100 thoughts on “GOP lawmaker on quid pro quo: It’s serious and troubling”

  • Just get Nancy pelosi to call for a vote CNN why are they doing this behind closed doors open the doors and let the American people see what is going on Adam schiff is telling ye lies and ye go with it

  • the president can with hold money on the basis of an investigation into corruption because it is actually his decision to, or not to give the money that is his office, you wouldn't say that imposing sanctions unless a country changes it behavior is quid pro quo but it is also something in exchange for almost exclusively substantial financial consequence, that is the presidents responsibility, to ensure that the US is not supporting nations that engage in corrupt activity, like CNN is. Also you chopped up his interview to make it seam like he is saying something that wasn't. CNN you are a bunch of imbeciles or just monstrously evil and corrupt so stop lying or suffer the consequences of collapse because no on believes you or is watching you BS, you are a relic of a by gone era and you are just crying wolf, it never ends well, you will see

  • I think that the president was behind letting this happen he is not a fool this is the only way he is going to get the Democrats to take a vote on it and stop Adam schiff with his behind closed doors hearings

  • Wingnuttery makes you stupid. Quid pro quo on a legal ethical issue is fine. What happened was Trump introduced Biden into the equation and they decided this would turn the quid pro quo into an unethical and possibly illegal matter, so it was changed. That's not illegal but changing plans to keep it legal. Those are the facts and sorry they hurt.

  • Wasn't Michael Vick, a football player sent to prison for running a dogfighting ring and lying about it? Now, hearing how trump characterizes and normalizes his betrayal of the Kurds as "kids fighting" is sickening and beyond inhumane. Should trump's cruelty be excused here?

  • Sitting in the congress and doesn't know about impeachment?????? And that is chosen by the people????
    Know everyone is coming aout against the president he found his brave.
    WHAT A JOKE!!!

  • WOW!!!!…the corruption just punched you in the gut!!…and republicans are still acting like spineless weasels!!😣😔

  • Can you imagine if Obama was occupying the big house and this occurred!!!…republicans and all the trumpturds would be marching in front of big house with signs saying impeach this president!!!😗😣

  • Me laughing at mulvaney getting increasingly flustered because trump only released that phone call transcript thinking that the democrats were going to latch onto the request to investigate the 2016 election. Biden was an afterthought. Even now, that's what mulvaney is defending as "perfectly legal" despite the fact that it's not the detail that launched the impeachment inquiry. You know who is a stable genius? Nancy Pelosi.

  • Just heard a pollster on 'Smerconish' on CNN Saturday that independents – 8 months of focus groups – are leaning toward Trump bec. of the Dems' impeachment push!!!

  • Richard Eduardo says:

    Loser revenge on Trump is all he think about. Trump does not want our men to die. It was Mexico who meddle in our election idiots. Hillary was the one who went to Russian and still lost.

  • Everyone has read the transcript there was no quid pro quo what the hell are you going on about, as for what mulvaney said it's true the government does use quid pro quo to get their way in other countries what the hell is the matter with you people

  • I am totally disgusted with the Republican representatives in Congress and am becoming disgusted with the feckless Nancy Pelosi who is allowing this corrupt administration the ability to do damage to the US by not moving IMMEDIATELY to open investigative impeachment hearings as was done in Watergate. You want the American people to come along….then open a public investigation televised so that people hear it from the horses' mouths vs. the bullet poiints of the News media. Get on with it and quit worrying about the political ramifications…this country is twisting in the wind.

  • Only in the Trump administration will you see a claim of interest in pushing out corruption while it’s granting itself a government contract to the president while its abandoning our battlefield allies to be slaughtered. Trump is a traitor. His surrogates are supporting fascism.

  • "I read something today that really impeachment is whatever the majority of house members say it is" So wait, are you telling me that this guy just read the constitution of the United States, which spells out what impeachment is?

  • Twopartytards are one in the same. U.S.A. has given its "number" freely to every country/demographic it has taken advantage of for profit monetarily and militarily. When those entities band together, and reach continuity and consolidation monetarily and militarily, the end.

  • Rooney: "I can't answer that." "I don't know." Still dancing on a pin. Not one spine in the entire GOP. And btw, Congressman Rooney, this is far worse than what Nixon did.

  • spin spin what is will be and you screwed hunters of nothing puss off. trump will win 2020 and the rest of the swamp will be drained.. CNN dogs of stupidity no campaign g p g only forward government business. and CNN will spin stupidity.. he did not say anything and middle east troops come home no walls for them till American wall is built.. get it. Syria is not our problem and Romney is a demarat in Republican clothing

  • Too bad we won’t be able to get the Senate to throw out this treasonous President 💩. It’s time for the American people to stand up and vote these GOPugnants out of office 2020!

  • How can there be a quid pro quo when there isn't one? The way to do it is to change the rules and laws so the president can be impeached legally and be done with full transparency instead of being done in secret behind closed doors.

  • President Orang-utan has turned America in to a banana republic and the GOP zoo keepers just sit back as let it happen, SHAME.

  • Dominion Faith Ministries says:

    What a terrible interviewer! The problem with news anchors is they want you to tell them what they already believe, and in the exact words they believe. The Congress man already said it was an impeachable offence indirectly. Must the word "impeachment" come out of his mouth before you will be satisfied?

  • Anand Shekharan says:

    How refreshing to see a Republican congressmen exhibiting integrity despite knowing there will be backlash from the base which most other Republican congressmen are mortally afraid of.

