GTA Online New Update Fixes PVP!

GTA Online New Update Fixes PVP!

yo what is up everybody today we have another informative video I would say informative but you know just let's talk about the community and I understand a lot of you guys not one that here we talk for 15 minutes but for all the people who do listen and hear my opinion I really want your feedback so please take time in your comments do not give me a sentence comment of explaining like yeah I agree with you low-key don't do that just give me I might pin you if you actually like you know show effort in how you feel about this whole video and if you guys watch the whole video and you guys like it leave a like obviously and I appreciate you guys for actually watching the whole video so we're gonna get straight into it we're gonna talk about first of all like my youtube and then we're gonna talk about the trial heart committee itself but let's talk about the tower community first my bad so now that this new casino update rolled out obviously past the moat has been changed that's the new thing that all the towers are talking about anybody who's been I mean let me ask you make this very clear anybody who's mad about the passive is a passive popper you guys realize that right anybody who's mad about passive or passive poppers I think this is a brilliant idea the fact that you cannot go past the mode because once you kill somebody you have to wait I think 30 seconds and I think it adds up so if you kill multiple people I think it's tax I'm not sure but I think that's how it works I don't know if it's just 30 seconds it could be a couple minutes but um I think that's amazing I think that brings the fun and competitivity and I don't even know if that's a real word I don't know if I just made that word up but anyway it sounds like his word work but I honestly think that will make the chart community way more better imagine someone coming out of pasmo killing you and then trying to run away from you because you can't go past well they can't go past them it's gonna be very embarrassing and I feel like if people were gonna put that into expose videos and our IP videos it would be really funny to watch somebody what oh you run away from you because you're in passive mode and I hide in an apartment but you know there's always gonna be those 100 players but nobody takes 100 players seriously if you guys actually thinking about it from where we were about five six months ago to now a lot of one old players are not here no more you guys realize that so everyone who doesn't want to anymore does it really I'm not saying a lot of people get this like wrong about me I'm not saying don't take the game serious I understand sometimes you're in the competitive and you're versed in somebody I get that but play it like a real person who's trying to be competitive don't be petty or what I was a petty player be somebody he's like yeah I don't like to lose but I'll give it my best and if I do lose oh well but I'm gonna like I'm gonna play like a try-hard the trial heart is not 100 in and they're like giggling and then running away you know a trial heart is like you know we're gonna battle until I run out of ammo and so I gotta go and so I get booted whatever we're gonna keep battling or IP videos like I said multiple times at all these videos they used to be 10 even 20 up on somebody not 1 to 5 I feel like I feel like the minimum of our IP video is maybe up by 5 if you're not up by 5 it's not really our IP video that's just like a month that's just a little montage to me but you know this is just my opinion so you don't have to agree with me you can play by your own rules but I really think the childhood community is getting way more better now about my channel I know a lot of you guys say like Oh Loki or the cloud Lord you beef with everybody I think I'm gonna ask you stop doing that guys and I know I know a lot of you guys to be like oh no you are you have all the drama it's really entertaining that does not mean I'm not gonna talk smack about people that does not mean that but I want to make the try-hard community better and the only way the tower could try our community can get better is if beef stops if everyone works together and the problem is with all these youtubers is we're all signing up you know we're all on different sides and you know a couple months ago I tried to bring them all together but everyone had an ego everyone wanted to say oh I'm a better youtuber than you or I get more views than you or I get all this and we're not putting the community before our ego and that's been a problem with nearly every youtuber maybe me a little bit not as much as I know other youtubers but I think that's the best way for the youtubers to make an impact on the community and I understand a lot of you guys say oh my gosh yeah you're just youtubers just or what about us what about us let me get to that point right now everybody who watches this video majority you guys are trying hard and majority you guys watch other youtubers besides just me I'm not saying you guys look up to us like we're your you know your role model but a lot of you guys enjoy our content and I feel like if every youtuber were to actually show that GTA can get better if you make it like if you actually have an effort and I apologize for stuttering I'm not I didn't record any of this so this is just off my head so yeah I apologize for that but I feel like if every