100 thoughts on “GOP lawmaker: Leaving Syria the way we did, ‘unbelievable’”

  • Not the Biden issue it was the DNC server. How ridiculous looking for a server in Ukraine. They look like Fn idiots that have no idea about computers. A physical server is a computer, a computer holds data, data is held on drives and those drives can be moved, deleted, copied etc. A computers' drives can be changed, reformatted and wiped. Looking for a server "the computer" not the data shows a total lack of understanding. Give the data to Ukraine on a thumb drive, they copy it to a computer and voila the found the server, how very tech savvy that is. They had leverage over Ukraine would Ukraine not take the thumb drive even after Putin pressure? I will go with conspiracy for idiots. Hey Trump you find that server? Was it worth it? Idiot

  • When is, Erdogan going to allow the USA to move the USA's 50 Nuclear weapons from the joint US/ Turkish Airbase at Incirlik that he is holding hostage?

  • The "White-Christian Supremecy Caliphate" is trying their best to bring about their "Armageddon". Their ignorant designs are misguided and void of any integrity.

  • Adam you are being disingenuous. Mick Mulvaney told the truth and then once tRump herd about it, Mick was sent right back out to lie. To be a fly on the wall (CIA has those you know) to see tRump have another meltdown, priceless.

  • The CNN and hatred are paying by Soro to Destroyed innocent people and threaten victims of politics action and very cruel to the President of the Country

  • Ukraine is fighting a war with Russia (c)
    What an idiot. Anti-Assad troops faught with just a tiny fraction of Russian military and were practically exterminated.
    How many cruise missiles and aviation bombs were fired at Ukraine? Zero.
    CNN is a synonym of "focking liars".

  • Trump has the potential to start World War 3 and a nuclear demolition of mankind in a split second, especially when some leaders of some countries start to phone him .. isn't it scary?

  • Unbelievable!
    The nerve of Trump to leave our perpetual war in the Middle East; we were supposed to keep the conflict going forever, like CNN and Hillary wanted to do.

  • A total of 28 soldiers were removed, this is another BS far as Trumps phone call, he asked the Ukraine to cooperate with the AG..thats it. Check out website Project Veritas if you wanna see what CNN and other media sources are really up to.

  • how much does it cost tax payers to BOMB OUR OWN AIR BASE???? This shit seems fucking nuts. Im not paying any more taxes. FUCK OFF

  • What in the world does the GOP need more of, Trump told a reporter on live TV he expected Ukraine to look into the Bidens once he ask. Mulvaney on live TV said we better get used to it, because that's the way it's done. The mess he created in the middle East, military now being paid to fight for another countries defense. All this in just the last few days. Does he really have to go out and start shooting American people in the street to get their attention. I find laughable that Clinton got impeached for lying about a blow job.

  • The Republicans love the Draft Dodger who cut and ran on our allies, and OPENLY serves Putin. GOP can NEVER claim patriotism again.

  • Trump is a lying crazy buffoon and we will all pay for it , the truth is he made a deal with the devil and he is selling out the allies and America. The F.b.I and the U.S Marshals need to go in and drag him out of the white house kicking and screaming before it's too late. America needs to take back the U.S.A from this traitor scum.

  • Again the US has put another race of people at risk because of the "Too Hard Basket" syndrome. America does not lose wars, it mearly withdraws. Well done us we've not lost another war, just another ally. American troops are no longer dying but the people who aided the US are. Appalling!

  • Mulvaney says the president violated the Constitution and this guy says I don't know if he said that. We just heard him say that. Republicans huh don't believe your ears don't believe your eyes

  • Rep. Kinzinger regularly demonstrates what it looks like to seek truth over blind allegiance to party or person. He exudes strength, intelligent and character. We need more men and women like him in Congress.

    (Life-long Independent and veteran. Well-informed, about government, history and current event.)

