GROHE | Spring Installation On Pull-out Kitchen Faucets | Installation Video

GROHE | Spring Installation On Pull-out Kitchen Faucets | Installation Video

Hi I’m Ken Samson with Grohe America
a LIXIL company and I just want to take a couple minutes and show you how
to install the spring on our pull-out best kitchen faucet brands. So like the Menta and the
Ladylux the spring just simply pushes up the hose, you can see underneath here the shank acts as a hose
guide and a stop for the spring so it doesn’t go up into the inside of the
body and jam it up. However, with other Faucets such as our Eurodisc here, it’s a little bit different. So with this
once you have the faucet mounted. I suggest you first extend and retract the
hose from the head to make sure that it’s working smoothly. If it’s a little
hard to pull out your feeling some resistance that has to do with the
mounting and so to fix that what you need to do is come underneath here loosen up your nut, you’re mounting nut,
and push the faucet back towards the backsplash and that will free up the
hose extending the track smoothly what’s happening is the faucets just a
little too far forward and it’s pinching between the faucet and whatever your mounted at whether it’s a countertop or a sink. So you push it back
bring it up for smooth retraction extension. So with the eurodisc we have a
piece that’s called a stop, looks like a figure eight. The part number 04174 so if it gets
misplaced we do have a part number for it, and that just float down the hose,
also use the spring. The spring is 07240. I give you that number because sometimes
when you remove the spring from the cardboard to you can get tangled up and
it’s very difficult to untangle or it can be very difficult
to untangle and it will shoot out the tube. take the stop slide it up the hose and
let it float up the the hose there. Push your spring on. just slide it up just like that. Take the male end of the hose. push it through the other hole the
figure-eight take your coupler no tools no teflon tape needed coupler has a seal it’s like a pneumatic coupler just snaps
right on. now so that’s how we use the spring with figure-eight now as of
2016 moving forward we’re doing what we call a running change and the running
changes going from the metal hose where we’re using a nylon braided hose and I’d have to
say the main reason why we’re kind of doing this, why we are doing this is
you can hear the hose running through the body of the faucet and with a spout
like the Menta it’s a little bit louder. so we’re going with the nylon hose. It’ll be much quieter water filter for pull out faucet
it’s a little smaller in diameter so it makes it for easier extension and
retraction were eliminating the spring and we’re going to the weight and this is
what we’re calling easy docking. With that hose the nylon braided hose will be much
quieter will be able to hit on one of our moments of truth which is early
whisper much quieter extending and retracting. That’s what i have for pull-out
hoses with springs. So you have a minute by all means please just look us up at to view our full line of products. or if you are in the Flatiron
District of New York please feel free to go to the GROHE livecenter 160 fifth avenue and
see our products on display touch and feel them watch the hand shower work
it’s a really great experience. thank you for your time and be safe.


5 thoughts on “GROHE | Spring Installation On Pull-out Kitchen Faucets | Installation Video”

  • Too bad less than 40 seconds were dedicated to the Minta. I would have liked to know how to adjust the spring when the sprayer will not retract back into the faucet.

  • Anna Toro-Bernard says:

    got the new hose, but no new spring coil in our case, and called linix today and they are telling us to use the old hose on our ladylux 3 –thanks alot. so now my hubby has to watch this video to try to fix a part that cracked inside the sink. Will never buy this expensive faucet again. My old delta from home depot cost a third of the price and was lasting forever. Poor quality hose ! disappointed in Grohe/linix america!

  • I have the Minta which I used in my NY Bed and Breakfast. The faucet was loose nut underneath spinning. I turned the faucet clockwise and it tightened. Then disaster the coil twisted no water.
    I need the whole hose should I go nylon now?

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