youtuber were to make an effort to show that it does not matter if you get killed in the game just to have fun that's that's the sole purpose to in 2013 for all my people who are older so probably maybe 17 18 year old 19 year olds even 20 year olds who got the game back when we were younger we bought the game cuz GTA was fun with all those glitches all the money having fun with your friends even some of us even did Park whores but as we got older we got more competitive and there's nothing wrong with that right but what we did now was a lot of these young younger players or people who joined in 2017 they're watching these youtubers and I'm not saying like I said before it's not like you guys are it's not like we're your role model or anything but a lot of these 2017 trial hearts look up to the older players or the people who have who are more known the community and want to play how they play I'm not saying oh I want to be just like low-key X I want to be like it'll X I want to be like should love I want to be the next montanus I'm not saying that but I'm saying they will watch how you play and then put it and make it into their own style but when you have all these youtubers who like manifest around this one old stuff and these petty kills and these you know car decking RC kills and all that passive popping stuff eventually they're gonna keep that I bet wealth of youtubers do it I can do it because that's the new thing back then we didn't do none of that because obviously we were competitive the youtubers back then like reconciled me I can't really name that many even shoot him up to be honest he's an old head as well but YouTube was like that we were competitive because there was no such thing is that there was no such thing as cheap kills we would you would expose somebody by bottom's to such a point when you see all these montages today all you see is 100 kills or orbital kills and nobody and you if you look at your comments for people who do these who upload 100 kills or montages you can see how it affects your own channel if you look at your comments and all you see is GS if you guys don't know what that means I can't really say cuz I don't get to monetize but if that's all you get those people are not watching your videos they just got the notifications and they're gonna say good stuff right away for you and then click off the video because they know it's just a montage but if you show that you actually have skill people will watch that they want to learn how to do that does it take is it hard to learn how to 100 somebody no it's easy you don't even need to look up a video on how to 100 somebody you can just do it but if you want to learn RNG you learn how to switch kill how to sidestep all that stuff you have to look if you want to learn how to play bass you have to look at basements even though I don't like elix and I'm cool with arson but they both made basement montages and I don't care whatever if you think they're trash whatever that's on that's your opinion but they did do something like that they show baseball's how to be good at bass right and like same thing with mom is learning how to snipe those are videos people like to watch they want to learn something but if we have youtubers who push out all this 1o content and this little you know these little petty kill content you're not teaching the community anything if anything you're just teaching the community how to be petty how to be trash you're killing the community so with me I understand that like like I said before I beef with a lot of people and stuff honestly I don't really have nobody to beef with anymore like literally I don't know anything to do I don't have anything to do and stuff but I want to make the community way more better that's why I always start these lobbies where everyone can fight I don't care about overdose I don't care about RC coz I don't care about anything I really I don't care if you uploaded me it's whatever I like to play the game I bought the game back in 2013 because I wanted to have fun right every time I play with my subscribers I have fun with them you know we do silly stuff we you have funny deaths you know sometimes we even go into all-out war you know sometimes we'll do parkour just be a noob sometimes you know and it's just because I want everyone to have fun I don't want everyone to be like oh my gosh I can't die like and for all my young uns who want to be a youtuber who want to be the next mom miss the next shoot them up the next elects anybody or that maybe even the next single boo right well I want you guys know not to be scared to go out there and lose because if you lose you can get better like oh that person beat me by five and he had better sniper skills so guess what I'm a practice might be so next time when I run into him I can beat him up that's what you need to be learning it should it be oh I got one old he exposed me my career is over now I gotta make a new account I have to change my account username because I don't know what to do anymore and that's what all these youtubers have been doing I'm not saying they're switching like their account names and stuff but they're making it such a big deal where people are afraid to fight now if you sit in passive mode because you're scared someone's gonna come into Lobby and kill you what is that what is that making you look like I will let you guys answer that right there's certain times where I could understand