  • The audacity of stupidity, you will not fight a war and the U S citizens presently homeless, millions in the country, and all you can do is cry a fein pity others before you take care of your own. Phoneys ,amateur at best

  • Truth Seeker M.E. says:

    First of all I'll pause this and Russia is not at war with Ukraine it's more of religious war with Ukraine wanting to leave the Russian Orthodox and become their own they want to be westernized while there are people in eastern Ukraine that wants not part of this also Ukraine had a Nazi political party did you know that

  • Truth Seeker M.E. says:

    This dude is full of shit he doesn't know anything about the history of of the Kurds and Turks. For instance the Kurds never agreed to give up a 30 mile buffer or a cease fire agreement

  • Blink Once on Sunday! says:

    He's not straying too far from GOP talking points I see. Make Trump's emoluments violations and Ukraine and Syria actions into a gray area, instead of the outrageous things they are.

  • so fuck Americas border but let's send our boys over to Syria to protect theirs. YEAH! Fuck yeah! let's send our young men over seas to protect their borders. Let's do that forever!

  • Kinzinger, you're stalling. Soon everyone will have to choose: with Trump or not. As of today it looks likely that House impeaches, Senate acquits. If (BIG if) Senate acquits, Trump gets re-elected and then, thus emboldened, decides to marry his "Yeah, so what?" hubris to reckless military action. You want to be on that side of history Congressman?

  • So now cnn is warmongering? Remember when they used to call out Fox News and bush for warmongering ? This is all so fake . No one ever holds the same logic . All that matters is who is in the White House

  • Steven Lengenfelder says:

    I actually like this guy. Now take a stand and grow some balls against trump. Fight for America. Not identity politics


  • Adam Kinzinger is so full of shit it hurts, If it was withheld for this reason it's bad, if it was for just corruption, ehh… That fuckstick cant decied if he wants to stay or go, but his base will do that for him. Money was allotted by Congress to Ukraine for National security, President Orange cannot hold that as a carrot over Ukraine for any kind of Quid Pro Quo, whatsoever…these elected Republitards need to understand their fkn jobs. Impeach the peachy president and discard the seed, get this mofo out of the Oval office.

  • nox scythe right to the face. says:

    Dems are now pro-war. The Hillary curse pretty much spread to mist of their brains. Thankfully many dems are not falling for this. Trump 2020

  • nox scythe right to the face. says:

    Trump: Follows campaign promise exactly.

    Media: “Omg look he’s a puppet of Putin. We need to bomb Syria some more”

  • Searching and searching craps to prove youre right when even the president of ukraine himself several times admitted NO PRESSURE, no such thing as "quit old joe"! Fkkkking fake news

  • Dumb Ass says sometime you have to let them fight like children . Oh really , who is really the child in this . It is DJT and children burned because of him . May he rot in hell at his first opportunity , Take your " Christian " backers with you .

  • Trump is corrupt and America is weaker because of Trump!! America is now a world joke and we have a clown as our president!

  • I'm a the TRUMP train . And I request my fellow reps to vote this mother fucker out of office. Along with that war mongering snake Lindsay graham.

  • This was actually a fairly tame and logical defense from a Republican. Adam pretty much said: "if true, quid pro duo for favors against a political opponent is bad" and he morally condemned the violation of the emoluments clause. It seems like at this point all the House needs is a little more proof that the quid pro quo was in relation to Biden to convince some in the GOP.

  • Enough evidence to impeach trump to go to the moon and back…Do not support a treasonous, corrupt and inept presidency SHAME

  • Trump is only doing what his Bank/Putin told him to do💁🏼‍♀️ Everything trump has done Only Benefited the Wealthy and Russia’s (Putin) and Putin’s Allies😡 🚩Flags Waving Everywhere. Trump and Republicans reek of Russian money 💰 Follow the Money Pelosi 😉😎

