100 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the CNN secret tapes”

  • If the Whistleblower starts his own alternative news. I'd give him a chance and watch it. I hate Fox as much as I hate CNN and NBC and all the others just occasionally Fox is a little step up above CNN and the rest

  • "They love us in San Francisco." Best line, by far. Thanks, Jessie; you made my morning. But that Sam Donaldson / Don Lemon clip; ouch; that hurt my brain.

  • The owner of the gym I go to is a hard core liberal and plays cnn on the TVs in the gym. It’s disgusting. I don’t think any news station should be playing in a gym period but he loves his cnn.

  • God Bless Juan. He says and I quote, "I don't think Trump did all that well in the debates." Well Juan, Donna Brazil forgot to Give The Donald the debate questions in advance like she did for Hillary. and B) How well do you think you would do if you had to debate 17 top republican Politicians (O.K. 12 top republican politicians and some others) And Megyn Kelly too? (And I Like Megyn and I think Fox should hire her for the Five and bench You Juan…but she did damage her brand that first primary debate.) I don't think you are stupid Juan. I think you are intellectually Dishonest and should not be in that chair because of that.

  • lets get rid of cnn in all public spaces they are pollution and biased , someone take them to court……they are broke anyway, we deserve non-pollution at public places !!

  • I appreciate your measured approach concerning secret recordings HOWEVER don’t think for a MINUTE that CNN wouldn’t rip FOX to shreds if they had secret tapes. It would be plastered all over and played on a loop 24/7.

  • It’s honestly amazing how intolerant the left is.. if you like trump your not only dumb you’re a bad person. Conservatives the left is weird but who cares leave us alone

  • missionplatinum says:

    How many Fox “News” shows are news? If I want Fox News, I can usually find it on Fox Business. Having all these shows with their “expert” panels make me want to puke. You hear a news item presented and then the experts tell what they think it means for “audience understanding and clarification”. In these shows you get 3 to 4 News discussion items and then a bunch of oral drivel then then the corporate wink and nod of “we present, you decide” . This after an hour of host and panel discussion to reach a conclusion of what we the viewer should think about the news item. Fox is CNN with extra sauce of a different flavor. Thousands of things happen daily, we the people would be so much better served knowing more about. Knowledge of these things would be better than turning to Fox, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and others to have these outlets pick 3 or 4 items and spend the day “polishing the Apple” on different “news/opinion” platforms. Each day the news is the same on each “ talking head” show but the angle changes to polish the same Apple in a different way. In essence you all suck and are for yourselves, not us.

  • Anyone else get the feeling CNN and Fox are the same network pitched against each other to create artificial conflict & news?

  • Christine Van essen says:

    Everybody on this show seems,to enjoy their job and fun and humor come easily to them whereas Juan is in constant sourpuss mode. Conservatives are generally happier people , obviously.

  • They all seem bummed they did not do what James has done. We all knew CNN is biased but the Veritas videos only exposed the bias.

  • I had to thumbs down this crap. This just seems like the media whores complaining their fellow whores got caught. And since the media does not want to be honest secret recordings are they only way to out them. Stuck it Fox! And your buddies, CNN!

  • I watch it right up to the time I see that Juan Williams is on the panel, then I click it off. He's a clown. He needs to join the Shep dog and move his sorry butt on down the line to join the others with Trump Derangement Psychosis.

  • You know it's dumb is just because somebody voted for the president and they don't like it I want them all fired from their jobs I want them all impeached from their jobs because I don't like them now so there

  • In the segment titled GREG — CNN SECRET TAPES as so often happens when Emily Campagno is the guest and Greg Gutfeld sets the stage (combining Truth & Humor in a most consistently brilliant, entertaining monologue) it is Emily who wraps it up with a special insight all her own. I've notice that Emily does this again and again – seeing 'the most important thing.' [The fact that she is the most beautiful and brainy lawyer in the history of TV (says me) only makes the insight more riveting.]

    GREG: Now Emily, I would say they (CNN) make it the big story; it's like they say, 'WE have to keep the flame going.'

    EMILY: Yeah, they're creating their own fire. What struck me about what came out on the tapes was, when the guy said that 'they' – meaning the CNN executives – that “they don't like Tulsi Gabbard" because she takes an “unconventional route with policy” – that is exactly what comes out of the Left and the Democrats: they will never support free thinking. And that was the saddest part of it all: it's NOT that they're focusing on 'Trump & Impeachment' but that they are ignoring everyone else that deserves attention.

