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  • Amonsterman01 says:

    As much as I love Groucho, he sounds like a major hypocrite. Dude made a career out of telling dirty jokes. One joke off the top of my head is the "We took pictures of the native girls but they weren't developed, but we're going back again in a few weeks."

  • Micah Philson says:

    4:36 "But I do think it's had its day, I think they're going to go back to clean movies…"

    Uh… I never thought I"d say this, but for once, I'm glad this legend is dead, he would be so disappointed with the state of entertainment and comedy today!

  • His respect for comedy as an art form is simple: Word play, sight gags, physical shtick is a skill that must be practiced and polished. Vulgarity will shock and produce a laugh, but what's the skill in that? Crude is cheap and easy, but requires no ability or intellect.

  • Michael Fleming says:

    “In my day, if you wanted to talk to someone in another area you had to use a telephone. A telephone was something you’d punch numbers into and the numbers corresponded to another telephone in another area where the person who you wanted to talk to was located.”

  • back in my day we had this thing called porn. And we had these things called 'men'. And we had these other things called 'women'. They had different physicalities. That is, the men had these protuberances that some people called 'erections'. Women had these things called vulvas, and the men would take their erections and stick them inside of the woman's vulva. And he would push it forward. Then he would pull it back..And he would push it forward. Then he would pull it back..And he would push it forward. Then he would pull it back..And he would push it forward. Then he would pull it back….

  • Επαμεινωνδας Κοσμας says:

    Funny how he was so wrong and so right. Most entertainment kept getting dirtier and dirtier, but Hollywood is being propped up now by a very clean set Marvel Superhero films.

  • Erin Tesoriero says:

    If Groucho felt this way in 71 I can only imagine what he'd say today. Sometimes watching old clips of these comedy legends back when television makes my heart hurt because I believe we've lost a good portion our dignity and class when it comes to true entertainment. I think if we had more pure, simple humor the world just might be a little happier.

  • What about the likes of Louis CK and Robin Williams and Eddie Murphy tho lmao they're all super raunchy comedians and still funny asf.

  • Donald Koelper says:

    Groucho Marx was born in 1890. By the time he appeared on Dick Cavett's show in 1969, he was 79 years old and his anachronistic views of then-evolving standards in entertainment reflected his age. His heyday in Hollywood was also the period in which the heavy-handed Motion Picture Production Code, aka the Hays Code, limited what could and couldn't be said and shown onscreen. As it was, Groucho worked around the Hays Code and became one of the true masters of the double entendre in comedy, as well as a founding father of the art of improv.

  • "Say something clean and get a laugh, that requires a comedian. " Not true. Being clean is a preference. Comedy is an art form. You can't just box it in to what you think it is or should be.

  • 6:37 I know exactly what he’s talking about. It’s still like that at my house, the men go into the billiards room with the bar to smoke, drink and tell dirty stories; while the woman hang around the dining room table to do pretty much the same.

  • I feel like there’s vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity, which is embarrassing, shameful and lazy… and then there’s creative vulgarity. A major ingredient for good humor is the element of surprise, and a touch of crudeness here and there can help sell that kind of thing without necessarily resorting to becoming a porn parody. I believe that there’s a proper balance that can be achieved, and I don’t see how mildly raunchy humor is any worse than guys slapping each other or cartoons blowing each other up. So much humor is derived from some variation of pain or discomfort.

  • ThreePhaseHigh says:

    Well Groucho you’re right about the dirty stuff but sadly you’re wrong about it getting better it only got worse.

  • In my day, when you went to ride a train, you would wait by the side of the track, and then the train would come. And then you would get on the train. And then a man would come by and you’d give him your ticket. And then you would sit there until you arrived at your destination.

  • Anyone who says anything about all comedians, or about how all men and women should relate to one another, or how everything they think is "dirty" isn't entertaining or funny to anyone is probably wrong.

    I mean, this is an 80 year old Groucho. Older people often get pretty set in a few particular ways, even different to how they used to be.


    There are funny and not funny comedians that are "clean" and that are "dirty." There are movies and TV about sex that are deeply moving and interesting, and there are those that are trash. Why do people feel such a need to overgeneralize?

  • MusclePix Photography says:

    Had to check out what Gilbert Gottfried has been talking about… His impression is perfect!!! I love Gilbert

  • Kenneth Schlayer says:

    the thing is I find him profound, he was right, if you have to say something dirty to be funny, your not really funny, you just think you are.

  • As usual, Howard Stern and Gilbert Gottfried have brought all of Stern's morons out to spam a video of two perfectly intelligent and literate humorists with the talent that Stern and Gottfried don't have .

  • Sean Edington says:

    Truer words have not been spoken. It’s so much easier to get a laugh using vulgarity. I have great respect and admiration to anyone who can get a laugh without lowering themselves to gutter humour.

  • fool1shmortal says:

    "Two and a Half Men" lines given were timed well, I think, but just trash. Of course, shows display their sex so openly, these days. There's no art. I guess the imagination isn't used to guess what's happening, but that's up to adults. Kids shouldn't see all that in prime time. A couple shutting the door in a show is better. Kids don't have to hear it and hopefully won't get it, though the hardcore liberals are putting a stop to that innocence and equally soulless fiscal conservative capitalists will ok what makes a buck. I liked the Bull character in Night Court, as a kid, who should not have been watching at that time (though Bull and Harry were kid-friendly), but had to wonder if any of the dirty jokes and humor of the other characters embedded in my subconscious. I think afternoon comedies Of the 60s, 70s (we saw the reruns in the 80s) and 80s were hilarious without the dirty stuff. It takes discipline, though.

  • never heard what happened to his brother skid marx never went into showbiz but i think he was in underpants for a while til he washed out

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