GTA 5 Online The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC Update - NEW HYPERCAR! FREE Rewards Program & MORE!

GTA 5 Online The Diamond Casino & Resort DLC Update – NEW HYPERCAR! FREE Rewards Program & MORE!

hey how's it going guys mr. boss for the win here and in today's GTA 5 video we're gonna be talking about some more details surrounding the Diamond Casino and Resort update Rockstar released a brand new news wire post today which outlines the diamond program which is going to be giving special rewards at the Diamond Casino and Resort so Rockstar posted this they said on July 23rd the Diamond Casino and Resort will open its doors and become the premiere destination for entertainment and luxury living in Los Santos to celebrate the grand opening the diamond program will take VIP membership status to a new level of self-importance with an assortment of perks and rewards the velvet rope lifts starting July 23rd participate in the action before August 7th to take advantage of everything the diamond program has to offer so this is very similar to the guest list program that Rockstar did for the after-hours update now they did say that you need to be a VIP member in order to participate in this so I believe that means you'll have to own a master penthouse in order to get involved but we'll talk about all those details coming up so there's a handful of status levels and the first status level that Rockstar outlines is silver status so they said acquiring a master penthouse or redeeming for free with twitch prime Grant's silver status in addition to the VIP membership that comes with the standard penthouse silver status members will receive the exclusive she's loaded wall art a modern piece to hang on the wall of your choice using the penthouses decorations management feature silver status members will also get the casino themed the diamond classic T so Rockstar outlined a lot in this and the first thing they talk about is the new rewards for the silver status the first being this wall art right here which is really cool it's this lady in front of the vine would sign she's holding a rifle and Rockstar says you'll be able to place it on your wall of choice now I know the focus of this is supposed to be on the artwork itself but they also outlined something cool they the penthouses decorations management which is in capitalized so that means that it's an important feature and in the background there you can see that there is a pattern on the wall there's a pattern on the floor even on the wall right in front of us there's a pattern so I feel like all of that is going to be customizable which is really cool so it'll be interesting to see just how much freedom we have in moving art around and designing the inside of our penthouse that's really cool the next reward is the diamond classic tee which you can see this gentleman has right here and that's a pretty cool looking t-shirt I really like the design right there you can see that he is in the bar and party room having a good time with some NPCs behind him so that's a brand new t-shirt that's pretty cool that is the silver status the next status is the gold status so Rockstar says silver status members who help mr. Chang protect the diamond from a corrupt family of Texan magnets can complete the second co-op mission housekeeping to be upgraded to gold status which unlocks an exclusive livery for the true faith racks plus a true 580 to match so this right here is the exclusive livery which is this Inc Inc livery which looks really cool it's kind of this purple and gold theme and we also get another look here at the true faith racks one of the brand new supercars and in this screenshot right here we can see some more customization options we can see a massive roll cage on the inside we can also see a new grill option as well which looks really cool and we can also see a huge carbon fiber spoiler on the back too which is pretty neat and I'm pretty sure on the door seal too there looks to be some carbon fiber options as well really cool this is a pretty fun livery this is going to be one of those ones that you can get for free by obtaining the gold status and we also get another photo of the true 5/8 racks right here although I'm pretty sure the folks that this one is supposed to be on the t-shirt which does look pretty cool it's just a simple white t-shirt you can see there that it has the true fatty logo and we can also see the true fadak Thrax in the background as well we get another look at this absolutely beautiful vehicle this one has sort of a white and blue paint job on there to match the true fat a logo really awesome stuff I'm looking for some new customization options here but honestly I don't see a ton on this screenshot so that right there is gold status and remember in order to get that you have to complete the second co-operative mission which we now know is called housekeeping very very cool so the next status is platinum status which is a title that is earned through dirty work in order to do this you have to complete five casino work missions for head of operations agatha baker now you'll pick up a tidy sum of money and chips along the way and you'll get to receive two items the lucky sevens tattoo and the casino stores special accessory the Chronos era watch including all variations a truly luxe timepiece now after completing the first cooperative mission simply call miss Baker to pick up work around the city so let's take a look at the tattoo first you can see this is what it looks like right here it is a chest tattoo this lady has done it's pretty cool I think it's like a horseshoe with three sevens in the center that's pretty awesome looks like this lady is enjoying a pleasant afternoon on the rooftop terrace the diamond casino and resort and then we've got this screenshot right here which shows off our character wearing the new watch and you can also see the attendant at the diamond store in the background to the watch actually looks really cool I think there's like a spade symbol in the center again it comes in a magnitude of variation so that might not be the only design that we can have but that is one of them right there and that is the rewards you get for obtaining platinum status and we get some more details here that the casino work missions unlock after you complete the first co-op mission so you have to complete the co-op mission first before getting access to the casino work missions just something to keep in mind right there now we move on to diamonds status and diamond status is where things get real nice so diamond status is reserved for all platinum members who go on the long haul complete all the co-operative missions to earn exclusive liveries Platinum members who host the missions will receive an exclusive livery for a highly coveted