  • “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

    ― Malcolm X

  • Turkey just demanded that the USA get out of its way…And we did! SMDH since when does the United States do what dictators tell us to do?

  • You don't like trying to expose corrupt politicians? Or wait,….you'd rather investigate Trump for stuff that's not real? That's not going to happen. Enjoy the show people – Trump is doing EXACTLY what he said he was going to do – Drain The Swamp. Is that wrong? No. In fact it's the best thing ever.

  • Janet Kortright says:

    Ok so let's report Obama and Biden's quid pro quo to your audience…none for Trump at all as attested to by Zelensky!!! Show the public video Zelensky did and said…..both leaders say nothing was wrong…..reporting that would be nice of you…..she sounds like Schiff trying desperately to get Sondland to lie….shamefull

  • Democracy dies in darkness says:

    I robbed the bank in front of people, then I caught , then I said I am here to return the money and said..there nothing wrong doing here…

  • Janet Kortright says:

    Trump has bankrupted Russia…..and the Russian interference was done by DNC and Hillary campaign paying millions…oh boy IG report is coming……

  • Unbiased Observer Rolltape says:

    I love it when Americans start coming together!! Good man,.good man indeed.
    We must come together, the curds are in big trouble. It's time we talk.
    That's all we have to do, talk.
    Then act. Good reporting here and those two men interviewed, Good men!

  • Pathetic! Say it republicans! You KNOW EXACTLY that this is impeachable & Trump MUST BE REMOVED from office… while there's anything left of the usa to repair ugh 🙄
    There's a special place in hell for all those gop who refuse to put country first! #RipGOP

  • Allosaurus Fragilis says:

    They always stall. Havent had a chance to read it/ was too busy/ need more information/ looking into it……truth is a precious thing, attacked daily by trump and his cabal.

  • Rump's biggest fear is having his debt outgrow his ability to pay enough to keep from losing everything AGAIN. Now he has brought enough spotlighting scrutiny to guarantee it will come to that in the not too distant future. He is in a web of criminal intent and conduct. It has bulldozers digging to uncover it now. rump has a mountainous history of criminality that he needs a locomotive just to pull his train of interwoven baggage cars of it. 50 yrs of it since. College was just preparation for it. Daddy groomed him for it and made him the POS he is today. It sounds like he learned all his prime haters came from that retired man Friday valet was a great example of it. Too far right for alt right Breitbart but I never read any of his writings or rants.

  • dragonflysurgeon says:

    Let's face it, the President of the United States pisses on the Constitution every day, and there's no shortage of supporters to hold his dick while he does it. "WE THE PEOPLE" is now "THE WHITE HOUSE DOES WHAT IT WANTS, THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT APPLY TO THIS ADMINISTRATION….GET OVER IT"

  • We have the actual Ukraine transcript, but the Dems would rather imagine Mulvaney's comments were about the Ukraine phone call, than to believe what the transcript actually says.

  • "Quid pro quo" is serious an troubling…. when Trump does it… and when Biden does it… YOU CHEERLEADING HYPOCRITES… Crooks pointing fingers at Crooks…

  • Standard operating procedure for ALL politicians past and present. DEMS/DS streching and spinning news to promote fraudulent impeachment.

  • Bravo Rep Romney and Rep Rooney….need we say or ask them for further information !! God bless them both and Poppy's one smart interculator !!

  • This is fine and dandy except there was NO quid pro quo, other than the one coming from Biden, asking Ukraine to fire the lawyer investigating Hunter or there would be no aid coming from the US…that was an acting VP, a possible future President, and the whole reason Trump wants to get to the bottom of it.

  • Exiled_Londoner says:

    Hilarious to see these corrupt little turds twisting and turning and trying to avoid the issue staring them in the face from every angle. If using government money, withholding military aid that the US Congress has voted on, and holding up this grant which was presumably agreed because it was judged to be in the USA's National Security interests, in order to illegally blackmail a foreign government into launching a politically motivated bogus investigation intended to effect a US election is not straightforward corruption and a betrayal of the oath of office by a President, then what on Earth is…? Like many people around the world, I make the assumption that pretty much all US military aid is suspect and used for corrupt, immoral and unethical purposes, whether it's providing weaponry for Israel to maintain and expand it's racial conquest, occupation, and gradual ethnic cleansing programme, or for Saudi Arabia to slaughter Yemeni schoolchildren and use terror and starvation as a weapon of war, or for Syrian insurgent groups, who were in reality all dominated by Islamist jihadist fascists, to prolong the horror of the Civil War there… the USA is the world's principal purveyor of weapons of death and destruction (by a huge margin), often with US government money picking up the bill. So it's no surprise that US military aid was used for corrupt purposes, but what is astonishing is that no one bothers to hide this any more. Mulvaney was quite right in saying that it's always been done before, but it used to be recognised that this was something that was unlawful, shameful and exposed the US government as no better than international gangsters. Under Trump we at least have a new and refreshing level of honesty about this (and how ironic is that…?).

  • i can't imagine keeping my cool while trying to get these politicians to answer a damn question yes or no. i'd lose my mind, she did a great job pressing him.

  • I love watching these fake news assholes. Especially when I'm having a day that needs cheering up. I can always count on CNN for a laugh. #fakenews4ever

  • Hey mick, when they send you to PRISON I am going to mark the day and have a party on the anniversary of that day. If we are lucky you will DIE there. #FUCKmickmulvaney

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