GTA 5 First Person Mode & Comparison (PS4 / Xbox One) - Hot Topic #6

GTA 5 First Person Mode & Comparison (PS4 / Xbox One) – Hot Topic #6

We're back, comin' atcha with a new episode of Hot Topic. I'm Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew and in this video we're all over the latest news about GTA 5 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC released through the Hands-On previews from the net and the stunning video released by Rockstar Games. While in the past days Rockstar Games announced the GTA 5 Limited Edition soundtrack CD and Vinyl Box sets that'll include some of the 150 new songs available only on the new gen version of the game, journalists from, and more, were invited to an hour long hands-on of GTA 5 on PlayStation 4. These lucky bastards got a chance to see how the game has been improved in each and every detail to test some of the upcoming exclusive features and content we discussed in the previous episode of Hot Topic and more. But the really, earth-shattering news and the focus of each preview is something that the series has never seen before: First. Person. View. Rockstar North, through Rob Nelson, the Animation Director on GTA 5, revealed during an interview with, that to get the game right, his team had to rethink the game from the ground up resulting in major reworking of GTA 5, unleashing on players a shockingly visceral and engaging first-person experience. While Rockstar has always enjoyed more than adequate 3rd person views, simply aiming the camera at your hands just ain't gonna cut it. If gamers are being sold a first person view, they're gonna want to see everything up close and in detail: guns aiming, control panels and so on. This required reconsidering all the animations. Starting from scratch, Rockstar North created over 3 thousand new animations, and that's just for weapons! Recoil, reloads and changing weapons all needed the up close and personal treatment to work in first person. Plus, as a beneficial side-effect, your rampages are liberated by allowing quicker deployment of grenades! You can now chuck 'em while holding weapons. But that's not all! New parachuting, carjacking and even idle animations were made. For example, when chillin' Franklin touches his hat and Michael fires a stogie and God only knows what Trevor might do. And to enhance the first person sensation, Rockstar has tweaked the entire GTA world. Like, if you get in a car the dashboard gauges really function – the speedometer, gas and in the pricier rides, the stereo even friggin' displays the station and song you're bobbing your head to. And I'm not kidding. You really do bob your head to the music, and duck when being shot at even on bikes and in helicopters. And on the outside, thanks to some new screenshots, we see that neon customization is an option beneath cars – so expect some mad mods. When main characters don helmets and / or goggles, the first person view and hearing immediately reflect the change, tinting your vision and muffling outside noise. Flying down the street, dodging cars, trucks and police barricades at 100 mph, actually gives the player a slightly blurred look at passing objects – only enhancing GTA 5's adrenaline rush. But as friggin' cool as this mode is, players aren't forced to use it. The game will still play the same for those who want to, and offer a ton of preconfigured schemes. It's up to you to decide how and when you go into first person. For example in a gunfight it might help to be in first person to really light those punks up, but you might wanna go third person when it's time to duck and cover 'cause that way you have a superior view of your immediate environment. While driving or flying you can decide which view you want use, and the same or another when walking the streets of Los Santos. You can jump into first person simply by tapping the pad on the PlayStation 4 controller. So what we're sayin', bottom line is, you can play the whole game in first person if you want, or third, or both. The radar, or mini-map if you will, has been changed to a more 3D style, featuring blurred borders. Cellphones are now full 3D objects and no longer lame 2D icons. You can see your character's fingers moving over icons while selecting options. And selfies? They've never looked more real, according to what the journalists say, with the possibility of changing your characters face animation by blushing or raising eyebrows. Oh, and speaking of blushing, what would it be like using the services of the street walkers while in First Person view? While journalists were given the chance to try some of the new challenges in this new version of GTA 5, Rockstar was careful not to reveal too much about the new contents. All we know is that there'll be 20 new species of wildlife, including dolphins and wild rabbits – along with cats, new dog breeds, killer whales, hammerhead sharks and more. So, GTA 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is not just some lousy re-heated version of the game we all know and love with new content, collectibles and missions thrown in. Not at all! Los Santos and Blaine County have been recreated from the ground up, enhancing every single aspect of this world. The game will run at a native resolution of 1080p and 30fps on console, with a fluid frame-rate even at its explosive peaks. Also, stating what Daniel Dawkins wrote on his article for CVG, the PC version of GTA 5 coming January 27th will run in up to 4K. The new first person view will not be a single player exclusive. GTA Online can be played using the new feature, and gamers will apparently be able to force this view while creating races and deathmatches. This way Online gameplay will be faster, and for some, may be more or less appealing, depending on weather you are a fan of FPS gameplay – like Call of Duty or Battlefield. Creator has also been enhanced with 150 new props we can place on our maps – up to a limit of 100 active objects. Also the character creator has been updated, but we don't know exactly how. We'll probably get more options to customize characters and maybe new possibilities to change our active characters' physical attributes. So to recap, GTA 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will bring players a new way to experience classic GTA gameplay – first person gameplay. Complete with new animation, fully functional dashboards in cars, planes and helicopters and new content! All adding up to why players should upgrade their systems and give the all-new GTA 5 a try. And now it's time – once again – for your best questions and ideas. Chris Wall from YouTube asks if the story-mode progress on PS3 or Xbox 360 will transfer over to the new gen console like your GTA Online character. While we don't have official info on this, we're pretty sure Rockstar's intention is to let gamers play GTA 5 from the beginning again – you know, to show off their updates and enhancements. So no, probably you won't be able to transfer your single player progression to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but you know, never say never. Second question or to be exact, affirmation, comes from RiseZ who said that everybody knows that we will redo the campaign with the First Person mode. You're right RiseZ, as soon as GTA 5 on new gen is available, we will start a new walkthrough playlist doing the 100% gold medal walkthrough using the First Person view, in 1080p and probably using PS4. Also when GTA 5 will be available in January for PC, we will do another video walkthrough at 60fps and in 4K if CVG statements are true. And this is all. Keep following us for new episodes of Hot Topic focusing on other aspects of the Grand Theft Auto series including beta and removed contents and our new video walkthroughs of GTA 5 on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. This was Gary7 MT for the GTA Series Videos crew. Boom! Headshot.


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