you go passive mode don't get me wrong I I go past most sometimes I'm not gonna lie but there's certain times where it's okay to do that if you're on the beach and there's a jet going back and forth on you sure you get you could try to risk it and shoot that RPG but the odds of that happening are very low unless you're like a god or something right I can understand if you went past mode because of that because the Jets really op2 somebody who's on ground right now let's say you're in a jet and somebody else gets in a jet and you go past them oh because that jet is out playing you right that's making you look scared to die that person just outplayed United going past the mode that's not out playing them that's the saying oh yeah you beat me you're better than me I'm gonna go past them oh because I know I can't win that's just giving up basically right and I'm not saying like okay like so you're telling us just to lose and all that stuff I'm not saying it's just to lose but make an effort you know make an effort to actually play the game because if all you do is fear pass the mode you're not you're not gonna have fun I guarantee you it's gonna get boring there are so many players that I've known who are one old players and they've actually told me that just playing out of passive mode is way more better and I know that there was a horrible grammar right there but it's much better to play out a passive mode because you have more freedom right and if you sit there and you're complaining about oh I can't come out of passive mode because someone said in their orbital so you're you're letting yourself worth being overpowered by somebody who's sitting on a cannon that that's what you're saying it's not that you're better than the person in the cannon is just that you're scared of the person in the cannon right if I was you just go out get that orbital and boom let that do leave he's not gonna prove anything he's not gonna he or she is not gonna come over there and kill you don't be scared of an orbital right if they kill you on ghosts and you're not angles guess what they can't kill you in days and when you know you can see them when they know you can see them right let them be scared stop making it seem like everything is out to get you and I kind of understand like what I just said just really hadn't made no sense at all but give me a break this is it's like 6:30 in the morning and I haven't even gone asleep yet so that's what I wanted to talk about the community and I want all you guys as opinions like for me obviously has been a youtuber that has a big influence on the like community I try my best to show like I when I don't care about like when I don't care about dying I'm trying to teach you guys something like you could have fun and not worry about dying a lot of you younger trailers and let me explain I'm not trying to brag or nothing but people who are not as known as other youtubers you guys think you guys have it rough imagine being a youtuber that has a big influence and that that nearly every single lobby you go to somebody at least one of those people out of those 30 are gonna know you and trying to kill you sometimes their fans sometimes they're just haters and they try to kill you so for all the people who are not known and you have maybe like maybe two or three people who don't like you trust me youtubers have it way worse you think shoot-'em-up can go in a lobby without getting obliterated no do you think arson go in the lobby without getting obliterated no elects no mamas no all the youtubers have it way more rough than anybody who's not knowing I'm not like I said I'm not trying to brag or nothing I'm trying to show you that not a big deal I have and I know this is just this is just a game it's not real life so I know it's gonna sound like I'm comparing to real life but a lot of these youtubers have a way tougher time in GTA than you guys think right imagine if all if imagine if you were streaming and you had 300-400 people but maybe a hundred those people just watch you because they want to kill you that's that's really daily life right in earlier in this video clip that you guys are seeing now I got obliterated three times in a row right some of you guys only get obliterated once a day and I know there's gonna be people to comment like oh I get obliterated ten times a day yeah well welcome to my life welcome to a youtuber life so what I want you guys to do is take time to think of how you play you know and I want you guys to tell me how you guys play you guys can sit and pass the moon and you can worry about dying you can do whatever you want but I want you guys just to have fun with GTA I want you guys to improve on GTA and sitting in passive mode being worried about the orbital caring about the orbital will not get you anywhere it's gonna fit you I guarantee you the amount of days played on GTA you're gonna have a more amount of time in passive mode I promise you if you keep playing that road if you keep going on that road so yeah I don't know what else to say in the video but um yeah make sure you guys all even like and subscribe I understand I stuttered a lot but like I said it's like 6:30 in the morning and I'm super tired so yeah I'm probably gonna upload this when I wake up but who knows I might even upload it earlier but I doubt it so yeah but um I'm in the video I'll probably shooting tomorrow something so I'll see you guys later alright alright


