GOP donor on retracted Fox News Seth Rich story (full interview)

GOP donor on retracted Fox News Seth Rich story (full interview)

CHRIS CUOMO: Suggestion
that the president was aware of this story, he may
have seen it in advance, that he had a profound interest
in its advancement, what is your response? ED BUTOWSKY: That’s not true. You have to understand,
Rod Wheeler is dead broke. Rod Wheeler, and I can send
these text messages, Chris, and you can send them
out to everybody, had been asking me
to get him a job, or help find a way to get him
into the Trump administration– not the administration,
but a job there. And I probably have five text
messages from Rod saying that, OK? And the part that I heard
a second ago I think is really important. The voicemail that I left for
him about the full attention the White House, that
had to do with Joey Dellacamera, the DC detective. And the DC detective wanted
to come out and talk, because he has a
lot of information. And Rod– CHRIS CUOMO: Why would a DC
detective equal the White House in your voicemail? ED BUTOWSKY: Well, that’s what
I’m trying to explain to you. CHRIS CUOMO: Please help
us understand that part. How does a DC detective
get coded as White House? What does he have to do
with the White House? ED BUTOWSKY: Well, that’s
what I’m trying to say. Let me finish my sentence, OK?
CHRIS CUOMO: Go ahead. Yeah. ED BUTOWSKY: He wanted
whistleblower status, according to Rod Wheeler,
because he had a lot of stuff to explain and expose. And Rod Wheeler had
been talking to him. Matter fact, Rod Wheeler’s
notes with Joey Dellacamera is on a website called
DebunkingRodWheeler’, and it’s all listed there,
Rod Wheeler’s notes. So Rod Wheeler was
trying to help him, because he was in
a lot of trouble for talking to Rod Wheeler,
to get whistleblower status. CHRIS CUOMO: But
what does that have to do with saying that the
White House is interested? Why wouldn’t you say
Dellacamera or the DC guy? Why’d you say White House? ED BUTOWSKY: Well, what
I said was Rod Wheeler had asked me to see
what we could do, to see if I could help this guy. And I just simply
made some calls. I’ve never talked to
anybody at the White House. By the way, I’ve never talked
to President Trump in my life. And President Trump,
nor the White House, has anything to do
with any of this. CHRIS CUOMO: All right. ED BUTOWSKY: And as you
go back and dissect this, as you ask me questions,
I’m just going to give you the honest answer. But all of this stuff is
like little innuendos, and that’s why I’m happy
to be here to answer these. CHRIS CUOMO: The problem is
that they’re your words, Ed. I mean, you know,
the text message– “Not to add any more pressure,
but the president just read the article. He wants the article
out immediately. It’s now all up to you, but
don’t feel the pressure.” ED BUTOWSKY: And you know what? Rod was– see, you have
to understand, again, when we take things
out of context, and you know how that works sometimes– Rod Wheeler had been asking
me for a long time– he said, Ed, when I get
this case settled, the president’s
going to hire me. And he was always doing
this and saying this to me. So this was tongue in cheek,
talking, just texting, wasn’t serious,
because Rod Wheeler was always looking for a
job, because he has no money. And by the way, his lawsuit
is all about Rod Wheeler trying to get money
because he messed up. And we’ll explain that later. CHRIS CUOMO: But, Ed,
help me understand this. When you say the White
House in the voicemail, you say you meant this DC cop. When you say the president
just read the article, that was a joke. It’s funny how? Where’s the punch
line in that joke? ED BUTOWSKY: Well, look, Chris,
it wasn’t a joke that was funny how. Rod Wheeler had been talking
to me all the time about how much he wanted to get a job. He said, get me
on the Trump team, please get me with Sessions. You’ve written text messages. Nowadays, I’m not going to
write any text messages. But was just two guys, me
basically finding a way to just kind of chat
with him about stuff he’s been talking to me about. And the other one
with Dellacamera– let me finish, Chris. CHRIS CUOMO: Please. ED BUTOWSKY: The one with
