Grisham: Dems need to stop with the temper tantrums and get to work


100 thoughts on “Grisham: Dems need to stop with the temper tantrums and get to work”

  • michael collins says:

    adam schiff (for brains) HAS done somethings wrong though. why isn't he/she/it in federal prison for his crimes. those eyes POP OUT every time he lies.

  • There's this Asian guy from New York named ANDREW YANG running for president. Andrew Yang wants to limit terms for supreme Court appointments. ANDREW YANG will not like the electoral college either. ANDREW YANG wants to give you $1000.00 per month.

  • @ Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff talk about the US Constitution, and no one is above the law, but they have meetings in secret, but there is no real due process both ways, and Mr. Schift controls the witnesses, in whom they can talk with or can not talk with? They Nancy Pellosi, and her team makes rules to benefit the persecution, but not the defense.

  • The transcript showed the president did something seriously wrong. Impeachable.

    If the white house is serious about getting things done, get Mitch McConnell and the GOP senate to pass the hundreds of pieces of legislation that the House has handed onto them, and get Trump to sign those into law. Stop focusing on impeachment and do your job Trump!!! Such things as health care! It's sitting on Mitch's desk. Get to it.

  • And all these news people to in there studios backing the most evil man on the planet trump and running off w the mouth and feeling safe doing it lmao there is a horror show coming people might not belive that but most people know its coning. We see how much you laugh then people

  • Sure are a lot of real live Witches running around the Oval Office & White House, can start with ScaryAnne then mix in this facist propagandist and can't get much more real then them! Was she granted a Security Clearance with her history of DUIs? Must be another Trump approved decision hmm

  • freewillobjector says:

    The criminal justice reform enables ex cons to vote…. Demonrat! Bravo, Trump! EMPTY THOSE JAILS, and WHERE IS THAT WALL!!!

  • Our nation’s democracy has been hujacked long ago and now white nationalists’ ignorance flourishes. We forget our own history and our country’s founding principles. We the People has NEVER meant All the People-but it can and must if we are to survive upon the notion of freedom. GOP lawmakers have proven their true colors – greed and hate.

  • DEM STATES New York and California run the media, but not the USA. What disrespect for those that voted for Trump. The Ukraine call was about 2016, everyone has read the transcript. Schiff should be in Jail.

  • When you play into the hands of hate and division along a corrupt two party controlled system, you are the problem. Be the productive change and turn off your T.V. You are being brainwashed by others opinions to benefit the ruling oligarchy .

  • Wilhelm Geisler says:


  • Peloci and schiff need to be removed, they are criminally insane hiding behind their delusional version of their distorted view of what they claim the constitution is.

  • Stephanie Grisham….you refuse to understand the process…you won't be happy until you have a system like Russia…a single party system…please continue to lie to the American public…propaganda…hmmm, just like the Russian way of doing things…to change Washington to a single party system…like Russia….lol

  • How long do these Politicians think that Patriots are going to sit idly by while they follow the orders of their un-elected masters behind the scenes?

  • For the corrupt leftist democrats (and RINOS) to have received their salaries all this time just to obstruct, harass, and attempt to impeach our President against the will of WE THE PEOPLE is nothing less than embezzlement/theft of our tax dollars! Who is REALLY standing in the gap for us to stop this except for POTUS? There are many good words and a few paltry actions coming from the right side of Congress. But no firm or truly proactive actions or legal steps being taken to stop this juggernaut of treason and corruption!

  • Its Unconstitutional hostility. The Democrats are trying to overthrow
    President Trump. But they WILL be voted out in 2020!!

  • Why are we worried about this impeachment BS? President Trump, such a representative of the Christ Consciousness.Really he is… crack open your bible… he is Christ like! Honest, pure of heart, always in integrity, looking out for the little guy and professional! You know, each of us little people should take on his mannerisms at work! We would ALL be promoted. Trump is an out and out role model for each of us AND OUR CHILDREN. The dems know this and they are so frustrated by this. Look Trump is innocent, He EVEN "SAID" THE TRANSCRIPT PROVES IT. Look, let the Dems have their impeachment show. In the end our VERY innocent president will show the world how much in integrity he actually represents! He is honest.. Like honest ABE! Pure to the bone, LIKE CHRIST! WE ALL KNOW GOD LOVES TRUMP. The President is an innocent, very honest man! You know, each of our personal history … the collection of our actions over the years reveals who we really are. President Trump has ALWAYS shown his true colors. The way he runs his business, the way he tells the truth… has always been on the up and up. He is a very honest, truthful human being and he plays by the rules like the REST OF US, despite the way it may look. The truth and honesty, and integrity, and respect for the law, and the constitution still matters in this country… right? Just look at the way Trump has treated the closest person in his life! Why is anyone worried about this? Why stop people from testifying????.. WHY? there is NOTHING to hide when you are telling the truth! And the President is ALWAYS TRUTHFUL! We all know the TRUTH comes out in the end. RELAX.

