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  • Rick Ramirez says:

    Miss Dorothy can you please be my second mama I promise to eat all my breakfast lunch and dinner and what ever else you cook up much respect and to you Miss Dorothy hope my real mama don't see this comment lol

  • Nice-Sweet Video, I do not live in the "south" so all of these recipes are new to me ! I would much rather watch a lady like this cook, than any of these "hot shots" who think they are so great, on tv.
    Thanks for this video ! I learned a lot ~
    Cindy 🙂

  • Stephanie Miller says:

    Do be scripting mana let her talk thr way she talks. How ever it is we get it mama be your self dem cooking hands we knw u got skills go head on. Be your self do let them make u act or talk a certain way BE YOU…ITS WHAT MAKES U UNIQUE!

  • Dr.Michelle' Mykel' House says:

    Glory be to Jehovah God for MaMa holding our hands like this Hallelujah Agapé 💞Namasté AMAN BLACKPOWER SALUTE

  • {// WTF! //} says:

    looks and sounds great… drewel… as a thought and it isn't related but I happen to be thinking about it. use a rue in a pot of sour kraut along with a grated small potato and a small pinch of fennel. not lots like here, just a couple tbsp flour for 2 or 3 qts. an authentic Polish "grandma" style. takes out the sharp bitter bite of the kraut.

  • I can't stand whiners and crybabies! Complaining and disrespectful. Will knock you down to get a seat at the dinner table. Yet, here you are! Ilbred and uncouth (look it up in the dictionary).

  • Sam Counsell says:

    Wow, seriously? I thought this woman was awesome I haven't gone through all the comments but I can't imagine anybody saying that is bad or I don't know but I think she is awesome I would have loved to grow up with a grandma seriously

  • Amazingly delicious yummy Gbu and ur loved one's always ma'am greetings from El Paso Tx thank u for sharing ❤many blessings ur way beautiful lady 😌⚘my utmost respect and admiration

  • Janet Browning says:

    This really make me miss my Grandmothers…they could cook anyone under the table…I just loved watching them…older women that love cooking, just seem to have the gift to make anything, even when money might be tight. Thank you so much for making this video too…Sweet Blessings to you too.💖🙏💖

  • I thank all of you for addressing those non-trained FOOLS!! THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS WE WILL NEVER RISE TO THE TOP, LIKE OTHER RACES. ALL WE DO IS KNOCK OTHER'S IN OUR RACE DOWN. If one had home training, they would know you were always taught to respect your elders no matter what!!! They need to pick up a book and read their history, if it wasn't for our elders. They wouldn't have the rights that they take for granted everyday. I WILL PRAY FOR THEM!!!!

  • I know that's right when you been cooking for a long time you just don't use measuring cups. I wish I could borrow her😍

  • Danita Daniels says:

    Dump everything in the pot and let The foamy bubbles cook down To a evaporation getting all of the flavor locked in ….Bang and get it over with. As long as you have intense heat you won’t get sick. ALL OF THAT FLAVOR ON LOCK!!!!

  • Janet Matthews says:

    Well no disrespect but she messed it up already when she didn't have enough oil and used no seasoning……

  • luciano christian says:

    Such a nice ole lady, I’ve always wanted to try this cause I’m from New Zealand & I don’t know of any place here that makes “Gumbo”. Love those big crab portions mmm.. yummy. Thanks for sharing..blessings to you

  • Sam Counsell says:

    I'm sorry I keep adding comments before I get to the very end but I wish I had a grandmother like her or known a grandmother I didn't have or know any grandparents this is just so awesome thank you🇨🇦❤🇺🇸💖🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Sam Counsell says:

    PS was the sausage cooked up or raw cut up before you put it in so sorry but it might be difference here in Canada because I don't know of any gumbo places where I live

  • Sam Counsell says:

    This was a good podcast to come across, all I have to say is I wish they would call out the name of spices or ingredients that they are using because I live in Canada and some things are called something different in Canada but they're the same thing

  • Carolyn Montgomery says:

    My mother taught me differently. My mother was also a Senior (ess.) Eveyone loved my moms Louisiana Style Gumbo it looked good, smelled good, tasted good, the HOLY TRINITY.

  • I loved the color of her roux. I can never seem to get mine quite that shade before scorching! Very,very good presentation. I wish I was there to enjoy it!

  • Glad I found this…..Quick and simple…..My kinda cooking( don't judge me,I have a large family). Thanks Grammy!!!

  • Yvonne Harris says:

    That's the beauty of gumbo — everybody does it differently with the outcome of it being enjoyable! I've never put celery and green onions ib=n mine but the next batch that I make, I plan to add just that!

  • Linda Stuart says:

    What kind of seasoning an how much an dont you suppose to pre cook the sausage to get the grease out first , an si your seasoning like the green oinons were pre cut . An the fela is to be put on the side it makes the gumbo slimy an thick but we all do it different. So how are we learning to cook if you are not measuring stuff. Dang. Its better with the Blue crabs if you can find them.

  • Andy Huddleston says:

    My brother made this exactly and it is the best hes ever done! I tried it and it was the best I ever ate!

  • Emily Rivera says:

    Thank you for sharing mom I am going to have me a feast tonight. Mmm Delicious. Be blessed always and have a wonderful blessed day.

  • Jeremiah Hacegabach says:

    Thank you for a delicious gumbo recipe. I eat it went I was in New Orleans and I never had the recipe for a fantastic Gombo now I can cook it my self. thank you my beautiful lady !

  • That’s how you do it grandma. My gravy, would’ve been a little thicker and darker. Trust and believe, I’m an old-School cook 💋

  • God Bless You Ms Johnson. Thank you soo much for this recipe. You remind me so much of my late mother, Mary. I miss her soo much.

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