Gorillaz on TELEVISION?! – Cartoon Chaos! #1

Gorillaz on TELEVISION?! – Cartoon Chaos! #1

Welcome to the First Episode of Cartoon Chaos
I’m your host ThatNerdyJew bringing you some crazy Cartoon Talk that has been starting
to blow up everywhere all over social media site Twitter,Youtube, anything you name it. Without any further explanation let’s get
into it. *Opening Plays*
There’s been many stories about the band “Gorillaz”,
little animated Gorilla bites that can be found in the description below, they even
had their own toys! It’s been recently noted that the online
virtual band “Gorillaz” which is a British virtual band that was created in 1998, The band was founded by Damon Albarn and Jamie
Hewlett. This Animated band consists of four members:
2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs. Jamie Hewlett had recently made it public
that the animated band Gorillaz is slowly coming to a near launch of an animated series,
which is being led by frontman Damon Albarn and partner in crime Jamie Hewlett. Jamie revealed the TV series in an interview
with Q Magazine, as well as PitchFork. The announcement is vague when it comes on
towards details but the show will apparently be just about 10 episodes and Ms.Hewlett is
in charge of all things animation. The Latest Album “Humanz” by Gorillaz
is soon to come out April 28th, 2017 so be sure to scrap that up for any possible clues
and theories. People have asked a Gorillaz spokesperson
for confirmation and details about the potential TV show, but had unfortunately received a
“no comment” when it came to details. Information will be given as time passes,
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