GOP Rep. Stewart dissmisses second whistleblower: ‘Why should I care?’


100 thoughts on “GOP Rep. Stewart dissmisses second whistleblower: ‘Why should I care?’”

  • Did Trump Ask for another person to be investigated? uh yeah ditz its was in the same phone call. Hillary's hard drive is also under question. duhh

  • Clayton Realist says:

    Chris is ab anti-Trump partisan hack. His father must be rolling over in his grave. But he may have been a hack too since there was no internet to check his reporting.

  • Frazzled Haloz says:

    Biden didn’t do anything then it will come to light….. but I must say that I saw the on camera that Biden said he got Ukraine prosecutor fired!

  • Wallace are you fighting for truth or are you becoming a gossip oriented news reporter? Not worthy of my time anymore…👎🤮

  • Hey Chris, CNN is looking for a new hire. Send them your resume. Or, better yet, send them a copy of this interview. You'll be a shoo-in.

  • We all should know what is going on here, the Dem=o=Rats blew the first whistle blower having second hand information so now they have to come up with some one who has first hand knowledge, what a farce this is, oops, get some one in here quick to cover our fanny's.

  • Come in Chris Wallace?!?! Your blind hatred is transparent. Try to be and appear a little bit neutral while you try to pretend to be a fair journalist.

  • James Williams says:

    Cris Whine alce is still upset that his breaking news interview was preempted… Hack in training …. a good majority of the call collaborated … yes it has nothing there to those who have Free Thought and common sense …OMG THERES A TREATY with Ukraine, China, and actually all the countries of the world (except for a few) that states in essence that countries will assist each other when it comes to CORRUPTION… that’s a FACT check it yourself

  • I just don’t understand Chris Wallace. It’s like he’s being infected by this creeping darkness that’s taken over the left wing media. It’s like leprosy! First his fingers, then hands, arm….it looks bad.

  • Fake Wallace.When will one of these Journalists come clean and admit they were hoodwinked into lying to America? Total disgrace to the media if there even is such a thing.

  • Biden's the only person dumb enough to go on video bragging about his crimes. That's why he's being investigated, Chris you nitwit.

  • Schiff needs to be Impeached! He is a bonafide LIAR! President Trump was doing his JOB! It could have been the Man in the Moon that did what Biden did in Ukraine & Trump would have done the act same thing. It’s his job to make sure Americans do not commit corruption in foreign countries. This instance it was the former VP of #44. That Joe Biden’s fault. Biden’s the one that bragged to everyone that “ I held up Ukraine’s Aid unless they FIRED a Prosecutor investigating his sons company.” Come on people – get your heads out of your butts! The Dems/Libs HATE TRUMP. They will do ANYTHING to try & bring down Trump. It’s all bogus. HOAX #2. TRUMP 2020!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

  • Team Darkhorse Bodybuilding says:

    Joe Biden bragged about withholding military funds from the Ukraine if they did not fire the prosecutor that was after his son. They act like that didn’t happen. That’s what this is all about. That’s where the crime is. That’s what they’re trying to cover up. Trump was just being a good investigator and looking out for the American people. I’m so tired of these fooking Dem pieces of poop

  • Wallace. Can you think for yourself? He said someone needs to look into Biden not telling them to look into Biden. Just twisting it to fit the leftist narrative grow the f*****. Oh s** too late. You should just stop now

  • All that tells me is that the republicans are actually saying that this corruption going on now since Donald Trump's son, son in law as well his daughter are conveniently conducting business overseas. So should there be an investigation with them as well

  • More like 200th “whistleblower” 🤣 Translation: Corruption takes out Biden, so we’ll take out Warren so Hillary can run 🤣 … this is so predictable! 🤣 Trump dared you – why won’t you act 😂🤥🤣 … Let’s vote for impeachment so Biden can testify! 🐔 Those screaming the loudest against POTUS – are corrupt. 🤣 Let’s see how many fact posts You Tube keeps hiding 🤣 ❤️🇺🇸❤️🙌🏻 YouRude! (Corrupt, Bias, Monopoly)

  • What? Oh no. Why don't you invite Biden`s son to your show and ask him some questions? Noone in the USA as an employee gets paid $164000 a month. How is it poor Ukraine can pay some foreign son of a politician to get pay so much? Doctors in Ukraine get paid $300-500 a month.

  • Bidens son SHOULD be investigated for corruption… bidens pressure to shut down the DAs investigation of his son SHOULD be investigated. It's the exact same abuse of power their accusing trump of.

  • what the hell is wallace pressing him over n over for,?? trump has legitimately called out Bidens ETHICS or lack thereof. please got to a mandated ethics training and tell me Any politicians who arent e-challenged

  • Secondhand Sampler says:

    Let me guess, Chris Wallace is acting like mindless idiot in the face of facts to the contrary of his assertion because…..Epstein's Vault.

