GTA Online Aug 14th Newswire 'After Hours' DLC Wk#4! The Black Madonna & More! - GTA News & Updates

GTA Online Aug 14th Newswire 'After Hours' DLC Wk#4! The Black Madonna & More! – GTA News & Updates

yeah all right back at the club I think maybe I'll put this one in here for a little while yes that's a good thing about having to weasel news vans oh that's right well why not all right hello everybody welcome back for more grand theft auto online news I'm in the business awk and here we are back in the club back in our basement level two bar business level two yeah got a revolt there the other day you might want to check that in that's a pretty cool car basically at Cadillac if you can tell from the back here so today's a special day in Tuesday August 14th they've brought out another DJ for us and I think it's the last DJ the black madonna so very cool so we're gonna go get her in a moment and check out the mission to get there yeah and so Rockstar brought out a new newswire for us already all about the new vehicles and the new stuff so let's have a look at that and we'll come right back see you guys man alright everyone so here is the latest Rockstar news wire for today Tuesday August 14th fighting good for all mankind since 1998 all right zoom in here Oh too much there we go GTA online after hours the black madonna rise terabyte and oppressor mark 2 now plus new client jobs and more the black madonna alright and another real world DJ I just mentioned that cuz yeah actually there's a few people out there that don't realize that real wrong in their real world DJ's real people real celebrities really big actually for a lot of them for all of them but you know a lot of people like well I've never heard of them well that's that's the world of celebrities you know it's just like YouTube if you get together the ha the top you know 100 youtubers most people barely know 10 of them on the list you know it's it's just the way it is but in a world filled with billions and generally speaking you really only need I don't know a million to be considered a big person you know like a million copies of a book makes you on the bestseller list generally speaking you know in the New York Times kind of bestseller list and that's just a million copies now when you think about it North America has over through just North America alone has over 300 million people so 1 million in sales is really not that much you know like it's it's not even 1% of people liking your book and yet you'd be a best-seller so and it's kind of it but but yeah they're all big people you might want to look them up and check out their music it's pretty good global best for all things house techno and disco the Black Madonna is bringing the groove to Los Santos this week you can hear that crashing that's my cat's upstairs just see what they just destroyed after keep an eye out for English Dave's call pick her up and bring her back to perform at your nail up access the computer in your nightclubs office for more information and to rotate between your stable of available resident DJ's at any time please be sure to check out all the latest that's from salomon tale of us dixon on los santos underground radio all right guys no to me that means we actually do have one more week of of after hours in a sense or at least something so you know every week they bring in our new DJ and then the next week that same DJ goes on to the radio then a new DJ and then the next week they're on the radio and so no Dickson's now on the radio and Los Angeles underground radio so next week we should be getting the black madonna herself on the on the los santos underground radio as well so there it will still be some kind of minor changes for next week love to see if there's anything else included with that yeah and rotating your djs just because it's come up a few times and i'll probably put it in my nightclub got a guide kind of thing when we can when we get around to put that all together here but some people have wondered if that's a great way to raise your popularity on your club and yes you can change djs now just so you guys know you might want to wait till your popularity is low for unlocking any of the djs to be able to run on your first time if you haven't bought in that club yet every time you unlock a DJ you run a mission and those missions tend to be the best missions for raising your popularity bar now for those that are in a nightclub yet your popularity bars like your supplies bar for all the other businesses it's up for the upstairs the night club has a popularity bar and you want to keep it up high fall right so unlocking djs is one of the best ways to get that full and then next to that you can change DJ's after they've been unlocked for only $10,000 but after that point it only gives you a half block roughly for each DJ for $10,000 so basically it's $20,000 and DJ changes to get you one block of popularity just on an added note we move on popularity only matters to some people popularity keeps your club poppin keep it full of people gives you all the options for drinks and things like that as you blow go below three blocks of popularity your club will become quieter your club will become less options less drinks things like that but general and less money of course going into your into your safe but because you cost you money for those DJs and cost you time to run those popular promotion missions some people think it works out either way like not really much my cash drop so it's up to you if you care about your popularity dropping or not but I do for now new oppressor mark – that's the big news probably of the day one of them anyway terabytes bother the other but the oppressor Merc do here's a little video for it Rockstar put together for big Ozzy yes it looks incredibly useful looks like it only seats one and some people are thinking that this changes the game completely it is very Star Wars II I have to admit I'm not sure it quite fits in completely you know the old feather oppressor was one thing but this one's like doesn't even have wheels but that said I don't think it's really gonna change things up like I said I find that these people like the guy on there is very exposed you know just a hail of bullets and you're probably likely to just hit it by accident so I'm not saying it's a great bike Barbra Lee I think by the looks of it but I don't think it's gonna be as unstoppable as some people think it is yeah then Ghazi oppressor mark 2 is a bleeding edge of hover tech your enemies can run but you've picked up their set all the way from tomorrow the terabyte mobile Rika and sender all right there it is terabyte truck and a drone if malware had six wheels heavy armor and comfy seats this is what it would look like it can launch source and resupply missions for every business you own mine the data of every other reprobate in the city launch exclusive client jobs and that's before you get to the upgrades an ulti lock missile battery a drone station a mark 2 weapon workshop and the only vehicle workshop in the world capable of customizing the oppressor market ooh yeah but you know like how that make sense gives you an extra use for the terabyte but kind of bothers me with rock stay it's already kind of annoying the way they do that and now like my MOC and the Avengers not good enough you know all those millions aren't good enough for this little tiny bike really like I got some questions for my mechanic dude what am i paying all this money for and why do we need this special one you know I mean like I mean it makes sense but it doesn't make