46 thoughts on “GTA Online New Update Fixes PVP!”

  • I hate try hards. The people who where masks and gas masks and all that shit. I hate it. They have nothing better do do is to hide there face and fly in jets.

  • Yo it’s been 2 years but I’m in to regrow the community this game is so fun when it was like dat the only reason I left was because of drama :/but willing to give another chance

  • It’s actually good that rockstar patched passive pop cause yesterday a guy killed me and was running away and i just laughed😂😂

  • Vedo Ibranovic says:

    👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep up the good work lowkey x

  • Zachary Hancox says:

    Lowkey x I agree with everything you've said. Especially with us youtubers. Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  • DRÏPPY. NÃPẞ says:

    Funny things is the niggas who jump you in ghost with rpgs and jets but when they alone with you they ewo all the time

  • 2 blessed to be depressed Money love says:

    I hate passive but I also hate fool dat call u out for a one on one but use special bullets and I DNT even do my bunker research

  • Vex̴at̴ali̴ty says:

    RIP to all the 1-0 players who wanted godmode patch so they could return to Public sessions. Looks like that won't happen XD

  • I think personally that the tryhard community would be better if we gave some underated players some notification and actually give them a chance instead of pushing them down cuz they don’t got “clout”, yeah the passive mode thing is good but shit it ain’t all that’s wrong with the community

  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢 y’all was complaining about passive wen u can counter passive or be aware of ur surroundings ☠️

  • Lowkey I gotta say u gotta be the fucking most realest gta player even lmao 😂 but fr tho love u baby❤️😘

  • The Strange Man says:

    This was the thing I liked about RDO(boring ass game). The fact that there was no passive in the beginning made the game more fun and less toxic.

    The passive change is warmheartedly welcomed by the community, except the passive poopers. Rockstar deserves praise for making the community better. All those normies saying that they will leave the game can fuck off. It will make the game waayyyyy better. Its about time that Orbital Cannons also get nerfed. #MakeGTAOnlineBetter

  • Loki I agree with you and I was like I've been a fan of arson but I look up to you more and I play like you and some people say when you play like you're bad and all that but it's just a game in some people take it seriously but I'm glad they fixed the passive thing but the presser thing is kind of dumb you can't aim on them

  • Infinintgamer says:

    First off i want to say that if you kill somone for 2 minutes you cant go to passive. I am from 2013 and am now 17, im a heavy grinder and watch you guys to get better than my competition, i dont have a problem with the tryhards as much as i used to anymore because of people like you and arsen. I think its a good idea to bring the community together but a part of the reason of why you guys are so popular is because drama sells, people like it when one person has animosity towards another person that is a part of the reason why sports are so popular. The way i think when a person goes passive after a they kill me i take it as a win since i have already mentally won without firing a shot. If i get orbitalled i take it as i am such threat to them they cant face me, again a win for me. In my opinion i think that a community can only fix itself if it wants fix itself, like antivaxxers, the person who did the original reasearch was found guitly for spreading false information and skewing results and is now in prison but people still belive it because they can. Well thats my 2 cents nice video

  • SaluteMyQueen YT says:

    Well you right about tht but at the sametime toxic see toxic me personally if a person act toxic i act toxic i do 1-0 people but tht only outta ppl being toxic i have no hate for no one its just ppl always going to say something or always call u trash if they up on you by 1😑

  • I agree that the community would be better, yet shootemup orbitals people that don’t care and put texts like 1-0. Which makes everyone to become like him.. its gonna take time

  • You have to wait a 1:30 after killing someone and me myself went up to 1hr😂 I play base and allat tryhard shit but I like you said I fight till I need ammo money getting low or if I gotta leave or if I get booted n dude I just watch a video and it was nothing but car decks orbitial 1-0 n omg that shit so boring🤦🏽‍♂️ Idk how tf they got 3k views , also I have a very good memory and watching base videos I learned very quick the spawns I’m just now getting faster and I think I learned something new nobody knows we’ll z 🤷🏽‍♂️ Check my recent out tho 😎

  • XUnknown PhantomX says:

    I play Xbox and I swear every tryhard I fight now pull out either the marksman or oppressor . I have oppressor mk2 but I really don’t use mine unless I’m doing missions or the lobby just keeps killing me because I try to be friendly. Literally the other day I had a try hard 14-8 because the only kills they got where oppressor kills.

  • fort Nite & Gta says:

    All da big youtubers add me on ps4 n Xbox even ur opps lol but u y. U scared 2 1v1 on stream lol u talk all dat tuff guy talk but scared. 1 1v1 me Lil bro lol u a try hard clout chaser lol ur just trash 2 me u dont got da balls or sum imma call u out on stream

  • It’s great knowing that I can dogfight without the other player jumping into passive as soon as they feel uncomfortable 👌

  • The community is honestly going to change for the better it’s going to actually force people to fight which is why I’m actually coming back to freemode myself

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