  • This Wallace demoniac truly leaves no doubt that Fox news is just as bad if not even more fake news than MSNBC and CNN with the rest of the ďemon worshipers so called Media.
    He is pure evil lying piece of shyte.

  • If Chris would watch Glenn Beck this week, he'd get an earful of answers to his questions. Not only Biden and his son, but Obama, Hillary, and a whole host of others!

  • The transcript is there for us all to see I have read it. What don’t you get Chris Wallace. You are a lying Demorat.

    You are a Swamp dweller of the First Degree
    What is more to the point. This is only relevant because the collusion that has taken place by the Hillary Obama Demorats Open your ears and Eyes. And be honest for once. You are a shiffty individual also.

  • Wallace, you self righteous tool, I’ll ask YOU a question. Give me ONE example of anything the Democrats have done for the American people since Trump took office. As far as 99.9% of Americans know, all they have done is spend taxpayer dollars fighting the President. Name ONE thing, fucktard.

  • Love this guy Chris Wallace. He is educating people, the ones who actually have the ability to learn that is.
    People who want to remain blind and deaf will vote for moron trump regardless of paying higher taxes and trillion-dollar deficit.
    Country first!

  • Chris Wallace's bias against Trump is just dripping in this interview. I wish Fox would finally wise up and get rid of him and his pal Shep Smith!

  • How would he know about all the President's phone calls, since only one call was released to the public? Wallace is just another two-bit hack. If it were not for the influence of his father's name, he would probably be parking cars for a living.

  • Anthony R. Fellow, Ph.D. says:

    Mr. Wallace, President Clinton asked the UK Prime Minister to investigate one of his opponents! And I am a Bill Clinton fan.

  • Hey walla e why dont you williams and brazil all.go into the gender neutral bathroom and have a circle jerk. Trump 2020

  • Hey Chris …the reason why no other Presidents have ever asked to have the opposition candidate to be investigated is because no political party in the USA was STUPID & CORRUPT enough to run CRIMINALS as Presidential Candidates.

  • Susan Esquirell says:

    Honestly if Trump questioned them about Biden…I'm glad…because it's looking to me like Bidens kid got a job after being paid off. And if Trump exposes that…I'm glad. Cause it looks like Pelosi did the same thing for her son. If any American has a problem exposing're crazy. Cause they may have used our tax dollars to give their kids jobs. Chris Wallace…I'm not sure if you have kids but maybe you need to be investigated too. Mr. PRESIDENT…DRAIN THE SWAMP. Corrupt Politicians.

  • Wallace is dead wrong about the ability to impeach a senator. Any federal official can be impeached and removed from office using the exact same procedures as would be used to impeach the president.

  • Thankfully Mr Wallace we are not privy to all calls our President to all communication.
    Ignore Hillary's crimes – attack Assange for letting us know about them.
    BIDEN BRAGGED about what he did ! It's all open source Chris.
    Trump promised to build the wall – its getting built.
    He promised to drain the swamp & hes been working on that for a long time. Hard to believe you dont know it.
    We have a virtual army out here. No need for you or CNN or Schiff to do GATES KEEPING anymore.
    Thank you for your service.

  • I am a democrat. And I like to see Fox News (among others medias) because I am interesting on testing if what I think is solid by confronting it with different points of view. I don't understand why people are so afraid or disturb by dialogue and discussion. This guy Chris Wallace is doing his job, challenging this congressman. And I guess he would do the same thing with a democratic congressmen. And that's exactly what every journalist should do. This is good for me (it is what I do expect). It is also good for the Congressman, because it gives him the possibility of elaborate a rational response. So, I see many die hard republicans here asking Fox to get rid of Cris Wallace. Why ? If you think that Trump is innocent and that this inquiry is a witch hunt, then you shouldn't fear contradiction. And by the way, it seems to me that the Congressman here has his arguments and that it's what is needed to make up your mind.

  • Friedrich Maus says:

    I don't think Fox News is "fair and balanced" but it is far closer to be being both than the liberal news networks when weekend programming like this is so left wing. The top conservative network devotes 2 days out of the week to liberal views while CNN and MSNBC and so on devote minutes to hours to conservative views and largely just to mock them. You can't say this a segment just to attack liberal ideas. Then we have guys like Shepard Smith calling out Tucker and Tucker firing back. Does anything like that happen on liberal news networks beyond maybe one host saying the other didn't go far enough left?

  • Christian's Brain says:

    Why do people not understand that not everything is about 2016? Are you that dense? Just because you all are sore losers doesn't mean everybody else is. Trump literally wagered military assistance for an investigation into his political opponents. That's Quid Pro Quo. That's illegal. He then admitted to it on a live broadcast, and then did it again. If Obama had done that, the right would have been all over him. It's a two way street, man. He's not immune just because he's on your side.

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