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  • Senator Kennedy is clearly echoing Putins propaganda. This is just beyond belief. What possible explanation could there be for him taking on such a falacious position?
    The only conclusion I can summon is that the GOP is both entirely accepting of Russian electoral interference and also willing to aid and abet Putins propagandist efforts to obscure Russian interfefence.
    The GOP position seems to be that anything goes as long as it contrubutes to their holding onto power.

  • TheViewFromUpHere says:

    The history of the Republicans selling out their country and fellow citizens since the 1980s continues. The GOP has the best cheap whores, they sell themselves for less than a penny on the dollar.

  • What will Romney do? He and a few other republicans ended sanctions that were placed against a Russian oligarch so he can build a steel plant in Kentucky. Call republicans what they truly are; TRAITORS! I’m tired of being polite to greedy, self-serving, traitorous lowlives!

  • TheViewFromUpHere says:

    The American tragedy, mix self sufficient mountain men with hillbillies and you get cowardly traitorous Trump asskissers.

  • The Media outlets need to STOP giving these well-known liars the platform to lie to the country…especially after their lies have been exposed.

    When you said Oxford my blood ran cold. An interesting correlation. Dig a bit deeper.

  • Americans need to get their old white people back, because they've been lost to political scams online. Grandma can't tell the difference between that stock quote and the "Trump was Sent by Jesus" article. And they are from a more racist time, and Putin and the GOP are using that fact to gain power. It's literally a Hitleresque move. These men are evil.

  • Senator John Kennedy looks like his teeth will fall out any minute. Get that lying corn-pone off the air. He's clearly used to dealing with the morons who populate Louisiana. He's not fooling those of us with triple digit IQ's and genuine, college degrees.

  • Not to be too unkind, and as distasteful as the thought is, John Kennedy would look better with his white pointy hood on. There's a lot of loose skin there.

  • Congrats Louisiana. There's a man to be proud of. The party that says to fight the lefties and the commies and the socialists at every turn has decided that Putin is A-OK because doing otherwise would upset Melania's husband. Party over country – good job Republicans.

  • Where is Kennedy getting Russian GRU propaganda from? Backwater communications that we don't know about? Does he get a daily subscription to Pravda or Tass rather than the NY Times and the Washington Post? Unbelievable that this man went to Oxford! He just bold faced lied to the American public

  • Kennedy is a nasty lying jerk.This what you call..Throw America Under the bus..Or 'It's not who you know, it's who you blow….." embarrassing ..smh

  • Disgraceful Republican, J Kennedy…..Keeps on protecting the moron, dishonest, misleading and and a traitor , compromised too?Needs to Retire.Lost all credibility.

  • It's easy… He's blackmailing Congress. I'm sure he has dirt on every single one. He's probably threatening funding to the states…

  • Next November is going to be very interesting, those 'tax cuts' are exposed this year for what they really are, why is this relevant? Because when the trump-cult realize this is hurting their wallets(and a lot of early filers already have), GOP hacks like Sen. Kennedy will have no legs left to stand on.

  • He cites several news outlets as his sources. Yet GOP cites news outlets as fake.

    This is exactly the alarm that Dr Hill extolled in her testimony: repeating Russian borne false conspiracy which is what Russian propagandists want.

  • No. The mask is off. That's all . The real deep state has spend enough money on think tank to make people hate each other, vote for the party and against their own interest. When people wear t-shirt"rather be w the Russian then the Dem.", they know it's the right environment and condition to take off the mask. It's the last fight because the # is not on their side.

  • You can always count on Chuck Todd to provide air time for the biggest GOP nut cases that DC has to offer. Give Angela Mitchell Chuck Todd's job! He does MSM and the American public a disservice. It's not helpful to repeat the conspiracy theories and argue with the GOP when MSNBC already knows that party is totally corrupt and throwing our democracy under the bus.

  • iwantsomecookies08 says:

    “Are you at all concerned you’re being duped?”


    And that’s exactly why Russian intelligence is targeting you, you sad, stupid, old fart.

  • Aren’t we all just ABSOLUTELY sick of these sick, crazy lying pieces of crap? I know I am! Impeach, try and convict everyone of them that is found to be guilty. We all know trump is guilty, he admitted himself but now irrefutable evidence and witness statements have back it up; impeach , try and convict the criminal!

  • has liar trump promised the GOP senate US$10 million each to support him no matter what???? there is no other explanation!!!

  • Now where would Sen. Kennedy get the idea that HRC monkeyed with the elections? Wouldn't that be illegal? I just don't think that's possible. Like my fellow Dems, I will consult with the tooth fairy. I know it can't be true. HRC wouldn't do anything like that.

  • Timothy Brandriff says:

    I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist but, I'm really beginning to wonder if the Russians don't have something on some of these guys. Like remember, July 4th, a few years ago, all these Republican congressman went to Russia for what was basically a photo op. I don't know if we ever did get a good explanation as to why they felt that was necessary.