sense I think that definitely the amount of money you spend on your vendor you should be able to work on this time little bike inside if you wanted to and still put it in the terabyte right launch client jobs resupply and steel missions four pages custom-built touchscreen video picture here I guess that's just all-around deploying control joan drones and operate the multi lock missile launcher in the nerve center there it is insider nerve center mark two weapons station customized a president mark to an upgrade superior mark two weapons from the specialized vehicle and weapons workshop six new client jobs with the terabytes long rage hacking at detection capabilities now your fingertips you've primed to make blitzkrieg scores and six new free mode client client jobs launch encrypted client requests on the go from the touchscreen terminal of your terabyte nervous center and sees opportunities as they develop so it's a free mode client job six of them hmm this is no coffee run you'll have to hack security networks around the city triangulate targets to find sensitive materials and be ready to execute with shock and awe from armed transports stuffed with antiques to heavily guarded diamonds in the ven Jellico store to lessor bank robbers trying to make off with cold bullion no target is safe from your digital gaze alright vehicle customization discounts alright now I noticed these like I seen that there was some discount so we're gonna have a look through the air and I'm actually happy to see them so for those that have been watching our past news I don't think they're actually given really many vehicle discuss last three weeks they finally gave us a couple aircraft like I think like the species barrel last week and they've been really short on a lot of the vehicle discounts lately so they give us a ton like a month ago and then and then just dropped away so now we finally got some vehicle discounts again the bf do Navy 30% off hpy APC that's a nice vehicle 30% off Feist tourney on which is electric car a lot of people actually like that 30% off the NS r e7 be one of the fastest cars in the game probably the top three especially since they fixed it on a lot Aki kind of broken unfortunately with rockstars handling changes but now it's finally back in action so that's 30 percent off and that's expensive vehicle to armor plating for the speedo custom mule custom and pounder custom is 30% off countermeasures are also 30% off bombs libraries engines and aircraft and land via what vehicle weapons all 30% off so it's a good time to do any aircraft you have in mind or any other weaponized vehicles if you did get an HPC get some other benefits of the libraries being discounted and engines and vehicle weapons if you change any of those property and renovation discounts open new item avenues of illicit trade or refurbish a current hide it with 25% off select properties and ons and renovations all week long and this is actually pretty good list guys it's very similar to what we've had for the last three weeks though but I'm not complaining with that so it's basically 25% off the hangers and everything involved so the hangers and renovations and the workshop so if you want to change your decorations lighting you change your hanger itself get a hanger workshop if you don't have one already it's all 25% off executive offices and again that includes all your decoration changes decorations for the garages the other garages itself the custom auto shop if you happen to want it that's a useless upgrade but it is a really nice place to work on your cars but it's the exact same as los santos customs but 25% off is there a time to get it maybe yeah or a good time to change your offices to as we did from Mays West to long Bank West so yeah special cargo warehouse is 25% off by your call hoses and renovation so any decorations for your clip out of the clubhouse also 25% off and the bike shop again that's like the other one just a place to work on your bike not any extra so you know may not want to get that one but unless if you do it's 21 percent off but your business's 25% off so it's good time to buy all this banker businesses all right and you know I would also say unfortunately they don't have the biker upgrades which is one of the more expensive parts of the biker businesses but at least you can get the properties and for some of you who are doing the nightclub stuff you can just buy the biker business get it up and running like set up mission and that's it you don't need to upgrade it you don't need to have any supplies you don't need to have any product at all you could be empty and ljt could be calling you all the time about the problems there as long as it's open you'll be able to source from your nightclub 4-gauge will say guys know and then maybe come back and upgrade the upgrades once once maybe rockstar does another sale on them in the future bunkers and bunker innovations all 20 Vipers off so if you want to change your decorations or add the targeting range once you finished the silver level you get five extra throwables permanently for your fear character so five extra grenades five extra you know you don't get them a job you can buy them so it's they carry 25 you can carry 30 for the rest of the your character's life if you do that targeting range upgrade so just let your man and all that the bunkers is also a great way for solo players to make money as we've done many many times be sure to check out the social club events calendar stay up to date with latest event bonuses and discounts all right so this is continuing on with social club Facebook gaming so they've had some Facebook streaming we've talked about that in the previous ones basically you can hook up your Facebook account to yours Rockstar social club account and then if you watch their Facebook streams you could possibly get anywhere from 50,000 to 500,000 while you watch so just four drops kind of cool I guess they've got a couple other pianned people right now the ash who's jealous Garrett's other half and so hinky Smosh games and smosh games growth and nobody epic and apparently this is their last one you know it says for the great finale is what I was saying before of the Facebook serious yeah Facebook Layton Live series hmm epic finale so it's got a surprise they really didn't have these come on for long only been a month yeah so if you guys want to check that out this is the last week you guys can check those out and maybe get some free money for doing so yeah ya know let's see did they give us a link to let's try that there we go okay so there's everything we've already read and yeah they put on the race today so the premium race is chilly I dropped locked thrusters that's the but the jet pack and the Time Traveler's were tall and Kenyan Rigel indicated right okay right okay all right in the time gel if you haven't done those yet the first time you finish them they give you a bonus 50,000 so it's kind of a cool little distraction they usually won't take a few minutes all right guys well let's head back in game all right guys so very cool yeah the last after hours although like I said that sounds like they were still gonna get some more after hours of some sort next week because they'll be adding I haven't imagined they'd be adding the black madonna to the radio so I imagine that wouldn't be the only new thing with yet what do you guys think maybe maybe not I don't know it depends if there's anything more planned but at least one more thing for next week but yeah she's in the game so we're gonna have to go get her and that's pretty