  • Stand for America the Constitutional Republic — Ms Grisham continue speaking up for TRUTH n the old American Way!!! rjh age 59 —

  • Most of this comes from the media pushing the Lies of democrats repeatedly so much that the citizens start believing they are hearing the Truth. The Media is Brainwashing the American People.

  • Bettyjane Cecile says:

    This is not a legitimate impeachment its a slander against Trump because they know they can't win2020 investigate BIDEN and his corrupt son there's the real crime or Clinton money laundering foundation all the different countries donating millions to play

  • Nroog St Paul Moua says:

    The Democrats had nothing on Trump. They will loose in the Senate's trial. Saying "I will shoot someone on fifth Avenue and get away with it." It is different from doing it. There's no crime here. The white house already gives everything that the Democrats needed and we see there's no crime there. Ukraine already got the money and they didn't go on public declaring investigations in Biden. Trump is the greatest president ever. Pelosi is stupidest ever.

  • How can Democrats get to work when every bill they help pass in the House is blockaded by Moscow Mitch in the Senate? It's the Republicans that need to work.

  • I am very impressed with Stephanie ! She speaks and express herself so confidently! No eh and haw and flopping around!!! Now that I have seen her I think the President made the right choice ! Isn’t she his press secretary? Prayer warrior pray without ceasing !

  • The WORLD is watching the U.S., to see if we follow our own Constitution, to see how our Capitol gets along…we have an ABSOLUTE failure of 95% of our Government and the rules that have been made into law and presidence. The Democrats have RUINED our government and made a shambles of the Constitution with their complete lawlessness!

  • Hans Christian Andersen says:

    Spygate, Obamagate, Clintongate, Ukrainegate, Bidengate coming to a TV console near you… Trump was hoping that the Democratic Crime Families would stay calm after the dust had fallen in the aftermath of the 2016 shootout, but he was wrong, and it took him 3 years to get on top of this, and now it is payback time, it is popcorn time, it is the showdown at O.K.Corall…

  • People need to call out the evil dems and weak rhinos they hate us our country and president and God they want us dead! Start taking action

  • The Impeachment Inquiry is not a Court of Law. You have to know that. It is an Investigation. The charges are the Articles of Impeachment and the Court is the Trial in the Senate.

  • Get to work!?!?! Has she done even ONE press conference? Innocent or not you are never allowed to do the investigation. That is happening while you are planning your defense. As the accused when you get to court is when you find out what the investigation brought forth.

  • They should stop before all are dead. I don't think they are smart enough to know what will happen if they start a civil war.

  • The only way to deal with crybabies is to leave them alone, ignore them , let them lay there and kick their heels till they get it out of their system and then send them to bed with no supper. You can't give in to their tantrums cause that's all they want, to be the center of attention.

  • Oh they are getting to work alright, on…Crime #1, the BIGGIE: In the united states it is illegal to ask a foreign government to intervene in our elections, dirt on Biden & an exoneration of russia being behind the 2016 election interference both fit that bill & both have been admitted by trump & his chief of staff. This is illegal even if there is no money involved…..but in trumps case…crime# 2=congress has the power of purse here, POTUS is foreign state rep…so congress decide yes money is to go to Ukraine…he delivers it. Trump is not allowed to NOT deliver it….by holding it up (as always) he helped Putin, & got thousands of ukrainian citizens killed. On to the next crime.# 3=To say do THIS or you can't have the aide we call extortion….the Ukrainian president NEEDS the aide, we are violating his countries sovereignty to make them do dog tricks to get the money. It is wrong, disrespectful & illegal. (The main reason it's illegal is because it results in a compromised president. Later Ukraine could demand something from trump & say if you don't….we'll tell, we just saw this with turkey where trump has been money laundering russian money for years) Sorry, to get off track, it's just hard to believe anyone is so naive they need this explained. Back to the phone call. Crime#4 Here in the US our POTUS is supposed to protect the civil rights of all of our citizens, this is why we get upset over beheading our journalists, Otto in N korea, the Iran/Contra affair…surely you remember that? You guys saved us!, So Trump is supposed to protect US citizens, all of them Not just his cult followers. He violated the civil rights of both Joe & Hunter Bidden. ….From there we could go on into all the cover up crimes, using the wrong server to hide the call, telling his flunkies to ignore legal subpoenas….but I think we've about covered the main crimes he admitted to committing. And this is only what he admitted to!!! LOL, He thinks he's still hiding the really bad stuff !Anyway surely there's more but this is quite enough.

