what is Korea buddy how are you guys doing today welcome back to whenever video on the egg game reviews oh yeah guys the game is updated we only show you guys all the discounts all the money you guys can have in GTA online all the opportunities you can do this week let's get right into it guys if you have only to the channel be sure to subscribe drop a like on the video let's get right in to the event week guys let's go guys Gandhi let's go onto the website yeah the first website I'm gonna be this one over here let's go either old discounts guys or discounts the new discount yeah let's go the narrow is on discount guys will put 5 million dollars not only $975,000 brand new discount guys let's go the next is cast this vehicle over here alright $125,000 that's only five hundred sixty eight thousand dollars will kill guys okay next discount that's the old discount guys some nice to because you don't need to pay right place as well when I purchased and that bike as well alright so let's go down and you know more discount over here I can't seem to be any more discounts down here okay so if you guys want to have an overall what you need to expect it's narrow and this vehicle on the legendary Motorsports website so yes alright let's go to arena war sees anything this anything to look at here Katrina was not on this game this week vehicles vehicle that live was mastery because I expected even and no vehicles on this website either guys okay let's go to the next question that's question X website go via asommus because well no inspectors either I well okay so we have a armored vehicle do you recommend is so much guys for beginners and for people who have not got this vehicle who do you recommend this vehicle and you get discount on this vehicle as well used to be five hundred twenty five thousand dollars now it's only $367,000 very very cheap vehicle and very very recommended vehicle guys and I recommend you guys and very cheap right now so imma buy it and that's nothing in GTA because you know DJ's vehicles now in the multi million so that to be on this count is really really good guys okay the next to the scalp guys go down here okay since you seem to be any more discount on this website I'll keep going down for people who want to know everything oh yeah so next website will go to this one here let's go to maze bank any properties okay not like clips guys didn't seem to be any nightclubs on discount interesting if the club houses are not on discount this week really really interesting right there okay hangers oh my god hope no hangers okay no hangers okay I don't wanna know many angles this week I don't seem to be any discount on hangers facilities okay so facilities this week is on sale so if you guys do you want to invest any facility be shows rate this week you can get a discount on it looks to be a huge discount I think four percent off right now oh my god really really cool eyes yes I think it's through 40 or 30 percent off on this come here really really cool guys okay so the facility I just wanna check the customization if the customization is on just count so okay and discounts on the customization so if you guys she wanna get this because can't on discount even the Oba Oracle challenges on this count so because do you want to get that feel free to you so every customization is on disk and guys so another people want this so my little kitties on discount okay it's about it for that chip the bunkers as well okay guys no bunkers on this cow doesn't seem to be any bunkers on discount this week so be aware of that guy's just facilities for these websites okay negative site is it going to be the wool sock cash-and-carry let's go it doesn't seem to be any special vehicles like t terabyte to the event yellow and we'll see okay okay discount on the are CV so I forgot to on that I don't know if that's a hint to the Doomsday heist on door money I don't know two point three million dollars yeah one point six million on this one okay okay look the booshka hello saying that four point four million dollars on this discount before that's only two point six million I don't recommend this vehicle at all it's cool for players when you have a friend with you but if you do want me one with players it's awfully awfully slow so I recommend it okay what the APC on sale this week and two point three million dollars and that's only one point three million over for Friday off yeah ok ok the pest i was on last week not okay because more special vehicles yeah believe that yeah one point three now that's on he 792 thousand this week hell yeah and next discount guys okay if kind of be the ruler mm used to be four point four point three million has only 2.5 million ruin out two vowels and guys from the input exponents rocket Oh take I used to be two point eight that's only one point seven million dollars okay I've got a dream place so it's because you have the Buy It Now price it would be a more you know more money so be aware of that guys if you going down guys keep going down okay there's anything else okay guys that's its food this if only if you do overall these all the discounts on the wall stack I can see yeah that's about it for this websites let's go to the next website guys yeah it doesn't seem to be any boats yachts okay I don't seem to be any yacht on discount airplanes okay guys there seem to be any L pains on a disk and okay properties yeah okay you know these offices people offices don't discount okay guys no discount was free so guys for me I can get the office for free huge this is huge news right now I can get this office for free okay oh my god does insane okay you get a office for free oh my god that's insane oh my god got first in the world to find out for this get office for free in GTA on oh my god I don't know what oh yeah okay okay I see it for that okay Jack Benny's as well Benny's cause pennies pennies arsonist yeah okay any Benny vehicles okay but some Binney vehicles so good this week or one point one way only $800,000 enables a master beak okay I guess that's about it for these upset guys okay now we will check the old money right now double money this week in GTA online okay don't money sorry I've got here two jobs find friends no I don't do that so let's go here guys Reno war my guys don't seem to be any readable okay let's go here Stone races okay guys don't race is on double money this week okay so just those a special vehicles some places on top money this week okay anything else okay about a rocket voltic special races yeah I'm just a hint to the next DLC or the wider the DS racing DLC okay okay I'll see it for that okay transform races on double money looks like no it doesn't seem to be okay I guess this one told me I'm getting interesting okay separated specific races guys gets bad it for this okay I love you okay any races guys don't seem to be an amazing guy you can get a or face I see your business very guys for free oh my god that's insane the rocks I said okay people have bought offices now this is pretty free people come by any help yeah just go oh right there we go any missions I don't think they're even emissions coming out today I've noted we've set up a game for that to pop Hawks oh yeah okay let's go yeah and I always say molds okay it's not safe to be anyway when we see it I would say most uncouple learning this week if you guys are new to idea of a game of yours guys well goal is 150 subscribers 22 subscribers away guys I forgot on you to your channel be sure to subscribe right now in five four three two you want some pie let's see I'm subscribed but we can get in one and go corrugated GTL on videos boys dreams have people make money in the game growing sessions car shows couple videos you don't miss out guys be sure to subscribe okay guys doesn't seem to be any any everything notes under money survival not this week that's all okay alright guys that's it if I can update on Twitter yeah about double money opportunity is my check alright okay I say for today guys hope you guys enjoyed the video if you guys did this will drop I like for behalf of in your here subscribe to the channel guys and yeah guys in for today to help your friends as well Panama guys I said for today and I will see you guys in the next video these are you want



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