42 thoughts on “GTA Online Next DLC News Update – Arena War Premium Races Likely Coming!”

  • Marvin the Martian says:

    The Arena Wars dlc sucked. Boring & too expensive.

    I wish we would have got that Naval dlc ppl used to talk about.

  • KingCoin 420 says:

    To people who think they are gonna ever give us what we want or fix stupid shit need to wake up its never gonna happen rockstar does not care lol

  • Codyman51804 says:

    I wish the dlc would be like a truck dlc where they add a tuner shop for off-roading trucks and they actually make the truck sound like real trucks

  • Captain Camera says:

    I know most people don’t like racing dlc but i personally really want a F1 racing dlc where you can buy a F1 car and do different races in free mode, I also think they should add a better race track in that too. A Navy DLC would also be very cool because being able to buy a navy ship and doing business themed around the ocean would also be great especially since the ocean rarely has much added to it. These are just my options so don’t get mad with me if you disagree, please reply with your own options as I’m interested in them.

  • Ashwaanth Yogarajah says:

    arena wars is shit it's fucking garbage Rockstar needs to release an r34 cause i want the livery on the actual car not the r32 and we need the gauntlet S and other cars

  • TheReal Willbarrow says:

    Don’t want arena war part 2 it’s over priced and unwanted give us tuners or outlaws and naval dlc

  • UPHILLPLUTO 69 says:

    Give more movie cars, Benny’s cars, and a racing business and everyone will be happy,don’t complain about free dlc’s, but make it known what you want.

  • I never played arena wars and I haven't bought the arena although their are some vehicles I like the zr330 and the death bike and I think there was a couple more vehicles on my list to buy that looked awesome but getting back on track as I've said I don't have the arena and I haven't participated either but I have seen some videos of the AW update that's been out for some time now and the reviews and comments were so negative it was literally dead on arrival. So I understand there is a new update on the horizon and the fan base myself included have stated that under no circumstances do we want an AW part 2 as the latest update like EVER yet in your (Rockstar) infinite wisdon you give us AW2 which we didn't want whatsoever, do you even bother to read our comments? I will tell you right now Rockstar if you go through with this not only will AW 2 end up DOA but it will be the final nail in GTA online's coffin

  • Try out playing doj roleplay because I remember you were quite good at role play back when u used to do custom heists just try it because it’s fun and there’s not much to make videos on gta rn since the dlc hasn’t came out

  • Hi i have a rockstar logic… when u r in ceo office press exit to ground but the guy presses up

    Rockstar logic

  • Just give us an organized crime dlc.
    like a mafia dlc or an advanced version of CEO, Import/Export.
    No one wants a Race DLC anymore. This isn't MADMAX or DEATHRACE. You have ENOUGH O.P cars that can blow up freaking mountains. You have a nuke already that you not only neglect to patch but literally obliterates everything a block wide.
    Go back to your roots and give the fans what they want. either that or just say fuck it..put a redish-orange overlay across the mad make the sun a soft yellow and bring it a bit closer, cover the entire fucking map in sand and redesign the city to look destroyed.
    you want this to be an apocalyptic game then go balls out.
    just don't go fucking your fans and turn around saying I'm sorry only to do it all over again.

  • Christoph_ ___ says:

    If there is a arena war part 2 kind of then rockstar would a shitstorm as gib as the EU in the last weak

  • Would prefer a street racing DLC over this shiz.

    Honestly arena wars was the most over priced and weakest DLC of gta 5 online so far!

  • I would welcome a second part to Arena wars actually… I've gotten addicted lately.. With my fave being bombball..

  • No one wants another damn racing dlc let alone arena wars expansion….. i was really hoping for a navy dlc or something, i would of settled for a second after hours or import export

  • Adam Navarro says:

    Rockstar don't you listen. Now one wants another area war update. You make it so dam expensive. Just get rid of the whole area war thing. Please

  • With all this b.s. speculation why you don't go to the big mansion and explain the jelly beans and champagne with a contract? Their are 5 mansions with Champaign and only 1 with all the new stuff.
    I think the next dlc will be mansions and a yacht club memberships and there's a door at the observatory that now has a speaker and access panel similar to our garages…..

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