the "dempanic" anymore….

  • Stupid twat mayor doesn’t have the power. No one will be arrested nor charged, its clear cut false arrest…aka a lottery sized lawsuit waiting to happen.

  • steve streitz says:

    Talk about not acting in time all the Democratic party consistently dragged your feet on every issue they never get nothing done do the enemies of our country you know what's all just get together here and try to make us Americans more prosperous stop with the hate let President Trump run the country we let Obama drag us down the hole Trump's trying to drag us out of it wake up

  • Blackbear Bear says:

    Yep now you know who kisses up to china and turn there backs on Americans wake up America the media is Evil .

  • Alpha Strong42 says:

    Nothing the Chinese News Network (CNN) can be taken seriously….the MSM Left has zero journalistic integrity. Their mockery of the 1st Amendment is unforgivable. Twitter’s censorship is unforgivable, YouTube’s censorship is unforgivable.

  • Andre Belanger says:

    The president is the king of divider, he has insulted so many people in a matter facts he has been doing it all is life

  • William Muenster says:

    The media is evil including Juan….they will all go down….we see there evil ways! and…fast foeward past juan and his liberal BS

  • Fox pulled Trish Regan because they fear multiple lawsuits from those affected by the virus.Foxl played down the virus calling it a hoax laughing, Americans died because of this..shame on them.

  • Lance Colbert says:

    Im not religious, but I respect people who are.
    And it's not hard to tell mike lindell is a great man.
    God bless you mike lindell.

    Im married to someone who complains all day. And she has both arms and legs still.

    I often try to inform her that there are paraplegics out there that complain LESS than her or not at all.

  • BenjaminFunklin says:

    Gutfeld are you kidding, the stay at home order should have come from a federal recommendation when we knew the virus was spreading person to person through the air, which was in Jan at the latest. That's why this administration could have prevented a lot of deaths from happening by warning the american people this could hit us really hard. i hate chuck tod too but him saying China's economy would be impacted is not the same at all as our leaders shrugging this off and lying to us. This is the pandemic medical professionals have been warning about for years and spoke up again when this all hit in Dec. Then the pres is telling us all it will go away and everything will be fine and undermining the seriousness of what this has become, meanwhile thousands are dead, over a hundred thousand are sick in this country, no one can work and you're pouting about how it's not fair to criticize the president for not knowing a thing about science while being the leader of the free world. I'll support anyone who can lead us through this, but time to do your job as a media member yourself and call a spade a spade. Yes that's right Gutfeld you're part of the media machine too . On the rest of the segment, I have no prob with people having religious views that pulled them out of addiction ect and on pillow company, good for them. But let's keep our focus and praise on the people going through hell and doing the heavy lifting in this country to save us all though… our healthcare workers

  • Juan said he is a Christian yet he could not even defend another Christian using the name of God and mentioning the Bible….. Shame on you Juan

  • Oh Juan…just stop your opposition crap…I see Juan in the middle of the freeway saying…no. no . no…that truck is going to stop…

  • i know a thousand liberals and no one is saying anything online that these idiots are saying. if anything we're asking why didn't trump use his power to get the my pillow guy do this a month ago

  • Gutfelt you think people are stupid like yourself but we Americans know that dumpster Trump has stake in my pillow so once again dumpster Trump will be pocketing more of the taxpayers money in his pocket, and all of a sudden Mike is a man of God,God has nothing to do with the Antichrist and the Antichrist has serpants

  • how sad is it that we , the usa, had at one point a pandemic response team, which was dismantled by trump, and now he trump has to have private companies come in and bail him out by making masks when he could have been on top of this from the beginning?? What a terrible leader, he is so woefully under prepared for this situation it's scary.

  • Ronald Brennan says:

    Maybe Chuck Todd should look at the bills in his pocket and read what's on it. I believe it say's in God we trust. So i guess that's all wrong. Chuck Turd should swallow a pill-ow to correct his verbal diarrhea cuz he needs to plug it because he stinks like hell. If your input is s..t, your output is also s..t. So, if you eat too much s..t, you are going to die. Food for thought.

  • The pot (Gurfield) calls the kettle ("other media") black. BUT stop them against us over and over and over again.

  • One of these days? Greg Gutfeld, whom I like, will finally realize the one simple truth he can't seem to grasp: The Mainstream Propaganda Media, (MPM), doesn't WANT TO WASH TH BLOOD OFF THEIR HANDS. They LIKE IT. They like the blood they believe they smell in the water, as well, in regards to taking down President Trump.

    They will NEVER CHANGE. They will NEVER "Return to Sanity". They are like a Bi-polar. They LIKE living in their jacked out insanity. They don't WANT the meds, because they make them feel "NORMAL".

    JUST. LIKE. THE MPM. And the Weaponized Progressive left, (& those on the right, who are among their number).

  • George Spelvin says:

    Although commendable that My Pillow is producing PBE what about a free plug for all the OTHER businesses that are doing the same? Lindell risking his life and others flying across the country for a press conference is stupid and reckless. What does he contribute to the conversation other than campaign contributions and a bible lecture.

  • If the president would a man Obama or Clinton and Mr. Liddell would of done the same thing. He would of been getting praised and told god bless. Hes a national hero. I can't believe how much the left hates President Trump and free America.