brand new vehicle Platinum members who participate in a hosts mission will receive an exclusive livery for the new anis s80 our our super car work together to host and participate in the complete mission strand to unlock both so let's take a look at that brand-new supercar that rockstar have revealed the name for it is the anisa 80 RR and this vehicle looks awesome as you guys can see here it's got a really cool livery on there sort of an e Cola one in red white and blue this looks fantastic now I'm sure you guys are gonna be wondering what this vehicle is based off of well since it's based off of the in-game brand anise it looks like this is gonna be based off of the real life brand Nissan and this is actually closely related to the Nissan our 90c which is an insanely cool supercar in real life so it's awesome that Rockstar deciding to add a vehicle like this it really reminds me of the anisa re7 B so I wonder if it's going to be a close competitor to that and that livery looks awesome the Ecola one now looking at the new anis s ATR R for customization options it's kind of hard to tell here I think similarly to the re 7b this vehicle might not have as many customization options as we think the only thing I can see from this screenshot is maybe that big spoiler on the back it can be removed or maybe it can be replaced with another version now another thing that I've noticed from this is look at the guys position in the car he looks like he's sitting in the center could this potentially be our very first one cedar supercar or maybe our first 3 seater supercar or people can sit on the left and the right of the driver that's actually the way this vehicle worked in real life where it only had one seat directly in the middle because that was best for racing and best for your lines of sight so will be interesting to see if Rockstar make it work the exact same way I mean from the one screen shot we have right here it kind of looks like that but maybe it's just an illusion based off of the angle that we're getting and the only other thing I could see added is that tow hook in the front maybe that's an upgradable option but who knows we'll just have to wait and see now remember in order to get that one you have to participate in the missions you don't host it if you host it you get another exclusive livery for a vehicle that hasn't been announced yet we don't know the name of it but Rockstar has shown it off in this screenshot right here and I'm not gonna lie I don't like this livery as much it reminds me of that same camo that we have for the winds or and I'm not a huge fan of that it's kind of like a camouflage one but either way still pretty cool that's going to be an exclusive livery now I'm sure you guys are gonna be wondering what vehicle this is Rockstar didn't announce the name or what category it's in but we can tell based off of the logo that it is a cognate Ceti vehicle and because of that we know that this is likely based off of a new Bentley to me it looks like the Bentley Continental GT which is an insanely beautiful luxury car now I'm trying to look for some customization options here it looks like that is a splitter on the front bumper in carbon-fiber there's a spoiler on the back I think there are new skirts on there too looks like there's a roll cage on the inside of the car it's kind of hard to tell it's add a little bit of an awkward angle it's right out front of the diamond Casino and Resort but either way this vehicle is going to be amazing I think that's an upgraded grille option too people have been clamoring for a Bentley Continental GT and it looks like we're finally getting one now in GTA online the good news about both of these vehicles is because Rockstar revealed both of them today I don't think they're going to be dripping I think that they will be available on day one because why would they offer exclusive liveries for these vehicles that might not be releasing for a couple of months so I think that's good news and I think it's safe to say that everything we've seen Rockstar mentioned for the diamond program is going to be available on day one in a few hours when the update arrives so those are all the different levels right there silver status gold status platinum and diamond status now Rockstar says that all of these rewards that we just talked about will be granted between August 8th and the 13th so even if you get on tomorrow and you achieve diamond status you're not going to be getting the awards until August 8th or August 13th so just keep that in mind and you have until August 7th in order to unlock all of this stuff so you're basically going to have two full weeks and then they say and don't forget you can get the master penthouse with the social club which prime benefits and hit silver status in the diamond program now they said there are two ways for players that link their accounts and claim their benefits to get free access if you have completed your signup and the master penthouse isn't showing is free you can purchase the master penthouse and you'll receive a rebate for the price of the bass master penthouse within 48 hours otherwise the price of the list is free for all active Twitch Prime members in good standing as of July 28th on August 1st so long as you remain an active twitch Prime member and the last thing they say is keep an eye on the newswire for more details around the Grand Opening of the diamond casino and resort including info on future diamond program perks and weekly awards so it seems as if what they've mentioned on the news wire is only the tip of the iceberg we might be getting more rewards coming soon and they will be announcing those after the DLC arrives and has been opened but anyways that's all the information that I've got for you guys in this video today hopefully you did enjoy that right there is an overview of the diamond program let me know which status you think is the best some people might think the gold status is the best some pea might think the diamond status is the best let me know your thoughts opinions are more in the comments down below I'd love to hear from you guys down there if you did gonna enjoy this video though like rating would of course be awesome and subscribe to my youtube channel if you are new or you want to stay up to date on all the latest gta5 casino news and videos when the update arrives tomorrow we'll be having so much fun so subscribe if you're interested in more content like that and be sure to ring that notification bell as well sometimes YouTube just doesn't work and if you ring that bell you'll always be guaranteed to be notified when new videos arrive but of course as always guys thank you all so much for watching take care and I'll see you guys in the next video


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