GTA Online Diamond Casino Update - 7 HUGE CHANGES ROCKSTAR MADE! New Passive Mode, Ghost Org & More

GTA Online Diamond Casino Update – 7 HUGE CHANGES ROCKSTAR MADE! New Passive Mode, Ghost Org & More

hey what's up everyone welcome back to another GTA online casino dlc video my name is saints fan and today rockstar made some pretty major changes to GTA online and in this video i will be covering what those changes are some of these changes are for the better for sure but then some of them are still a little questionable and will definately be criticized over the next couple of days in the description you will find links to the official Rockstar news wire that came out today and that has some pretty interesting information if you care to read it I will also leave a link to the full changelog that goes over every a single fix and update that came with this DLC as well as you'll find a link to my shark car to giveaway so starting with one of if not the single biggest change to the game the new passive mode passive mode actually hasn't been touched since I believe next gen well Rockstar with this update they made a pretty major change a couple of major changes to passive mode and it is a lot less effective or rather it could be more effective depending on how it you look at it so what was changed to passive mode the first big change was that passive mode now can no longer be active when using a weaponized vehicle so all the people that were driving around oppressor of Artoo's deluxe OHS any weaponized vehicle any vehicle that has a weapon on it you can no longer be in passive mode this is the one that to me is kind of unfortunate because I use weaponized vehicles all the time but I'm not like your griefer with them and now I feel like if I want to use those weaponized vehicles I kind of have to just shoot on sight rather than just flying around and be in a passive mode not having to worry so that's one of the big changes one of the other big changes is that once you come out of passive mode you have to wait five whole minutes before you can activate passive mode again this fixes the big issue that some try-hards had where they would just go in and out of passive mode every two seconds it felt like now they can no longer do that you have to wait five whole minutes before you enable it again also when you disable the passive mode you have to wait 30 seconds rather than I believe before it was only like 10 seconds before it transitions you back into regular mode if you want to call it that now it does take 30 seconds so you have to wait a little bit longer and then the final passive mode at change that happened was if you actually kill someone you have to wait two minutes before you can become a passive mode player so no longer can you kill someone and then instantly go passive mode so they can't kill you back you have to wait two minutes before you can able it and if you kill someone again it's a two minute timer from that next kill so passive mode has been completely reworked lemon any thoughts in the comment section do you like it do you not like it the next pretty big change to the game is the ghost mode now maybe some people didn't even realize this was a thing but a couple updates back Rockstar added a ghost mode which basically if someone was killing you over and over again you could ghost them and basically you would become in passive mode only to them you can still use the guns do everything around the map kill other players but that player couldn't kill you and you couldn't kill them however I believe this is only actually for like two minutes well now the ghost mode the first big change is that it is available after someone that kills you only two times prior to this it had to be three times now it's only two so you can get in the ghost mode of quicker but the amount of time you were in the ghost mode was previously two minutes now it is five minutes also the window of time for consecutive kills to count has been increased from five minutes to ten minutes so basically what that saying is if you kill someone twice in ten a 10-minute period they can ghost you and the same goes for yourself if someone kills you in twice in ten minutes even if it's at minute one in that minute nine you can go stem and for five minutes yell are both incapable of doing damage to each other but that's not the only stuff they did to this ghost mode because it also now is available if the killing player is part of an organization so players as you can see can go ghosted to a specific person they can go ghosted to a specific organization or even an m' c and players will remain ghosted to those members even if the gang does disband so they made the ghosting abilities just a lot better if you are getting grief by someone you can easily stop it basically after they kill you two times and then you can go about your day in GTA online one of the other big updates that they changed was to do with the daily objectives daily objectives in this game got a complete rework in this update number one I think the biggest thing I needed an update was the fact that half of them didn't make much sense anymore so what roxor did was they removed a number of pvp related daily objectives also the first daily objective in the list will now be the same for all players each day so everyone kind of has the same thing to work towards so hopefully if it's something like play a capture there'll be a lot more people to actually play that capture and then the cash reward for these daily weekly and monthly streaks have been increased and to get an amount this is what funmw2 said the daily reward a reward is 30,000 or it used to be 25,000 the weekly reward is 150,000 used to be 100k and then the monthly reward is 750,000 basically if you do daily rewards all the daily objectives for an entire month that is how you get that amount of money so you have to do it every single day the fifth major well I guess kind of a not-so major thing but it's still something that you want to know they improved the interaction menu a little bit there's now a new services option which has been added that allows players to view and change options for albeit large vehicle properties such as the terabyte Avenger mobile operation center and the galaxy is super yacht so if you've been wondering if you looked at your interaction when you haven't seen any of those options you like where can I call my terabyte or MOC you have to go into these services menu these sixth pretty major change only because it can net you a decent a real decent amount of money time trials now pay out $100,000 upon successful completion now some of these yes are very difficult and in the past I've always said no one cared about time trials because I believe you only got like what 20k or some really small amount well now you get $100,000 and at first like okay it's still not that much money however there's like three time trials a week so that's 300k a week if you just complete them and then if you add that on to the weekly bonus for the daily objectives that's four hundred fifty thousand dollars for free basically my just playing the game per week like that's really really good so time trials maybe something you want to start looking into and getting serious about since they do pay out one hundred thousand dollars and then the final thing I'm not going to touch too much on this in today's video that'll probably be a video for tomorrow but Rockstar added these new hidden collectibles this was straight from the newswire says in the middle paragraph 54 hidden up playing cards are thrown across the state waiting to be found and offering RP and chip bonuses for each and every discovery find them all to unlock be high-roller exclusive outfit and a unique card set for your private dealer to deal blackjack and three-card poker with also it will give you a special item in red dead online one of the places I found one was up in sandy shores at the little bar you can go inside and it's actually on the pool table I've seen a ton of other locations and either tomorrow or the next day whenever we find all 54 locations I will put that all together in a video show you guys every single location to find these cards but be on the lookout for that because that's a pretty major change that's something to look forward towards in GT lion go exploring the map but those were the seven biggest changes that Rockstar made to GT online to free roam eleven are your thoughts again on them in the comment section below thank you all for watching please drop and like if you didn't enjoy subscribe for more GTA online content and as always I will see you guys in the next one you


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