cool so I think I'm gonna go off and do that mission right now but before we do that let's have a quick look at the new vehicle or stock cache and Gary there is the terabyte the new highlighted vehicle so easy to find buy from only 1.3 million almost 1.4 million so another truck I don't know I'm into the customized Rex case for a while we didn't have any of these kinds of things for a long time yes some players know you know there wasn't really much in the way of customizable trucks and now we've got the MOC two different versions we although you can only own one and the pounder and the mule custom and now the terabyte so there's really only so many big trucks that you can get so that's okay I guess but it seems like they they double up on some stuff hmm so 1.3 million and there is the oppressor mark 2 part of After Hours seats only one so from 2.9 million to 3.8 that's a big difference yeah so let's see so on the trade price order purchase this vehicle at the trade for ICU must have a fill oh and a terabyte so you got to own the truck which would cost you money complete five client jobs as a VIP CEO or MC president so you've just got a complete 5 and the new jobs I would imagine five client jobs and then you would be able to unlock the better price for this which I would say I would definitely recommend doing because that's almost a million dollars really yet my significant drop the price the oppressor mark 1 was a landmark in hybrid vehicle design well the mark 2 takes off where it's little brother landed and it never comes down this is about the closest you can get to throwing a saddle on a rocket engine bolting on some optional heavy artillery and pressing the big red button alright so we have a look at the terabyte alright so as you guys could see you know nothing too new for those that have been playing for last little while the mo CES and the Avengers all had similar similar things you can change your your interiors to different looks it's a pretty cool styles this time around looks like they've given us a variety of them at least you know nine different choices and the you to the default doesn't cost you any extra of course and they go up from there no only one hundred five thousand so that's good so there are a hundred five thousand for whichever type you pick and no extra price as you go up and here are decals so you can change the decal of it let's change our ten maybe maybe that that's breaker so maybe you guys couldn't even see that better I think it changes here color anyway yeah it doesn't let you pick with colors but as you guys can see there's there's designs on here so you can change out them there so the skulls that we've seen in the picture that's culls yeah Oceane bunch of them prettiest turret station if you're gonna break cover do it right lock onto five separate targets and engage in a bit of lethal multitasking from the comfort of your swivel chair and that's roughly about 300,000 now remember there's no one needs and reason to rush like I mean it is the new stuff so you know if you're into it get in on it you know it's awesome but on the flip side I would say guys that they're almost certainly gonna have sales on these things in the near future it's hard to say one two weeks two months three months it started to say but but if you're in no hurry you can maybe save a little bit cash on this when there's some kind of a discount going on drone stations eight hundred fifteen thousand the weapon workshop 245,000 now you'd probably want that free ammunition and things like that for the mark two weapons but that said I'm not really sure you really need that because the vehicle you know the drone station is separate than a specialized workshop so you can work on the oppressor to the only laboratory on earth that's high tech and low profile enough to customize and store the pegasi of President Merc do and that is a half million four hundred ninety five thousand so I'd say this one's kind of optional all depending it's good to have them but a lot of people are already have these in other vehicles in other places the Bene of you do or not yeah if you don't have those you know if you don't have the way to work on them somewhere else two hundred forty five thousand s actually not too bad of a price yeah if you didn't have it somewhere else to get it so all said and done actually it's not too bad of a price so far although that's not you know without any of the other extras and stuff like that but you know I was expecting a three four million dollar price tag so you know it's still gonna be expensive once we upgrade at all but it's not as bad as I would have guessed it to be that first bag that's just easier to bring it up again I think all right become the war zone purchase a terabyte Avenger mobile Operations Center today so it's bugging me again because I don't have the one thing on that list from this terabyte all right so that's the new vehicles guys and you may want to get some of those other around sales Wally while you can and I think I'm going to go off in and see if I can go get the black banana the terabyte gives you access to client jobs that screen computer inside allows you to launch source and resupply missions for existing businesses for many or in the map I'm hoping that works out good take everybody thanks for watching I'm missin some thanks for liking thanks very much drivin thanks for being here and I'll see you again very very soon for our Black Madonna regular episode where we get hurt and we'll do some other things now on a little tip on the way out here just so you guys know you know if you care about your popularity bar in the night club generally speaking when you unlock a DJ for the first time it's probably the best mission there is for increasing your nightclub popularity I'm not even sure how many blocks actually gives you but I know it's given me at least two so so it's a good time for me to get it cuz I think I'm actually only at 3 blocks of popularity right now now this is for those players that care about the popularity bar not everybody does but it does keep your your income in the upper up nightclub button and it does keep the place packed and there are certain options like certain drinks in them in the bar that's only available when you have a higher popularity above 3 bars so as you guys could see in the bottom right corner my popularity drop just below 3 3 blocks now so it's good time for me to do that DJ mission and for you guys out there that have a full popularity bar you might want to play around do some other things and let it drop a little bit before you unlock the next DJ now that said once they're unlocked you can rebook them again for 10,000 but it only gives you a half block of popularity fact just a little tip on the way out for those people that they care about that kind of thing I like to keep my in my club bobbing at least for now take everybody CNC okay cool hey my my trophies already up to I think a silver though was bronze there's a little trophy right there by a picture of Louise yeah he's the main character from GTA fours ballad Ricky mercury a Ballad of Gay Tony look the guy was just gonna call it Ricky no idea why and I've noticed things starting to show up in my safe do now you're doing the sales I'm sure many of you guys have seen these kinds of things already but they're supposed to be various trophies and collections so I've got one of the comic book characters there and bag of meth some other stuff showing up to you yeah they're cool all right time to go get a new DJ do you everybody that's do you yeah znz


