100 thoughts on “Gov. DeWine says Ohio estimated to have over 100K cases of coronavirus”

  • It's possible that this virus has been circulating longer than we've known about it. People were traveling asymptomatically as early as November of last year before the first people started getting sick and this became a cause for concern in China. In this time period, people were freely traveling to other countries and Influenza B was going around with very similar sets of symptoms.

  • Goodbye USA! Your politicians are too dumb and too slow to react to such a crisis. You are going to cry soon. Math and nature don't care about your opinions.

  • one thing for sure this guy is a little fuzzy with the numbers, Ohio has more cases than china??? Is pot legal in ohio, because they be tripping. Or WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE ARGHHHHHHHHH?!?!?!?!

  • Richard Willette says:

    I got corona but no insurance so I’m just gonna press on continue working at the retirement home and hopefully won’t infect too many

  • Joeybabbs .BABBS says:

    not true, its not spreading, the virus Covid-19 has been here since
    early january.. people have had it and it has been called the flu and
    misdiagnosed. There are 50000 to 250000 cases in the USA. As most people
    beat the virus it its no a big deal and the ones have already died from
    it, it was consider flu like illness and they never tested for it.
    Several of you know someone who had the flu like illness and january and
    early Feb.. You already had it.. now that the testing ability has gone
    up the numbers will seem higher but they really arent. and most people
    wont even go get tested

  • Joeybabbs .BABBS says:

    not true, its not spreading, the virus Covid-19 has been here since
    early january.. people have had it and it has been called the flu and
    misdiagnosed. There are 50000 to 250000 cases in the USA. As most people
    beat the virus it its no a big deal and the ones have already died from
    it, it was consider flu like illness and they never tested for it.
    Several of you know someone who had the flu like illness and january and
    early Feb.. You already had it.. now that the testing ability has gone
    up the numbers will seem higher but they really arent. and most people
    wont even go get tested

  • Arlie Ferguson says:

    I mean he's just telling the truth based on the info. It probably would be better to keep the official numbers down so we don't all lose our jobs. At the end of the day, it's really a crisis for hospitals.

  • joshua yalowitz says:

    The test kit is just a talking point that all news channels are using to ramp up the heat on their interviews. Self quarantine and especially if sick. When you get better you are no longer contagious and you survived it. As stated it will be impossible to test everybody. Some people will get sick and ride this out and never be tested.

  • The heading is misleading. Covid-19 is one of the illnesses that can result from Coronavirus. Coronavirus is the actual virus and most who get it will have rather mild symptoms. Even so, the numbers are terrible. And it means many, many people will be sick, lose work and income, and some will die. Thankfully they seem to be moving in the right direction with restricting movements.

  • So far 60 people dead this year in the U.S. from Wuhan/Coronavirus… many years in the U.S. 10,000 to 80,000 die from flu like related symptoms …What am I missing here

  • FatBoyzRacing317 says:

    Surgical mask are useless. You just look like an idiot. If you are that concerned and you want to use a mask you need the respirator type paper mask that seals around your nose and mouth. The ones that look like those used in demolition or construction.

  • Ok this is so dumb because if Ohio has 100k+ then logically other states and countries have even more than that. Plus you can’t just estimate, the only way to know is to get tested and as far as I’ve heard there have been 0 deaths from the virus in Ohio, which would make no sense if there are 100k+ infected.

  • I'd prefer a cautionary overreaction to a minor problem, than a delayed under-reaction to a major problem. Good job, Mike.

  • Palmer Organic Farms says:

    People just want this to be a disaster to create chaos..

    They just keep telling one lie after another, creating fear mongering…
    It's completely rediculous..

  • We need to get rid of the Media that spread lies and fear 24/7! These reporters don't have a mind of there own and just read off a screen like a drone! They are the disease that needs to be silenced!

  • Its easy to claim that many cases when there is no proof…

    Its a "lets pull a number out of the air and create panic" attempt.

  • This is all fine and all but what about the TP paper shortage! We are going to catch Corona and not have the one that keeps it at bay….toilet paper! We will all die because our country decided to pull a Venezuela. I guess I can always break into my neighbor's house and use her drapes. She's old and they are dark brown. Should keep us ok for a while.

  • The federal government will never let the actual number of cases be published. We're being told that there are 3000 cases in the entire US, but these experts suggest it may be 1% of our population, or 3 ¼ million people already – and doubling every six days.

  • Looking for that emergency money.
    100k unconfirmed cases lol. The media and politicians are really pushing the propaganda.

  • Before people dismiss this as bunk…this virus is not make believe…while countries were shutting down their very boarders…this country made light of everything. Ohio though small geography wise…Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown are within an hour give or take from each other in the region…it is heavily clustered and that is just NE Ohio… Cincy, Columbus, Cleveland have International Airport status.
    The number is somewhere in the middle…people talk of the confirmed cases in the 2k range with very little testing going on…
    My point is you should be concerned about the confirmed low number due to lack of testing.
    Why would respected doctors put their reps on the line saying such things?
    What was the real number at the time when the number 15 was used early last week?
    But with that said…wash your hands.

  • I live in the Cleveland area where the first cases were confirmed (in ohio). People are buying everything out and now I’m off to buy non perishable food. This is only an estimate by the governor’s health team, so they don’t know 100%. There are still many exposed people out there who are spreading it as we speak so who knows what the number will end up being

  • Well then it is gonna run its course and we will be vigorously pursuing treatments period. No amount of fear is gonna change it but may get people killed foolishly. Please remain calm.

