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  • Beauty Parlor Pros says:

    You CAN'T DISINFECT products on the shelves others touch! You can't disinfect all the money being transferred, you can't disinfect the shelves the products are sitting on, viruses travel and move. You rub up against something, touch something bam!!!! Then you take it into your car then into your home

  • Beauty Parlor Pros says:

    Tell the people the truth! Nurses are telling me that they ONLY COUNT the swab test not the chest CT Scans. I was told 4 out of 7 ppl who was went into the ER had a positive CT Scan

  • What I want to know is why all essential businesses are not required to pay hazzard pay to their employees meanwhile those on unemployment are making much more by not working than those of us still required to work. Also why those essential businesses are not required to at the very least provide those of us out there with some protective gear.

  • Tennessee is on of the top 15 states in the country in number of cases (2000- 750 in Sumner and Davidson counties alone), yet they continue to cross into Kentucky for flowers and plants at Lowes, disregarding distancing at Walmart and flocking to the Amish and Mennonite communities. If it isn't stopped, there will tragic results. In my community alone there are close to 400 Mennonite families that could be affected.

  • Thank you Governor Andy Beshear for leading us durning this scary time. We are behind you 100%.
    #KyTogether #GovAndyBeshear #Andy #StayHome

  • People need to stop complaining of having to stay home. If your dead youv'e lost your job. If your neighbors are dead youv'e lost your customers and their money will no longer be yours. Its obvious a lot of people only care about themselves.

  • Please fine anyone coming in from out of state and close our borders! Seeing a lot of out of state tags! You can use the money from fines to help Kentucky’s coronavirus fund!

  • I did not vote for Beshear nor will I, but he seems to be handling this okay. What do I really know — he knows more about KY than I do and has responsibilities which I know nothing about. But dang I wish he wouldn't talk to us like 2nd graders and I wish he'd give us the info we need in 20 mins and end it. Go to 12:40 for new case count per county.

  • Question: Why are New Yorkers allowed to come and stay at Carter Caves State Resort Park. They are piling in there, and in Olive Hill, Ky. We don't even have but 1/2 doctors and a couple nurse practitioners. It makes no sense why you would let people fly into our state. Doesn't that defeat this? So it's like no purpose for us in Carter County to do anything when we are getting exposed anyway by people who don't even live here in this little town.

  • please share the people who have recovered , give some hope if we get this virus you all doing great job thank you

  • Free online Money maker 2020 says:

    Gov could you please help me from easy ky self employment try to get my unemployment have a hard time got to kids and bills so please please help got to do something

  • Jenny Farnsworth says:

    I am making masks. Any hospital out their that has a need comment down below or dm me. I am using cotton and filtrate filters. They say they are 97% next only to n95. Which is 99%. Thank you!

  • Look I'm done preaching and trying to talk to the Government and all the big shots in the Union or Grocery industry and for that matter the public. It's as simple as this. I work as a Meat Cutter in a grocery store. You come into the store with the virus and give it to me yeah I might die it's doubtful that isn't the point. Before I die I will handle thousands of people's food each week that's just me. There are many other employees handling thousands of others. Also thousands of customers touching your food. How many items in your cart will have been touched by someone who had been exposed? They won't! I mean won't listen to us the employees. We aren't spending the majority of money for them you are! You the customer are the ones that can stop this. Your voice and your actions will make a difference. The doors must close. We can handle your order even if it means employees taking an order with a tablet at your car. You will be fed don't make bad decisions out of fear. Don't let your fear guide the decisions of a large business! You the people our the only ones that can stop this!

  • Steve Gardner says:

    While I appreciate Gov. Beshear looking for ways to facilitate church services, I doubt he or his medical people have focused on:

    + In-car transmission rates for a virus has been shown to be very high, e.g., ~ 60 – 99%, in a car for 60-90 minutes in 2012 Queensland Univ study on flu, (and of course, putting people in a mostly enclosed space for a prolonged period, immobile (can't run from a cough or sneeze or singing out the droplets), way closer than the CDC calls for and w/ mouths/noses at similar heights does this!) (See also NY Times "("risk goes up with sustained contact — … by sharing the same air space for a prolonged time.")

    + In-home transmission rates for COVID-19 have proven to be relatively low, 3-10.5% for symptomatic, per CDC and WHO, even before hygiene practices were well-publicized and followed (household transmission rates) (and we know from experience w/ other viruses that just b/c one family member gets it, doesn't mean all will, and we also know to be more careful now w/ wiping etc.)

    + People have the virus and do not know it, so they get in the car, too, a foot or two away, often, from others

    + So putting entire families in a car for a drive-in service puts the whole family at great risk for infection if just one member of the family is unawarely infected, whereas if they stayed home, they could have avoided infection and probably would not have gotten infected, based on history

    + Claiming that it is fine to put families in position that they will be infected if one member is infected b/c the family is going to get it anyway is incorrect, defeatist, and inconsistent with #FlattenTheCurve

    + The Governor's guidelines help avoid transmission b/t families, but encouraging families to get in the car together for an extended time puts the whole family at greater risk for infection & resulting health and life threats.

    I hope he adjusts what he said b/c I think it puts Kentuckians and others at significant risk w/ his announcement. I know it will be tough for him to do so, but the in-car, small-space time for families for a prolonged time is dangerous to them in this environment.

    Prayers for everybody

  • Jennifer King says:

    Why are drive thru being open essential. Truck stops are available for truck drivers. Grocery stores are stocked and open. Restaurant are full of germs and drive thru workers are constantly interacting with the public. Restaurant have more germs than any other industry. Shut them down. I have a heart condition but serve the public. Im essentially work comorbidities and my dr days work. Close all the drive thrus and keep truck stops open. My health is important too

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