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  • TheMissingSock says:

    Happy 'Newsday Tuesday' Awesome Sock Fans!! Today, Rockstar Games Released Week #4 Of The 'After Hours' DLC Content Including Our 4th Nightclub DJ 'The Black Madonna'! 😀
    New Vehicles The Terrorbyte Truck, With Deploy-able Drones, & Of Course…The Oppressor MkII Flying Jetbike!
    Thanks For Liking & Subscribing Everyone!! I Hope To See You All Back Again, Very, Very Soon For Our Next Regular Episode Where We Run The Mission To Unlock Our New DJ, And Bring Her Back To The Club, Studio Los Santos! 😉

  • I really wish we had the option to purchase supplies from the TB, and as far as discounts. I'm really glad they left the garages, hangars and renos in there as I still need to renovate my hangar and office. I think I'll do the 5 missions in the TB and get the trade-in price for the OP Mk II. Just Saving the $$$..

  • Unfortunately you can’t buy supplies for the businesses from the new after hours truck. But it is great for sourcing a new special vehicle car. You don’t have to go back to your office to get another car you can be anywhere on the map.

  • great vid man. Met my first oppressor mkii grifers today . spawned back form a misison , and 2 were circling above me . seems as you say spray of bullets deals with them . My mini gun made short work of them . They seem easier to shoot down due to smother more predictable flight path vs the original oppressor's kinda dolphining between jet and glide. In fact i woudl say teh two were quite made i could take them out easy with my mini gun . I suspect even a COmbat MG could deal with them . Would be nice although my mini gun is my fave toy , it gets spendy to hold that trigger down . Also picked up teh truck , it's gonna be nice to do all my ceo and MC resupply missions from it . I have ot had time to do any of teh truck missions yet tho.

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