    "Final point? It kills me, maybe because I travel so much, that 323 million people are subjected to CNN in the airports. And I encourage every airport to let their contracts with CNN lapse, just like San Francisco just did, because people are getting tired of it.” [Emily added in response to Jesse] that Fox News “should put in a pitch – we should!”

    JESSE: They LOVE us in San Francisco!

  • What is that old guy wearing on his head? I know it was Don Lemon stuck to his arse, so maybe it was Fucker’s Y-fronts.

  • And the Bobblehead of the Year goes to Sam Donaldson, with marshmallow shell topping hair accessory… Sponsored by Play-Doh!

  • Jacqueline Davis says:

    Elijah Cummings was a crook he lined his pockets with city money for the poor who lived in Baltimore I'm sure he's getting whats coming to him from our Lord😂😂😂😂😂

  • Too bad Zucker! There will be no impeachment. Whatever Pelosi is doing, she doesn't have the votes to do it. I think all she's doing is giving those DemonRATS in swing states a way to protect themselves if they were to support impeachment. She got them to sign the phoney paper that says they support impeachment because she's let them know she's not holding a vote which would go on record as to how they voted. They know many of those impeachment seeking DemonRATS would lose their jobs. It's a stunt. Sorry Donaldson, Pres Trump supporters are not ignorant or uneducated. So get off that. By the way DemonRATS, Pres Trump supporters are happy to embrace any DemonRAT walking away. Welcome to the sane people.

  • What is Dana trying to say? They dont like undercover videos?,why because people are speaking freely about their work environment? I agree it was not a big reveal but Dana is way off base with her assessment.

  • CNN & the media talk-down on the ordinary citizens as ignoramus but they think of themselves very highly and elitists as if they’re the only ones who know the best for us!

  • Yeah!! These Trump voters are ignorant. About what improves their own lives.

    Heres a clue CNN. A voter votes on what improves their lives.

    If the actions or corruption are dangerous to the country. Thats the governments job to stop it, fix it or hold the politician accountable.

    Short of that. The voter votes for their interests. The voter doesnt vote to find the politician guilty, moral, nice or anything else.

    The voter votes for what politician will complete their wishes as policy.

    What your saying as the voter is ignorant to crime. That means the govt is allowing the crimes or the media isnt reporting the crimes.

    In fact it is the voter. That is the ONLY one doing what they are intended to do.

    Perfectly informed or not.

    Moral of the story? You stink CNN. You cant even manipulate properly. According to hack Zucker. Fox News is even better at doing that than CNN.

    What exactly can you do right CNN?

    Other than purge viewers.

  • The reason that audio tape proved CNN's bias is because there really is no news with the so called impeachment, if they had found anything to impeach Trump they would have used it the second they got it, they have NOTHING so they are trying to keep it on television to get viewers, but it's not working CNN has less views/viewers then conservative YouTube channels. They can't compete with real uncensored news, which also is the reason YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc.. ALL major social media platforms are heavily censoring, demonetizing, suspending and deplatforming conservatives because they can't compete and they want to control the narrative for the next election.

  • No it isn't a big story, it is a lie. And while they do this, not only do they spend taxpayers money they are halting his progress. They will regret it all the way.

  • I have an Ice Creme headache…. A SPORTS VERSION OF JAMES O'KEEFE ? Dimwit. It's called INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM Bambi. NOT what you do on…whatever you could call that format….Gutfeld. INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM. Yikes

  • Trump wasn't getting press bc they wanted him to be the nominee.. he was getting press bc he was dominating the other candidates from the beginning. Stop making that stupid excuses. Yeah, Greg was pro Rubio anti Trump. Dana is a Bush camper.. and her analogy was pure stupidity.

  • “I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?”
    ― John Lennon

  • ByAnyOtherName091 says:

    If CNN told the truth there would be no need to expose them. I love The Five but I disagree with their take on this.

  • Jessie's awesome though I say it is huge news that the corrupt news network Zucker said that – because like I and luckily Greg and Emily say that the only reason that it's even a story is because the hysterical liar news networks are making, it a story.

  • So Sam Donaldson thinks MSM is too smart for Trump followers huh? Really? Has he actually listened to Brian Stelter lately? He's a boob. He's an idiot studying to be a moron. C'mon. I'm smarter than that. Really.

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