GTA Online - Diamond Casino & Resort Diamond Membership, NEW Cars, Missions & Info Breakdown 2019

GTA Online – Diamond Casino & Resort Diamond Membership, NEW Cars, Missions & Info Breakdown 2019

hey everyone and welcome back yesterday night we got even more information regarding the new DLC lots of photos new missions and all those steps were shared but as you know it was already past midnight I had already shut off all the systems so I had to delay it to the morning and apart from that I got lots of comments and questions asking me about how the casinos gonna be working how we need to you know get access to all those cells so instead of me having to speculate I thought this was a better way and I've also made a breakdown video of the trailer as well as the new informations that I had got so if you haven't seen those yet then do check it out so without wasting any more time let's get on with the new information so guys yesterday I asked the Rockstar release it was about the diamond program thing so it actually explains how the casino and the resort thing is going to be working I mean like all the informations all those locked items the stuffs that we can be unlocking all those stuffs they've explained in this new swap post so here it goes and as usual in the right in the beginning they have told about the grand opening of the diamond casino and resort that is July 23rd which is today and they've also mentioned about the diamond program and the VIP membership status I have talked about all these you know membership status in the previous video so if you all remember then this is that exact same thing and then they also mentioned that the Rope the velvet rope will be lifting on July 23rd and we need to participate and take action before the August 7th so they have given us like you know two weeks time from July 23rd to August 7th so if we complete within that time then we'll be taking advantage of all the you know offers that a diamond casino will be offering that is one thing so going about we have the silver status program so yeah we'll be having four types of statuses in the casino and resort things so silver status is the first one and acquiring a master penthouse you know it might be buying or the other ways that you know redeeming through the twitch prime thing so getting a master penthouse grants are silver Cedars and along with that silver status you know VIP membership will be coming as standard with the penthouse so that's a good thing and then the silver status members will be getting you know she's loaded wall art so this is the wall art will be getting and along with that we'll also be getting the diamond classic T so literally a wall arc and a t-shirt so that's the thing for silver status then going to the gold status so to acquire the gold status remembers of the silver status need to help Chang protect the diamond casino from the corrupt people of the Texan magnates and also complete the second co-operative mission which is named as the housekeeping so if you protect the casino as well as complete the second mission the housekeeping then you'll be upgraded to the gold status which is a cool thing and this will unlock an exclusive library for the traffic tracks and also we'll be getting a matching t-shirt not much of a great deal but yeah we're getting something ok so that's with the gold status next we have the platinum status so this membership status is earned through dirty work so for that we need to complete five casino work missions for the head of operations Agatha Baker that is the lady who'll be coming for the casino thing just like we had the same one in the era nawaz so we have one more for the casino and they've also talked about you know pick up a tidy sum of GTA dollars and chips along I like how they didn't mention about huge amounts of money like the mistake they did in anonymous they talked will be making lots of money but but in reality we all made about puny amounts that was a huge letdown but yeah so we'll be getting GTA dollars along with the chips for the casino so that's a cool thing and along with that we'll be getting the lucky 7 tattoo and the crona's are awash in the casino store so we'll be getting that watch these are not like the big things when compared to the nightclub the after us DLC but these are you know small stuff I'm not really impressed by this actually and then finally they mentioned that simply called mrs. Baker to pick up work around the city so you know we can call up mrs. Baker and ask for more work can get some more money as well as new casino chips and then final one is the and status so they have said diamond status is reserved for all platinum members who go to the long haul meaning you know do more of the work and all those subs so it also says complete all cooperative missions to earn exclusive libraries okay members who host the missions will receive an exclusive library I'm in guys come on again and the host missions will receive an exclusive library for the anus that is the new supercar that's coming out I mean guys come on at this point I'm actually kind of disappointed you know remember in after house we got like you know free vehicles discounted vehicles and all those stuffs if you did some work and all but here we are just getting libraries come on this is so damn lame I'm disappointed as of now all this work we got to do and they reward us with just some damn libraries okay and we have the glimpses of the new car I think this is the Bentley Continental GT so we had the old one that didn't look good so good that we are getting new luxury cars instead of just super and hyper cars so yeah and in the final ending they've also mentioned about the diamond program rewards detailed above will be granted between august 8th and 13th and apart from that they've talked about the twitch prime and you know claiming the money as well as the master penthouse for free so that is for only those who have got twitch prime and all those stuff and that pretty much sums up the whole diamond program thing the DLC is gonna be coming out in just few ass guys so if anything menial or other stuff that's going to be coming up I'll be sure to update to you all special video is gonna be coming as soon as the DLC is gonna drop so make sure you stay tuned guys do hit the like and subscribe button to stay tuned to the channel thank you all and have a good day you


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