Gowdy on Mueller: I would've beaten the hell out of that exoneration


48 thoughts on “Gowdy on Mueller: I would've beaten the hell out of that exoneration”

  • most people realize their down fall ,when age start to caught up with them . MUELLER knew his mental capacity was failing and it showed he was not in control of this INVESTIGATION

  • Douglas Arthur says:

    The longer the opposition pursues this matter the lower and lower the bar becomes. Dignity? Honour? Sometimes it really is not possible to find an elephant in an empty room.

  • When someone as brilliant as Trey Gowdy sides with President Trump……you KNOW you are voting for the right guy!!!

  • acacia816 squared says:

    How was that a disaster mr. Gowdy I think you are a disgrace to your state and the country and you hate what America really is..
    Not everyone in America is dumbest people from South Carolina we can put two and two together

  • rupulstilskin says:

    Still by now we know we can't have an incompetent and self serving occupant in office. Impeach or vote the scumbag out of the WH.

  • little silver says:

    Please FOX keep this reporter, and get rid of SHEEPHEARDER SMITH let him go back to the biggest failing liberal news media outlets, he talks so highly about them, then go back to CNN, MSNBC and the rest, I dont need to hear another wanna be FAKE news anchor put down our president that has done more for this country then any other . We need to start holding these news anchors responsible for what they say and how there putting this Country in danger, with there idiotic off the wall lies they cant back up or corroborate.

  • Eben Mountain Ministries says:

    I don't see how the false accusations from CNN amd MSNBC against Pres. Trump are any different than Alex Jones / Sandy Hook case. However Alex will get his pants sued off and CNN / MSM cronies walk free.

  • Gowdy has more common sense in his little finger than all the democraps in Washington. Gowdy was a huge loss when he left.

  • Rumple Stiltskin says:

    That freaking yellow coward democrat wouldn't answer questions from republicans anyway. It was, and still is a witch hunt.

  • The bottom line is how corrupt can a political party be so corrupted and incompetent that it has allowed this to happen. This truly looks like the end of the Republic as we know it.

  • I miss when gowdy would interrogate crooks like this. It was always satisfying to see someone call them on their bs

  • Just shows the corrupt nature of the usa, total waste of money and time USA best shut up close the door and lock it , we are fed up with all the BS from the usa Clean your own house first.

  • Mueller practically forgot how to speak English in complete sentences, all those lies left the man tongue tied. He was like one of those dolls, ask it a question, pull the string, and it repeats the same thing over and over. Start clearing out your desk Bob, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

  • Lover of Freedom P. says:

    Anyone see the ad of BILLIONAIRE Tom Steger ask for dollar donations? He's already spent MILLIONS to OVERTHROW this President…(what is the definition of that action?) yet President Trump remains strong. Look up Steyer, and SEE how he MADE BILLIONS! The HYPOCRACY of the dems.

  • Howdy Gowdy, your opinion means nothing at this point, you're just a little man fading away into the sunset who pops in with biased comments supporting the worst president in our history.

  • Kenneth Ransom says:

    The sign says" 200 DAYS FIGHTING FOR THE PEOPLE", the only people they are fighting for is themselves and will stoop to however low they have to go to try and regain power in D.C., I hope to hell it never happens, because if it does you can kiss the "LAND OF THE FREE" goodbye.

  • Maybe I missed something but did anyone ask Mueller if "he" wrote his report. It was obvious he hardly knew anything about what was in it. It's said that Zebley was in charge of 111 meetings the special council had. And Mueller's supposedly second in command, Weissman, only came to a few. That's why he wanted Zebley beside him at the hearing. They should have gotten Mueller to testify, under oath, whether or not he wrote the report or Zebley wrote it and he just signed it. Mueller wasn't even familiar with who GPS Fusion was. Come on people. My 10 year old even knows that one.

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