Gordon Interrogates Jervis Tetch | Season 3 Ep. 11 | GOTHAM

Gordon Interrogates Jervis Tetch | Season 3 Ep. 11 | GOTHAM

– Hello, Jarvis. James. What an unexpected pleasure. Someone else is infected
with your sister’s blood. You don’t say. And I’ve been
thinking, it’s possible, she infected them accidentally. Yes, possible. Possible. But your reaction
tells me you knew. So you infected them after
you stole your sister’s blood, but you stayed quiet, waiting
for them to show symptoms. Well, that would be darn
sneaky of me, wouldn’t it? I need the name. You need the name. So I’ve been quiet
about it all this time, and now I’m going to
help you because we’re such good friends. Because I can make your
life here very comfortable? More uncomfortable
than having Captain Barnes next door screaming
guilty all hours of the night? Give me the name. Oh, James, I would
love to see what Alice’s virus would do to you. The beast in you is right
there, so desperate to get out. And I know of whom you speak. Oh yes, indeed. I stabbed him, and pricked
him, and caused him to bleed. But nothing you can say,
no words you might possess can pry for me the
smallest guess. For this game is my game. I say, when it’s done. And right now, I’m
having too much fun. You want to play
a game, Jarvis? Fine. Let’s play a game. Whoever you infected
has some sort of plan. I want you to tell me
the name of this man. Wow, James, I have to
give that effort an F. And can you really imagine? Two are dead. More may die soon. This isn’t a game. Give me his name. You’ll only know his name when
it’s too late, when the one you love has been murdered by hate.


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