  • Mike Lindell overcame drug addiction and attributes it to his faith in God. He then becomes a successful and wealthy businessman. He could be like many other wealthy people and just watch his bank account grow. Instead, he's gone on to create two charitable organizations to help others. Now he's turning his factories over to manufacture mask for Americans who need them in this time of crisis. It's pretty amazing to think about everything this man has been through and now he's giving back to others. For all those disgusting wannabe journalist who are attacking him, get a life. They need to try and be part of the solution because no one has time for their garbage reporting anymore; people are dying.

  • Now Russia is sending humanitarian aid to US. Fox "FAKE" News and Trump will not tell that.
    Perhaps, the world should make America accountable for the Swine Flu pandemic

  • what is this idiot idiot think the president has been doing he's been doing his best they think he's not explaining anything or they're just idiots ???????????????

  • SO much hypocrisy. They want to jail people who disobey their 'rules' BUT want to release 'REAL' prisoners from jail because of the virus!!!!?????

  • Christopher Putnam says:

    You just do not get it Greg- the optics are bad. People are dying and we are not prepared regardless of the verbiage and schtick. The tests are not being done, ventilators are not available, ppe are short, hospital beds are gone and the worst is yet to come. All this and the president continues the showmanship instead of addressing critical needs. We do not want to hear what he has done, we want to see it.

  • In a country where we have “ IN GOD WE TRUST “ boldly and proudly written on our currency the media is mad about an American citizen believing that GOD can get us through this??‍♂️how does this even make any sense??‍♂️ the American media is the new Anti-Christ

  • Bernie Sander supporters have got to be loving all this! Sanders should be grinning from ear to ear because this is the America he wants! Total government control 24/7

  • Must say Tucker is a very clued up guy with a really organized sense of reality, we need to see more of Tuckers views on todays situation, seems you are Robinson Crusoe when you talk sense.

  • littleteethkeith says:

    I have an employee that is a recovered addict and a Christian. He’s one of my best employees and his story is beyond inspiring.

  • Greg, you attended Catholic school in San Mateo, California.
    Did your Russian wife turn you "Agnostic?" ?‍♀️??

  • space man reviews says:

    Whats the point of this shutdown? To stop the spead of a virus? Covid isn't going anywhere! Shutting down our country is a costly mistake! Coronavirus is a part of this world now and we'll have to deal with it! How is shutting down hobby lobby but not walmart stopping the spread? It won't! This is a dangerous game the government is playing! No worries everyone, cause when the riots and looting starts you'll know America is dead! Good luck!

  • Over 1300 small businesses around the country have adjusted their business to help their States and Towns deal with this crisis. To plug just one of them as an obvious political ploy to the core of his base (evangelicals) while people struggle is pretty shameless.

  • This idea of government fighting the media is only seen in authoritarian government and dictators. Fox and republicans are a 180 degrees from their origins. Disgusting change

  • aidan connolly says:

    Going by this fox has blood on your hands "hoax…great time to go to a restaurant…. airport are great now perfect time to fly…" get real lads your talking shite… travel ban China had already put wuhan in lockdown and had cancelled all public transport before this look at the numbers and wake up. Fox news telling everyone to believe the president and it will be 15 to zero with no testing because he didn't like the numbers, while cancelling Murdoch party because of fear of the virus.

  • This is Scorpio says:

    These people in the media need to avoid using any of the masks manufactured by My Pillow. I certainly won't refuse.

  • Patricia Reeves says:

    President Trump did not plan on the pillow guy to talk on air. Apparently the media didn't pay attention to what was really said. Idiots!

  • Norval Henderson says:

    I love the show THE FIVE but I have developed a new MOA. I will watch until Juan Williams begins to speak. Then it's good-night all.

  • Norval Henderson says:

    Realize, that the people who criticize the Bible are the people who produce absolutely nothing. They sit on their asses and talk s***.

  • Thank God we have a great holy loving God. Maybe if those who hate Him would give Him a try, a chance, they too would see the truth and His light. And if those who do know Him would turn from their wicked ways and pray, He might just hear us and heal our land. But no matter what do not let their ways or words divide us. Those who hate Him are just deceived. They are spiritually dead inside.

    And Trump and his people in the WH are doing what they can and are doing a good job. They are not gods. And they too need God's help in this time of trouble. Pray for them. Pray that God will show them the way out of this.

    God Bless America, and our leadership. God, please show them the light of you and your power. Heal our world, Father. AMEN!!!

  • Be advised…Demons (Demon c rats) don't like when Thee Creator of all (God) is referred to in a positive manner.

  • Yeah, because Fox News NEVER critized, attacked, or downplayed Obama and his Administration during a national crisis. Oh wait……..this is YouTube….. there's video evidence. Nevermind ?

  • Gabriel Miranda says:

    He who owns the ability to articulate his ideas and wins. The battle is of words. He who owns all the words wins. Think about that. In all genuineness I love my country and thank Amazon and Netflix to for what they do for us.

  • The msm only promotes people with much higher standards than Mike Lindell on their networks. Only highly moral individuals like Michael Avenatti and Jussie Smollett qualify for that honor.

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