Dellacamera, not a joke at all. Joey Dellacamera has
a lot of information and he wanted to come forward. And I told Rod, I’ll see
what I can do to find out about whistleblower status. And everybody should go
talk to Joey Dellacamera and ask him questions. CHRIS CUOMO: Well, right, but we
have to ask you questions also. Because– ED BUTOWSKY: I’m answering them. You may not like my answer. CHRIS CUOMO: No, it’s not
about like or dislike. It’s about testing, and
that’s what we do here, right? ED BUTOWSKY: Test me, go for it. CHRIS CUOMO: The idea of what
you said in the voicemail as code for something that’s
completely different, you know, is a curious situation,
as is the text, as is you being on tape talking
to Wheeler acknowledging that you knew that
Wheeler had been quoted in ways that were inaccurate. How do you explain that? ED BUTOWSKY: That’s
not true either. So Chris, let me
explain that one. CHRIS CUOMO: OK. ED BUTOWSKY: Rod Wheeler
called me up and said, Ed, Malia Zimmerman
misquoted me. And I said, Rod, I don’t
understand because there’s emails back and forth that you
not only approved the quotes, but you added to it. And as a matter of fact, that
website that I mentioned, RodWheeler’, or
DebunkingRodWheeler’, you hear his voice
saying the exact quotes he said he didn’t say. What Rod Wheeler did
is he called me up, and obviously this was all
concocted by Rod Wheeler, because when he
called me up he said, Ed, Malia said that I
set eyes on the emails. And I said, Rod, you never
set eyes on the emails. I know that, you know that. If you set eyes on the
emails, you would’ve told me. You never told me. So if Malia Zimmerman,
who’s a wonderful reporter, if she misquoted you,
then you know what, then that needs
to be taken back. I said, Rod, show me
where that quote exists. And by the way, Chris,
I’ll ask anybody, show me where the quote
exists where it says Rod Wheeler set eyes on the emails. I’ve never seen it. And that’s what I
was responding to. CHRIS CUOMO: So when you were
saying you’re going to win an award for those things
that you didn’t say, what did you mean? ED BUTOWSKY: We were
laughing because basically I said, how crazy this
world is, because Rod, you’re telling me that you– that you– you know, that
Malia Zimmerman wrote that you said exactly what I
just said a second ago, that you set eyes on it. I said, Rod, you know
that didn’t happen. I didn’t happen. We were laughing about
what a crazy world this is, because somehow, you’re going
to win an award for having said something you didn’t say. CHRIS CUOMO: Well, the good news
is there’s this great device in litigation called discovery. And hopefully, all
of this will come out, because we’ve only seen
the substantiation of his part. We’re taking you at
your word right now. We’ll have to see if
there’s any back up. Let me ask you if this existed– ED BUTOWSKY: I’ll
send you any backup. Chris, by the way,
I’ll send you anything. CHRIS CUOMO: You
should send it all. ED BUTOWSKY: Any time. CHRIS CUOMO: You should send
all of the proof of everything that you’re
suggesting right now. And I can’t believe it’s
not out all ready, frankly. ED BUTOWSKY: I’m going
to come up there tomorrow and hand it to you, all right? CHRIS CUOMO: You’re welcome,
and I’m easy to find. Let me ask you
something about this. Did this happen? Did the Sean Spicer
meeting happen? Or is Wheeler making that up? ED BUTOWSKY: Yeah,
great question. So I’ve known Sean, I was
a surrogate for the RNC. And not really used
that often, by the way. But I was a surrogate. I got to know Sean a little bit. And this– there’s a recording
of a man named Sy Hersh, that you need to see– CHRIS CUOMO: Seymour Hersh. ED BUTOWSKY: Excuse
me, Seymour Hersh. I didn’t know who the man was. But after I met the
Riches and offered to pay the bill for a
private investigator– and by the way, this
whole idea that something was coordinated
with Rod Wheeler, that’s absolute nonsense. I interviewed tons of different
private investigators– CHRIS CUOMO: One
thing at a time. The Sean Spicer meeting,
Ed, did it happen? ED BUTOWSKY: I’ll go back to it.
a tendency to do that. CHRIS CUOMO: That’s all right.
