[Applause] Oh wonder what happened my tank belly still up there maybe got knocked off yeah alright hello everybody I'm miss and Zack welcome back from our Grand Theft Auto online news so yeah today we are in a bunker because there is the finally the first gun-running bunker discounts so the first sale is available all right so let's have a look at that news Rider and then we'll come back and we'll talk about some other things sound like cu- so here's our rockstars latest news wire published on August 1st the heavy insurgent put custom for greatness dog country just released yeah certain to pick up custom now available plus double them GTA money and our people missus bunker discounts and more so the first bunker sales to usually seems to be about two months or so give or take and then they usually release a sale on it yeah we'll see every self-respecting more Lord in Los Santos is familiar with the unstoppable melindam and panoramic firepower that is the heavy insurgent pick up or hvy and certificate I should say I don't be is actually heavy but God people nickname at that so I think it exists answer something else which I can't remember it out fuck them now create it to the insurgent pickup custom enter mobile operation center weapon and vehicle workshop to give it a brand new sting in its tail from a 50 Cal amounted any gun to proximity mines your research technicians are on deck to help you unlock some savage new upgrades let space for up to eight of your comrades your new personal vehicle will be the deadliest ride the carpool lane so if the eight people fit there then you got upgraded possible as well as customization Mendelson camel or coloreds things like that double GTA money and RP opportunities the role of juggernaut remains a profitable position power-mad continues to Dola GG t money and art be extended through August 7th so that's the latest adversary mode and it was giving us devil money and RP last week so I guess it continues for another week also giving it a double roids it's a fan-favorite mo deadline swap on guitar oh and obliterate your enemies to earn some extra cash and reputation so so let's be kind of the Tron game mode on the Tron bikes the guitar licks in deadline so that's on double rewards too awesome bus kicking off today rally the troops and head over to your mo-cedes command center or personal quarters to launch any MOC mobile operations mission to get double GTA money and RP through August 7th so any of the mo C's special missions are double money and RP 2 so again try those it's probably good time to get those done I think I still want to go through those all let's see so yeah a cool feature there's the new truck right there some custom off-road tires you still get to establish your base of operations and get a helping hand into the arms trade get a helping hand into the arms trade with a hefty discounts on the following bunkers so fire modes bunker 30% of smoke free Road bump tree 25% off and the great seed bunkers 10% off pretty strange stuff just three bunkers weird sod to just pick three and not all of them huh well smoke your old bunker is a pretty popular when I thought about that one for a while and I think so the other ones pretty good too I guess grape seeds numb if you want to be left alone I guess maybe like too many people thought that's why it's on sale and once you've picked up the keys to your underground abode would take advantage of 25% off all among good renovations and enhance production with 25% off upgrades okay so I think that's for everybody so at least finally there's a bunker sale now – so 25% off your bunk renovations and grants production of twenty nine percent off upgrades so if you want to do the bunker innovations now's the time I might decorate now well it's gone five percent I didn't bother to when I was at full price for the wall decoration stuff like that the painting inside the blender legendary Motorsports a level this week throughout exat proto and Yassa links are to each 25% off at legendary water smart that's cool this is probably one of the most popular cars and the game one of them variety X 80 proto it's a lot of people really like that one definitely one of the fastest and if you're looking for extra storage of your extensive car collection all garage properties are 25% off through August 7th so all garage properties are 25% off interesting law exam and you'll unlock a teacher geezer unlock and lock the knuckle duster fuckity so there's the shirt right there if you log in this week yeah you get it for free awesome not my favorite but a lot of people like so like this one I like the previous ones better but I do like that they're giving us these more awesome if I get like it's hot in the nude Uncle Fester pockety available this week by simply logging in the GG online to receive your free in-game reward and then it goes on for the bringing raisin time child schedule even more gdr PR for grades grabs and latest reading recent on travel events as a through August 7th and the preman races target locked to their inner 2000 and the time draw up and item and you can launch those from your from legion square root through yellow corner and actually they're pretty good money as it says there triple RB for the top friendships and that's this week's news wire so a few little things at first I thought it was just kind of like an extension of the same truck and I seen that there was an extension Powermat but looking at again there was actually quite a few different things in there so our first bunker sale finally and bunker renovations sale and a few other things in there too couple cars on sale a couple of super cars decks 80 Pro Toto and the Ocelot links and yeah few other little minor details in there throughout there plus the Shotaro the deadlines back in for double RP as a lot of people like that and fun to give money to someone a good thing to do for money as well and as well