39 thoughts on “Guerilla date with So Jisub [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.07.10]”

  • Im personallybloves sojisub over other actors in korea… i dunno why but the most attracted me of him is his personality and of course his perfectly charming face… i realllyyy hope that he would find a kind nice girl to be married…. keep happy sojisub😍😊

  • Exception to my role of public adoration towards actors but it has to be said… not sure of what korean definition of handsome but to me this guy is a perfect specimen of real good looking asian man should be.I hope he gets recognition for his look and his talent. ❤

  • Came here after watching Gong Yoo’s EW! Right now I’m on serious crush tour of Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Kang Dong Won, Park Seojoon & Ju Ji Hoon😂 Goshh I ended up watching all the videos related to them cant help it

  • Alejandra P.C.S says:

    Wtf? How can people say he has not a nice face when he's pretty handsome? Anyways, I know that there are a lot of people who thinks just like I do, and haters… they are going to hate.
    I love him so much and I'm so happy because he looks more comfortable and smiley. ♡

  • Whatever beauty standard people has, he is handsome. Even when he did the MEMORIES OF BALI…He wasssss gorgeous, hot, handsome.

  • He is one of the most versatile actors.. i love his work in master sun so much.. his chem vth gong hyo jin is on another level.. oh my venus is also pretty good . How come he looks young for his age..

  • Jesus. He's 40 years old here and he"s sexy as hell. >_< It's illegal how hot he is.

    I first saw him in Oh My Venus. At first, he didn't really caught my eye but as I continued to watch he grew more and more handsome before my eyes. He literally grows on you. Now I'm doing "research" on him. hahaha! ^_^

  • Ok let's start..
    I knew So Ji Sub from 2 years in master's sun then I saw all his dramas and movies I'm waiting to see the battelship island when it'll be in my country .
    My favourite drama for So Ji Sub is master's sun I saw it 6 times or more I wish I will be able to come to Korea one day and see him I'm not going to talk with him I will see him once and leave..
    I promise..

  • queeny amaralogan says:

    I think jisub is a play boy??? 😂 😂 ..that is why maybe his still single until now.. 😂 😂 😂

  • judha cariquez says:

    I hope so ji sub and ha ji won. Make a movie action scene both in good in action and comedy and drama. I doubt its a block bustermovie.😍😍😍

  • Velynia Aviera says:

    It’s true that So Ji Sub is not the most handsome, but his facial structure is unique, he’s got some, if not all, distinctive facial features (single eyelids, high cheekbones). SJS is blessed with kind eyes that are eloquent and they encompass warmth and tranquility, inviting curious onlookers into the depths of his soul. Despite the pain and loneliness those kind eyes may have endured, they maintain a captivating sense of innocence that can cause one’s heart to skip a beat. He also has this husky voice and the sex appeal that other actors may not have. Overall he’s just an ordinary, down to earth human being, which is very relatable to all of us, and that makes women (or men) go even crazier over him.

  • Supaporn Kulsit says:


  • I know So ji Sub since master's sun. And OMG this guy is the most handsome man I've ever seen in my life. I don't know why but everything about him attract me . He's 22 years older than me but he's my ideal type. Omg SO JISUB if you see this MARRY ME. lol

  • Nicole Bautista says:

    So Ji Sub is a very handsome and charming man, full of appeal and what i like most of him is his eyes and the way he delivers his piece. I am very in love with him in Oh My Venus

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