  • Chris Pernasky says:

    Now maybe you F**cked News F-heads will start paying attention. Stop listening to the Clown in Chief and his criminal sycophants (The Pence of Darkness, F-head Carlson, Laura C**ntingnam, Rush Limp-d*ck) and join America in this time of crisis.

  • If the virus started back in November, chances are there really are millions of people who have the virus, or already had it.

  • trump now has the blood of Americans on his hands. He's a one term impeached loser and a world wide joke. Good luck everybody

  • No FACTS here just speculation, assumptions and conjecture, ridiculous! They should be ashamed of themselves for sending the public into a panicked frenzy!

  • lie……fake…..just try to alarm too much….big business for super markets,that are running out of stock.panic shopping

  • They have 100,000 infected today and it is doubling every 6 days. In less than 42 days the entire state will be infected. With a mortality rate of 2% (I know this # is disputed so I went kind of in the middle) there will be @ 220,000 dead Ohioans by the end of April! Maybe that will relieve some traffic congestion in the Cleveland and Cincinnati areas just in time for summer!!

  • The_Weekend_DIYer says:

    He is an idiot and who the hell is giving him these numbers? I think he is trying to get federal money and cause a panic all at the same time.

  • It's stupid. We're supposed to be chilling at home to let the virus die off and everyone is acting like they're on vacation.
    Nobody wearing masks, nobody wearing gloves, stores are PACKED.

  • I appreciate you saying that there’s that many cases cuz all these idiots have completely bought all the toilet paper, canned food, water, laundry detergent and ramen noodles here in Pickaway county. Fearmongering bastards. We can handle ourselves we don’t need the government stepping in

  • Slowing the virus down is a big mistake. We need to let the virus run it’s course as fast as possible. The longer we draw this out the more suffering there will be both personally and financially. Restrictions are ultimately not affective at stopping the spread of the virus. Eventually over the course of a few months everyone will get sick and the virus over time will mutate. If we let it go now we all get sick and let it run it’s course we can return to normal life in a few weeks. People are not thinking about those of us who live paycheck to paycheck this fucks us and will make us homeless. If this happened in the 1970s it wouldn’t have been a big deal.

  • Armchair experts acting like they know better than health professionals, telling each other it's a big conspiracy, are fools.

  • As of March 16 there are 26 cases confirmed. Are you saying that over 99,000 folks are running around with it? Forget the tests.
    If government wants to help, make masks, hand sanitizer and gloves available to everyone. Add TP to that list, too, if you don’t mind.

  • Should not have furniture delivery people in and outta different houses liable to get infected or carry the infection to other customer homes I'm accepting all deliverys to my garage or front porch at most

  • Roger Paul and Our Skies Today says:

    Seen today where they are thinking about closing Ohio schools for the rest of the school year. Look for Marshall law to be called folks. Or as they put it, "emergency medical lockdown"

  • Brandon Saraniti says:

    Y'all can complain as much as you want, but you'll be screaming and panicking in a couple of weeks when cases in your states reach the thousands. After seeing what happened in Italy, we Ohioans are taking 0 chances.

  • They said it can last up to three days on Surface for all y'all blowing that loud out there be careful y'all might be smoking Corona virus

  • Complete self seeking press conference ..he wants to appear to be ahead of the game…his ruling on restaurants is a step too far…completely over reacting…98 % of people recover ..hes senile and avoids direct questions..

  • Eeezumblogspot says:

    Taking someone's temperature does not prove anything, and the fact that there are drive thru testing sites just amplifies the fact we are being lied to…The actual standard test to isolate a virus is complex and requires special equipment and well educated people. (look up PCR testing on Wikipedia for starters.) This woman is spreading lies and creating unnecessary fear… Her speech in nothing short of criminal!

  • Marxist Millennials says:

    I can see Kasich “Who Hates Trump” and his buddy DeWine purposely hurting Ohio’s economy to spite Trump.Why are dentists still open? Why is the mail and parcel service still running? Why is Uber Lyft and Public Transportation still running? Why is trash pickup still running? Why are large department stores and Malls still open? Why are prisons and jails not on lockdown? Why are thrift stores still open? Why are banks still open? Why are private Gyms still open. Why because DeWine has limited control he is only shutting things down that will hurt the poor, Lower Middle Class and Snowflake Millennials.

  • Jerry Wilkinson says:

    "I rely on the experts. The math says we have over 100k infected."
    "We only have 1000 tests and we haven't used them, but we know we have 100k infected."…?SMH

  • Steven Gingerich says:

    How is it possible to even estimate 100,000 people UNdiagnosed. Sounds ridiculous. This governor sounds like Herbert from family guy.

  • Elizabeth Joger says:

    Ok I’m confused. You can go out right now and look at the map of our country and see the # of confirmed cases of the Coronavirus as per the centers for disease control and prevention. It says Ohio has 36. How do you go from 36 confirmed to 100k? Are we just speculating?

  • 4000 cases is the US, total.. Oh, now Ohio has 100k cases, but no one has been tested.. This's probably the DUMBEST VIDEO I'VE EVER SEEN, PERIOD!! Who gave these people their jobs?

  • We must get republicans out of power…. the levels of mental ill-health and lack of wise self-awareness they exhibit scare me a thousand times more than Covid-19.

  • Spitfire’s Take says:

    Where’s the proof that there are over a 100,000 people with the coronavirus in your State alone?! If this is the case, there’s been some recklessness and negligence on the part of the government there. The DMV doesn’t even have more than 300 confirmed cases and that’s COMBINED!

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