Green With Happiness: Meet the Green Lady of Brooklyn

Green With Happiness: Meet the Green Lady of Brooklyn

(jubilant dramatic orchestral music) – I guess it is pretty green. To me, it’s not. It wasn’t just always all green. Now I’m quite green. My name is Elizabeth Sweetheart, and I am the green lady. (shuffling) Everything is green. I bought green counter,
and then I got green knobs, and then all the accessories. We even painted the front
door green. (laughing) If I find something that I really like in terms of clothing and
what I wear, I make it green. These are my overalls. I grew up with my family in Nova Scotia, and they didn’t know what
to do with me. (laughing) I wanted to be an artist. I started wearing green when my dad invited me to visit Florida. It was really exciting for me to go, because we hadn’t really connected and he didn’t really care
for an artist. (laughing) The water is aqua-green,
deep, rich greens. I painted all the palm trees. And from that point on, I started adding little bits of green, because it was like a lucky day that dad asked me to go visit. It’s been, I dunno, 17 to 20 years. I continue to wear green
because the way I dress makes other people smile
and say “Oh, the Green Lady! (laughing) “Can I have a selfie with you?” (jubilant orchestral music) I think people really, really like the belief that you like something enough to really carry it through. When you’re young, you tend to
think you look good in black. As you get older, you
realize color is so much fun! I will continue to be green,
’cause it’s so positive. I think when it’s not, then I’ll change to my next favorite thing. (sonic ding)


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