100 thoughts on “Growing opposition to impeachment in battleground states as House Judiciary gears up for hearings”

  • Doesn't matter what Adam says; all know, he is a chronic liar. Meanwhile, we need to watch what is on the background within US.

  • achristian's illuminosity says:

    also asswipey grabby joe we are awake and we the people know why you are running for 2020 and that is to be protected from trump for your criminal ways.

  • YouTube often swaps the title of one FOX news clip for another. This is not because they are hopelessly biased, partisan, and not particularly fond of the 1st Amendment. It is simply because they are fun-loving madcaps.

  • The inevitable conclusion is the democrates are no longer a viable party to any resolution and exercise of free people. There are other places and venues more suitable to their values of power grabs, but not in the USA. Good luck to the expatriate democrates in the Third World; their are some critical adjustments necessary within your chosen path.

  • The Judiciary Committee. What nonsense. There is no justice here at all. The President and his legal team banned from the proceedings? A put up job to void the election of Trump.

  • FARTGATE will be remembered as the biggest circus the Democratic Clown Party ever had. Swallowswell should be given a bigger role in the circus after all his famous fart was heard around the world.

  • This guy, by proclamation, insists he knows better than the majority of the us house of representatives, at least a dozen professional statesmen and national security officials and the majority of the people of the us. I suspect not.

  • Schiff circus, your orange jumpsuit and your new home are awaiting you Shifty Shift. Your time is very short as a free idiot.

  • I don’t know what the Democrats are going to try in the next 11 months. But I’m certain I know that the Democrats won’t hold any chairs in the house or senate the 4 years after.

  • Yea sure Ok …..ahhh Yawn. Wake me when the Treasonist start getting arrested for the Coup n hangings start. Its second Nature for Left to spew lies the public knows they lie like a road. MUSSOLINI them for Treason n THIS ACTUAL Coup ATTEMPT

  • good private citizen with good intentions says:

    Why don't the Republicans call for there own hearings and turn the tables on this crooks call all of them as witnesses and hole them to the fire under other ,if they lie put them in jail right then would make them,get there facts right maybe?????¿?????????

  • First it was Russia Gate, then it was Ukrainian Quid Pro Quo, then Democrats said the problem was Bribery now it is Abuse of power and Obstruction of Justice…
    They keep changing the accusation to try see if something will stick… There have been ZERO facts presented by any witness since this whole thing started.
    They have made 5 accusations and have no evidence to back any of them.
    They have wasted 3 years when they could have tried to do something to make life better for the American people, strengthen relationships with our allies and get an equitable trade agreement passed…

  • duke'M Explorer says:

    Oh one thing about creepy Schiff doesn't understand trump is a businessman not a politician when he was running had no idea on what was going on during his running

  • When the supposed victim says that "it didn't happen" and they pursue the case "all out" anyway….. it's clear-cut corruption and abuse of power….. something many Americans struggle to understand given their privilege…..

  • Shifty Schiff heard it on the Grapevine and Nadler ate it. Just what has Shifty Schiff and Nancy done for the Good American people of their Districts the last 3 years ? What ?

  • TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate says:


  • Has Adam not interfered in the Election process by blowing out of proportion a simple phone request with intent to investigate a suspect criminal activity of a presidential candidate? Will the investigation result not be of benefit to America whatever the findings?

  • The Democrats are the ones abusing their power. There are many seats in Congress up for reelection people, GET TO THE POLLS. Let's take our house back so something will actually be done for WE THE PEOPLE. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm tired of Congress wasting OUR time and OUR money. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH CONGRESS!

  • This is all perhaps, only God knows… a distraction from joe Biden… dems want he to be president in 2020 and this is a way to keep Biden and his son out of hot seat? This is a political mess with dems and their push for impeachment… serious waste of money.

  • If the Democrats are going to continue to scrutinize President Trump, they should also face increased personal scrutiny themselves.

  • Patricia Ashley says:

    Who Trust Theses Impeachment Handling Democrat?
    It Is Being Done By A Group Of One-sided Agenda Carriers. Who Cares Nothing About America Or Its Constitution.
    These Are The Same Democrats Who Didn't Want American To Have Any Of The Good Things President Trump Has Done For America.
    These Democrats Only Care About Killing Gods Babies And Their Selfmade Agenda.
    God Is Not Afraid Of Them Or Their Media Prompts;
    God Got A Miracle For Trump And Us, Who Have Been Whipped By The Democrats And Media Mercilessly Since President Trump Took Office. They Don't Like What He's Done For Us And America.
    Vote Out All The Democrats Except One.
    His Name is Jesus. Trust Him.
    Read : Isaiah Chapter 53.
    Everything Is Going To Be Alright, America's Republican Are Fighting To Keep Gods America. Hallelujah!

  • So damm dumb enough bull shitts needed dumbacrats have lost all my friends votes now they see how stupid y'all are doing nothing but cry keep it up the world is laughing

  • What's with the strange hate for one person? Yet the liberal media talks about how we need to be united and tollerance, equality but they (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NEW YORK TIMES) along with Congressional DemocRAts do nothing but devide the nation ? 63 million people voted for this man yet they think they run the country? What needs to happen for them to understand yes it is a democracy . We voted ! Live with it go to the polls and vote for someone else but to throw away 63 million votes is war against the majority of this country??

  • that old geezer nadler is Soo jelious of our president he can't see straight…nodler looks like he got run over by a semi…no neck freak!!!! no one of those tards in Congress have ziltch on our president!!!! and they know it…and so do we…they have spent Soo much of our tax dollars on these lies !! I hope that when these corrupt sob,s go to jail POTUS seizes their money and puts it all back .this is total bogus B's!!!! they figure if the demons can't win the election….well we will just impeach him!!! is that what their going to do next 4 years ??? just do the demtards can win???? no f*** way!!! they need to b arrested now!!!!!