  • Please are you crazy?? Don't encourage the DEMS to get to work, the last time they did that they: gutted our factories, destroyed our educational system, sent us into endless wars, flooded our streets with vagrants and they stole billions if not trillions of dollars! No leave them in their safe spaces, hidden underground, stirring the cauldron of hate. All we need to do is lock the door!

  • FreeandFighting says:

    I, as a member of WE THE PEOPLE, Demand open-hearings with FULL media coverage & reciprocal Legal Rights for POTUS & his legal team! Otherwise, led by a Proven Serial Liar (AS) these House Proceedings have NO Value toward ANY future legal process!!! FREE

  • batavusfietsbel says:

    Trump Cult: "But but but but the hearings are being held behind closed doors! So unfair to Orange Messiah! WAAAHH!!!!"

    REALITY 1: The impeachment inquiry is an investigation. And in any investigation, witnesses are interviewed without other potential witnesses knowing what was said. This is so that witnesses cannot agree upon a common lie or false story to tell.

    REALITY 2: There are nine Republicans participating in every one of those closed door hearings. And yet none of them have disputed a single thing that any witness has said.

    REALITY 3: The new republican narrative is just as long as the Ukrainians don’t say they knew the aid was being held up then it’s okay. Even though the president knew what he was doing as long as the Ukrainians didn’t know then it’s okay. Lmfao. People really fall for this crap.

  • So Trump does nothing for almost 3 years, and it's the dems to blame? Is that why the Fed is going to pump $800 billion into bond markets and into debt that was illegal before 2017? Don't worry snowflakes, even if Trump isn't impeached senators will have to choose pissing off voters or pissing off Trump and either way they get run out of office. 😂😂😂

  • Fact is… Trump makes Americans' Money, the Left TAKE the Americans' Money!!! Reject the LYING, CROOKED, CORRUPT, CRIMINAL Left.

  • Temper tantrums are like fire. It gets very destructive when it gets out of control. The end of the matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. Do not be quickly provoked in your self image, for anger resides in the lap of fools. Likewise, Patience – a quality you admire in the driver behind you but scorn in the one ahead.

  • Trump is great .On ISIS I think they are going to try something big for simple revenge . I have no doubt our Pros are aware .These animals are like rats

  • Anyone else just loving the ad before the news clips about gun violence? Absolutely love how these type of ding dongs have never made laws to be tough on criminals. We used to have those laws, but I guess a bunch of smart people got together and thought it would be better to play nice with the shitbags and go after the decent people. Thanks looser lawmakers!!

  • The Democrats don't know what the word "work" means? They only know how to kick and scream and cry like the little babies they are!

  • Edmund Singleton says:

    When ever I use the word ‘caricature’, I don’t mean it in a
    derogatory manner as some of my critics have alleged, but merely as a descriptive
    short cut, to sort of paint a picture in one’s mind, for instance, a caricature
    of a hippie, long hair and sandals, or a beatnik, a goatee and sandals, readily
    comes to mind. So, a caricature of a ‘female television news contributor’, these
    days, has streaking blond dyed hair with greasy red lip coverings, and that caricature
    image has very often been self-made…through no fault of mine…

  • clayton mccormick says:

    it shouldn't be called a subpoena as the vote in the house was simply to continue an illegitimate inquiry if you read it very carefully it is not an impeachment so the power to subpoena was not granted so adam issued an invitation:-) that has no power to punish so has no power to compel and adams little party is not a court no matter how much he wants it to be.

  • Still desperately fighting the " lost cause" of the 2016 election, Dems are mostly united to work on a more hopeful distraction on a public they feel, having lower mentality, uninformed and distracted, to deter their eventual exposure and arrest in spite of media collaboration.

  • I understand that pathological slimy liar Adam Schiff's phony hearings are blowing up in his face this week. I hope he keeps lying until Barr and Durham charge him with sedition and send Federal Marshals to haul the slimy little bastard off in irons.

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