    🇺🇸TrumpPence 4 Prison 2019🇺🇸

  • LIBRUL TEARS are flowing because our BLESSED PRESIDENTE the Chosen One is proving why the "J" in Donald J. Trump stands for "Jenius" by making the Turks and the Kurds fight it out until they finally kiss and make up and agree to become just the "Turds" a new kind of terrorist brown person,. And he is working hard to protect the people who voted for him by making sure that Sleepy Joe Biden the Commie gets impeached from being a former Vice President and is persecuted to the full extent of Urkrainium Law and should be sentenced to stand guard at the hot Mexican wall while wearing a MAGA hat and feeding eggs that are fried on the wall to alligators in the moat on days the alligators are not getting their recommended daily allowance of protein because not enough Mexican terrorists are falling into the moat. we need more rallies so the people of the United States of Amaralago can show how much they appreciate him as the CHOSEN ONE the STABLE JENIUS who knows all the best words and should be left alone by the snowflakes and the corrupt maintstreeam media liars who keep pestering him with stupid "FACTS" and other FAKE NEWS.

  • Marius Thefaker says:

    So the air crews WANTED to stay at the Trump resort…? well, lets ask them… oh, that's right, serving members of the military are forbidden to talk to the media on operational matters… well, isn't that convenient…?

  • For the first time in Our Military History a Commander in Chief has given the Military a direct order to cut and run,absolutely disgracing their Honor knowing that they cannot disobey a direct order from the Commander in Chief.

  • GramaJ Catherder says:

    Yet everyone of these Republicans have already been told to declare the orange idiot as innocent – and 97% of them will at the security and expense of our nation. Sure Kinzinger, more information? Really? What a bunch of boloney.

  • survivor survivor says:

    Rep Kinzinger, why did you support the violent Jihadists during the Syrian civil war who Obama, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey were backing financially and with weapons? Although Assad is a bad dude, the jihadists his regime was fighting were a thousand times worse. Now, you are support a continued illegal occupation of eastern Syria that has never been authorized by Congress nor the UN. The Syrian Kurds will not be negatively impacted for they will simply realign themselves with Damascus like they always had been prior to our intervention in 2011. I think your problem is that you and your backers could not break up Syria illegally into a Kurdish State called (Rojava) that Trump is actually obeying international law allowing the Turkish-Syrian 1998 Adana agreement (5 km buffer zone) to be implemented so that the YPG, the PKK(a terrorist group) Syrian branch cannot launch terror attacks inside Turkey. Haven't you warmongers done enough damage in the middle-east. You should actually be directing your concerns with what is going on in Yemen where your ally Saudi Arabia is committing genocide.

  • Mulroney: we did it! Here’s the gun we used and a taped confession with vid of the act!

    Re pubs: hmm no thanks. Witch hunt!

  • Bloodthirsty warhawk dems only want to help the kurds because the kurds are a communist terrorist group.

    Just like Antifa

  • We see this all the time with Trump. Orders one of his lackeys to test the boundaries of ethical behavior. If the public reaction is positive, he applauds them. If not, he cuts them loose. Mulvaney is just another victim.

  • It's very clear now my fellow Americans. The deep state is now fully exposed. The first President who actually withdraws from needless wars is attacked by both the warmonger Democrats and the rhino Republicans like Lindsay Graham (never trust a man that has never married). If you don't support Trump, you are supporting the deep state. I don't care whether you are conservative or progressives. Here we have 100% evidence of who is a warmonger and who is not a warmonger. Remember that Obama got us into 3 ridiculous conflicts for no good reason (Egypt, Libya and Syria). So NOBODY can claim that Obama was NOT a warmonger. It's time to stand up against needless war. And Trump is the ONLY ONE who's doing it.

  • Scrivener Writer says:

    The White House is almost totally disconnected from the GOP. The GOP however, prop him up and cover his gross misdemeanours. Why? The GOP will not get quid-pro-quo from Trump. You would have to, therefore, conclude that the GOP are idiots. Trump is not a Republican, he is a Trumpian.

  • It's amazing how Republicans cowards drag Obama into everything when asked a question about Trump but yet won't give him credit for the economy

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