  • "I agree with it, so it must be true" – John Kennedy, 2019.
    Unfortunately there are a bunch of people in my state who agree with this thought process.

  • Have a theory about these Russian assets, Republicans in Congress; Given that most of them are white, and so is Putin who is also a White Supremacist, these Russian assets like to be Putin's lap dogs because they're scare of demographic changes and they rather sell country, constitution in order to keep their power over an unrealistic fear.

  • Oh, come on, Sharpton. The GOP isn't being "tricked and conned" by Trump. They're flat out corrupt from stem to stern and care not one wit for our country. It's a coup so they can preserve their power and protect their money from taxation. Look how they've stacked the courts with individuals who vote as the Federalist Society and GOP donors tell them to.

  • Comrade Bonespurs has converted the Grand Old Party to the Goons of Putin(GOP) all that's left is old, stale liars.
    Any one of the Democratic candidates will be better that the swill from Bonespurs and his pathetic goons. I say: Goons of Putin got to go, 11/3/2020 We the People make it so!

  • Kennedy is exactly why representative government cannot work: He represents his electorate. Our species is cancerous (Read: GOP). We are doomed to a slow, painful extinction.

  • I bet the reason trump will not show his taxes is because he is claiming all the money he is paying these minions to do putins work

  • Kennedy and that handful of Republicans that is riding to die with Donald Trump they all have been compromised they are traitors to the United States of America they are all talkin Russia talking points America we are in big trouble the security breach is in the White House

  • the sad thing is that what is true about the Republican actions today is what is always been true historically. Trump is a caricature type reflection of their agenda since the time they amassed upon that banner that once stood for Lincoln values…Republican party is Trump. they know and live his lives so long as the judges get in and the tax cuts come as well as a little dash of reversing environmental protection regulations and the like…trump's just like Palin's et al.

  • Radwulf Eboraci says:

    If you read the 'Epstein Hacker' stuff from the weekend you will see another Putin disinformation campaign at work. The details are irrelevant the purpose was to inject the following into the media. Mysterious HACKER who has DATA on a SERVER that is in UKRAINE. Hiding from the CIA. NYT got punked by Putin.

  • Carlos Jaramillo says:

    When he said read the articles he is referring to the piece by NYT ken vogel.
    Here is a more accurate story.

  • which country gave the clinton foundation the most money just asking the information says the ukraine seems stange if that is true

  • "I was not briefed." You'd need to show up to the chamber for that. Willful ignorance at it's best. These guys should be hourly workers. If you're not in your seat, you don't get paid. Can't count how many times I've seen videos of one Senator or Representative or another "speaking" to a room full of empty chairs.

  • Gloria Mcfadden says:

    That is the Trump party I know Republicans they are a party of Law & Order and what's right this cult organization don't even know what the difference between right or wrong and nothing about US policies or constitutions

  • so only russia has interfered in our elections come on yes they did understand they did but if you believe only russia did your eyes are closed

  • it's part of the deal that dumb, trump wanted for the aid money. makeup lies on the BIDENS and .say that they hacked the election for HILLARY. and he wanted them to say it on tv. but they wouldn't do it that's why dummy liar trump held on to the money. now they are throwing that stupid lie around, trying to get PUTIN back in the summit. because if they did it to help HILLARY, ? WHY IS SICKO IN THE WH. AND WEREN'T THEY SUPPOSE TO GET FOUR HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS ? BUT ONLY GOT THREE HUNDRED NINETY ONE BILLION, SO WHERE IS THE OTHER NINE BILLION DOLLARS AT ?

  • i feel kinda sad for america and thats funny ur supposed to be the greatest country in the world freedom of speach and expression and all that , als why are u trying to fix corruption everywhere in the world when ur own country is one of the most corrupt, look at all the healthcare drama they just donate a few mill and laws dissapear

  • The republican party and its leaders are either compromised somehow with compromat provided to trump via putin or they are willfully participating in trumps corruption with possible financial gain for themselves. Dispicable!
    Their oath of office is being violated extensively.

  • Maitha Alhashimi says:

    That is classic pro Putin approach, he demands followers to praise him
    That goes for many nations including Italy, Ukraine….
    Trump is illustrating that and will never d my it, he called him a great leader..

  • Hes a freakin fool..who believes anyone who chooses russia over America. Vote this creep out. I am donating to his opponent! He was not briefed because ignorance is the name of the GOP. Any US Senator who chooses not to be briefed is a traitor who wants to claim ignorance.

  • Fiona Hill is the expert on Russia medaled the election and then there is Trump on stage with Putin saying "I talked to Putin he said it wasn't him I don't why it would be Russia"Trump is the cancer of BS , lies, extortion dictatorship lock them all up.

  • Gloria Mcfadden says:

    Secretary Clinton is a United States citizen why won't these people go on and move to Russia and go ahead and work for Putin they just can't do that in the US

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