the mo C's missions if you haven't done those yet or you're just getting into that stuff at least you're going to get the double money and RP while you can all right yeah welcome back everybody so yeah that is the first gun bunker sales understand and they have the insurgent on sale now not this one this is the regular hvy insurgent and you can actually store it in parking spaces and a person spaces in the car garages the one that's actually on sale which I kinda like X I'm not sure if we'll get one but I do like it compared to the Karin technical let's go for stock the outside here and shouldn't be too hard to find there it is right there that's the insurgent pickup alright so this is already a popular vehicle for a lot of people and we were already talking before for some of you that watch the previous episodes about the caring technical custom the new one they brought out in many ways it's an overpriced pickup truck you know unfortunately and when you look at it for you know this one is more expensive but to me bang for dollar this is a better priced vehicle I'm better a better vehicle in general you get more out of it in general I find a lot of people would think to date people so it's pretty good that way yeah I know actually it says here hmm on the on the newswire think it says eight so I wonder why that there's that difference maybe it's something after you customize it or is that just a table and so you compare that to the caring technical right beside it here and they want you know 950 thousand – depending on the price betrayed in praising the missions you've completed but you can see the prices and not very comparable when you compare what you're getting so that's just my opinion but yeah much happier with this truck this week that is what the other one alright now so yeah aside from the bunker discounts that are good if you want a bunker it might be a good time to get one but other than that there's also the MOC discounts too so if you wanted to change your LLC or if you wanted to get one it might be a good time to do that so now they're all on a discount for all those different add-ons yeah alright and of course assured I'm wearing is the knuckle duster gene so for those of you like it all you have to do is log in this week until the August 7th I imagine that's maybe late into the night on August 7th then you still get this the shirk free shows right up in your inventory it's kind of weird some of the Jo right up in your inventory and others you have to go to the store to get it's kind of strange that way hey all right so I think that's mostly sales and all the discounts now I'm also getting together a big long subscriber special so all at the same time I've been kind of away for the last week so sorry guys I've had real-life given way and all kinds of like getting away plus I'm in need of some equipment upgrades I'll help them with that with a lot of things we're doing here so I might mention the other one but we actually launched our patreon the other day our patreon site for those that don't know it's kind of like a GoFundMe site I'm just for any help that that anybody wants to provide but you're already helping this by by watching the videos and by supporting us so we already appreciate that guys you guys don't have to do any more than you want to now but for those that feel like a little bit more we could use some equipment upgrades just help speed us along sometimes I'm working for mainly one system so everything I do tends to stop everything else you know bye good day get a few upgrades I might be able to do two things at once and that might help to speed along and some things I think are getting aged and may need replacing whoo-hoo perfect I've come out I think uh sometimes see I parked my tank up there you can't put them in the but the bunker I think there's a mission where you drive a tank in but you can't actually drive in your own personal tank in there it doesn't let you only a personal vehicle just kind of a bar yep so I drove it all the way here for now just to see if I can put it in my bunker the answer is no no you cannot only personal vehicles like those ones yeah just do bad wonder if that means the new jerk they brought out you can't actually put it inside your bunker that's got strange but imagine if it's still Pegasus vehicle that it wouldn't be able to be stored in there being it's not personal bad day for boating yeah all right here you get into the buyer alright everybody so I will see you back here soon for the subscriber special and I think I'm going to get us some new cars and they give it the nature arrow and last week there it looks good very I refer our Lamborghini Countach I'm just for a play vehicle and I'll see what else Rockstar Givens they've been bringing out a lot more gun running stuff too as well but some ways you know some people don't don't like the new stuff or or think that's too much weaponization to the to the San Andreas they might be right I don't know I'm not sure yet but at the same time I do remind people there's always been things like tanks available you know a lot of people forget that some of the the hardware has always been available for those that wanted to go to the trouble of getting them you know somebody some of the new vehicles don't really compare to some what's some things that are already there like a tank right so I'm not sure there's all as much new as people think there is I guess is what I'm trying to say yeah all right well I'll see you guys back here for more very very soon oh and that big transact is that Pedro an igon slash the missing Zack nice an easy all right dig everybody thanks for watching thanks writing for it we'll see you again soon yeah very very being divided this into cooperation for some more special take care everybody this came into the matter okay [Applause] ah stur dad Oh [Applause]


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