how's it going everyone welcome back to another GTA online casino dlc video my name is Saints fan and today you're gonna be getting a few of casino dlc videos because we're one day away and this first one though is actually coming straight from rockstar this one they updated their news wire today and they actually added this new article that says introducing the diamond program special rewards at the Diamond Casino and Resort and this is actually a really a cool system they have in place basically they have different tiers and we'll get into everything here in a second well before we hop into that I am still doing that shark card giveaway I'm picking the two winners tomorrow I will leave a link to the Twitter link in the description if you guys want a chance to him but eight million dollars is the amount I am giving away so if you want a chance to win then go into the description click on the link and enter okay so what they announced is the diamond program and I guess this is something that is coming with the casino it says on the news wire to celebrate the grand opening the diamond program will take VIP membership status to a new level of self-importance with an assortment of perks and rewards the velvet rope lifts starting July 23rd participate in the action before August 7th to take advantage of everything the diamond program has to offer so it starts tomorrow and it lasts for a couple of weeks so you have some time know the different tiers obviously you start with silver status that's what the first tier is it says if after acquiring a master penthouse or getting it free with twitch prime you get silver status in addition to the VIP membership that comes standard the silver status members will receive the exclusive a she's loaded wall art you can see that at the the bottom left there which is a modern piece to hang on your wall or the wall of your choice using the penthouses decorations management feature and you will also get the diamond classic t-shirt so the silver status not that good but they do actually snow straight up you can customize your penthouse in a variety of different ways so not only our car show is gonna be coming back with this DLC but I guess we're gonna have to do penthouse shows cuz everyone's penthouse will be different with different wall arts that'll be a lot of fun the next status that you can get up to is gold status and this is where it starts getting pretty cool silver status members who helped ouch aim to protect the diamond family or to protect the diamond casino from a corrupt family of Texas magnates can complete the second cooperative mission housekeeping to be upgraded to gold status which unlocks an exclusive livery for the trophy Thrax plus a trophy t-shirt to match and that livery does look pretty slick here it is in full I honestly think that may be one of the better-looking deliveries they've ever added to the game and this is what I'm excited for it give us some of these quality livers men but continuing on the next status of great is platinum status and it says the platinum status membership is a title that's earned through dirty works of course grinding complete five casino work missions for head of operations Agatha Baker and pick up a tidy sum of GTA money and chips along the way to receive the lucky 7 tattoo and the casino storage special accessory the Kronus ro watch including all variations and after completing the first cooperative mission simply call ms Baker to pick up work around the city so somehow platinum status doesn't sound as good as gold status I guess I mean if you're into tattoos and watches maybe that's cool but that one doesn't seem too good but then the final one the diamond status Diamond status is reserved for all Platinum members who go the long haul complete all missions all cooperative missions to earn an exclusive liveries Platinum members who hosts the missions will receive an exclusive livery for the highly or for a highly coveted brand new vehicle Platinum members who participate in a hosts missions will receive an exclusive livery for the new anis s ATR R so a new vehicle that you can see also work together to host and participate in the complete mission strand to unlock both so that maybe some of the replayability like I guess maybe some of the missions you're gonna have to host and some of them you're gonna have to join someone else who's hosting them but you can't get those two liveries now these don't look as good I don't think as the one for the trophy I'm gonna hold off judgment though until we actually see it in game but this does confirm a new supercar the anis s80 RR now as you can see this definitely looks very similar to the ANA sorry 7b but the one cool part it's a single driver at least that's what it looks like from this angle that guys in the middle of the car so this might be one of the top end of supercars that's at least in performance that we need to get and they do say to finish off the newswire post all of the diamond rewards detailed above will be granted between august 8th and the 13th so we have to actually wait a couple of weeks before you get them and don't forget you can get the master penthouses with twitch Prime and all that obviously they're trying to promote that stuff and then you just give some information on how I guess the master penthouse being free is going to work and actually the final thing keep an eye on the newswire for more details around the grand opening of the diamond casino and resort including info on future diamond program perks and weekly awards so more stuff it sounds like is coming I really do like the way they're doing this status thing and I do hope it progresses I hope they tie the drip-feed stuff into this I really like the idea of getting some higher quality stuff at least in the form of that trophy Thrax livery I think that's one of the highest quality liveries they've ever added to the game and it does look we take a look at it again like it changes the color of potentially even the rims and the interior but that purple and gold looks so good so I guess if instead of us getting more Benny's vehicles maybe we get more high quality stuff I guess that's a decent trade-off although I still would like medals back but that is the newswire is the updated information new cars are a new car in addition to the ones we already know about new liveries the diamond status lemon aries thoughts in the comments section below thank you all for watching please drop a like if you didn't enjoy subscribe more GTA content in the future as always I will see you guys in the next one [Applause] you


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