  • Diane Stephenson says:

    was-incredible that the dems don't mind ramming thru a goat rodeo as if it was a legitimate process of law impeaching a duly elected president. a hand full of dems trying to tell the country they can decide who is president and 63,000,000 don't have the right or intelligence to elect the President of the United States of America. unbelievable!

  • Beverly Joy Cook says:

    That's the way you do it!!! They never saw negotiations done before! Grow up people! Best PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP 2020! 👍🇺🇸😀

  • The impeachment trial is THE ONLY WAY to meaningfully inform the voting public about Trumps criminal activity, sedition and obstruction.

  • If this menagerie is real, there should be an accompanying downturn in Trumps overall approval numbers, which are already horrible. Acknowledging the Trump cult, which exists and is garbage, the remaining "independents" and "undecideds" aren't drawn towards Trump as a result of this series of revelations. So, the numbers should change, except for the Republican Party internal approval polling numbers , which will remain high, as many GOP folks not hoodwinked by the grifter in the White House changed their affiliation to independent or democrat, and are no longer in the GOP polling equation.

  • Fake news creates Fake impeachment, preceded by Fake Mueller Russian collusion witch hunt, Fake pee-pee gate dossier created and paid for by CIA,FBI DNC and Hillary . DEMOCRAT RAGE-filled BEAT -Down of the Republic goes on and on and on. VOTE THEM OUT!

  • No evidence means no evidence. And people still think he did something wrong. Are the American people really this stupid? Apparently they are. I don't like being ignorant. Do people like to be ignorant?

  • Money isn't even mentioned in the call. Just javelins. No dollar amounts anywhere. I wanna hear in terms transcript…. "you get me evidence to lock up Biden. I'll give you x- dollars. Only then. You get what you want" 489 million. Like Biden did. These socialist pigs.

  • If, in the end, the democrats' formula regarding language and truth is A = not A; then, not only do they lose credible voice here, they lose it everywhere. If Nadler did/does not mean his words, then no one should ever listen to him. I reference what he said during Clinton's impeachment process – a powerful case to shut down this impeachment now.

  • First it was annoying and got outrageous quick, but a cease and desist would be merciful at this point because they are such cartoons!

  • Once again the Democrat can we can treason against the American people and joining with those in the EU to create Super State of Europe and then onto a Super State America is all about control of the political elites shouting down the voice of the American people they want to get rid of the people's president the man was worked so hard to make America a better place for the American people

  • Do it then. But you have nothing, so they just keep bringing up like vomit the impeachment threat. DO IT. WE DOUBLE DARE YOU . A. Schitt is named correctly as he is just that a piece of s–t

  • Just because some honorless, Leftist dickheads write iterations of the word "obstruction" all over a bogus report it means nothing without evidence. The more they write it, the more clear it becomes they have NOTHING approaching evidence. If Americans fall for this they deserve their communist masters from here on. All the Pravda wannabes (MSM) will soon learn how they are hated.

  • This is like being arrested for Resisting Arrest and when the judge asks what was crime they we're arrested for, the officers, try to go back and try to come up with something.

    Adam Schiff has no crime.

  • Thank God the Founders came up with the separations of powers. The Adam Schiffs were planned for a couple hundred years ago.

  • If, If, If we had presently a President Biden, Sanders, or Warren and they initiated a quid, pro, quo with the President of the Ukraine as to an investigation of their political opponent Candidate Trump the Republicans would initiate and demand impeachment inquiry and proceedings.  They would demand an end to a Bidens, Sanders, or Warrens, Authoritarian, Oligarch, and Demagoguery behavior.  They would scream at the hilltops the undermining of Democratic Institutions. What do you think?  Would Biden be accused of sabotaging Trump his political opponent? Would the Democrats join together and support President Biden as the Republicans are doing now with President Trump?  Would you accuse the Republicans of being a deep state, a swamp?

  • The Dems are lemmings heading for a cliff and it’s a long way down. Americans will remember this farce, this Star Chamber, this disgrace led by the odious Schiff when the November 2020 election comes.

  • How did prez trump obstruct when this was not a legal investigation or the hearings were not legal. Democraps did not have a vote

  • Myrna De Perio LaFauci says:

    These democrats are inventing stories, crimes that President Trump committed. this is just a ploy to stop him from the Hunter Biden and Joe Biden investigations, the guilty people. SChiff, no, stop spreading false information about President Trump!!!You and Pelosi should be impeached, not President Trump. YOu are abusing your power.President Trump is higher than you, he is our commander in chief!!!

  • the "i want nothing, i want nothing" was after trump knowing he had a whistleblower and it was gonna go public. And zelensky was the one getting strongarmed,just because he says he dident the other evidence that trump did dosent just magically go away.

    Is this host/guest delibritly bending the facts to make it look like trump did no pressure, or is he just plain dumb and repeating words he heard from others? you decide

  • At the end of WWII, CIA Allen Dulles convinced the American citizens to send their tax dollars to Europe to rebuild war torn Europe and we did. However, after 70+ years with no pay backs from Europe we elected president Donald J Trump to end the fraudulent activity and treasonous acts against the American citizens.
    President Donald J Trump went into Europe and met with our foreign policy makers and lackey leader's to tell them all, the money stop's. You can no longer steal our tax dollars in the name of foreign aide.
    Do You Understand why they hate president Donald J Trump?

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