That’s why I’m here. ED BUTOWSKY: There’s
a lot of stuff here. CHRIS CUOMO: Did it happen,
the Sean Spicer meeting? ED BUTOWSKY: I had a
meeting with Sean Spicer. I brought Rod Wheeler along. And my meeting with Sean Spicer
was about– let me tell you– was about this audio
recording that Sy Hersh– of Sy Hersh, saying
that there’s a mirror copy of the hard drive of Seth
Rich’s at the CART division, at the FBI. CHRIS CUOMO: Right. You know, that Hersh
says that you got his– you know that Hersh says you
got his reporting wrong, right? That he says you took two and
two and made 45 out of it. ED BUTOWSKY: Yeah, well,
you know what, Sy Hersh, maybe that’s his math. But the reality is I’m
not saying anything. Go listen to it. And listen to his own words.
CHRIS CUOMO: Right, but– ED BUTOWSKY: I’m not
concluding anything. CHRIS CUOMO: I’m just saying
when the source of the– ED BUTOWSKY: I’m not concluding
anything at all, Chris. CHRIS CUOMO: I’m just saying
when the source of the material says that your conclusion
about it was wrong, it should be out there
in the public space. ED BUTOWSKY: What’s
my conclusion? Wait, what’s my conclusion? CHRIS CUOMO: Well, you saw– ED BUTOWSKY: I don’t
have a conclusion. CHRIS CUOMO: I
know, but you saw it as something that
was important enough to take it to Sean Spicer. Did he know why you
wanted to meet with him? ED BUTOWSKY: No. CHRIS CUOMO: So he
just took a meeting? ED BUTOWSKY: As a
matter of fact– yeah, because I said, Sean,
I was going to be in town, I had someone I wanted
to talk to you about. And Rod Wheeler was a tag
along, because I thought, at the last minute, I said,
hey, why don’t you join me, because I go to
Washington often. I said why don’t you join me,
and kind of get to know Sean, and meet, and so on. My conversation with
Sean about this recording lasted about one minute. He said, Ed, I don’t
know anything about it. I don’t want to know
anything about it. I can’t do anything. And we ended up talking
about many other things. Believe it or not, including,
because he and I both get our shirts at the same
place through some company, and we talked about
the new cotton material on these shirts. CHRIS CUOMO: Ed, do you think–
do you think it’s coincidental that there seem to be these
meetings that Trump officials take that they don’t
know anything about, but they take the
meeting anyway. And then when they
get into it, they wind up changing the subject
away to something else, like what we heard from Don, Jr. That he did know what
the meeting was about, but he took it anyway,
because a friend asked him to. And then they start
talking about adoption. And he didn’t understand it. This seems a little similar to
that in terms of a scenario. ED BUTOWSKY: It’s not– CHRIS CUOMO: You know Sean, but
you don’t know him that well. You ask him for a meeting. He says he’ll take it without
knowing what it’s about. And then you come in, and
you tell about this tape, but wind up talking
about shirts. Sounds a little convenient, no? ED BUTOWSKY: Chris,
I think you’re trying to twist something and
make a point that’s not their. So let me correct you, OK? CHRIS CUOMO: Please. ED BUTOWSKY: I called up– I had no idea about
Donald Trump, Jr. and this and that and any
of these meetings. I’m going to talk directly
about Sean Spicer. Sean and I know each other. We’re not good friends,
but we’re friendly. I told him I was going
to be in Washington, I wanted to come by and
talk to him about something. CHRIS CUOMO: You
never told him what? You didn’t say
what it was about? ED BUTOWSKY: No, no. CHRIS CUOMO: Were
you surprised that he said he’d take a meeting, as
busy as he was at the time? With somebody he kind of
knows, but not that well? ED BUTOWSKY: No, I
wasn’t surprised. I was actually happy. So apparently, he liked
me more than I thought. CHRIS CUOMO: And then,
when you took the meeting, and you told him about
the tape, before you switched onto what shirt maker
you use, what did he say– ED BUTOWSKY: We really did. CHRIS CUOMO: I believe you. I’m not saying you’re
not telling the truth. I’m just saying that– ED BUTOWSKY: Right, I told him– after he heard it by
the way, and Sy Hersh can say whatever he wants. I didn’t make the conclusion,
Chris, like you said, I didn’t make any conclusion. Go listen to it. And anybody who listens
to it will say, hey, there’s something
here and they should go listen to it at
DebunkingRodWheeler’ CHRIS CUOMO: You still
believe that even though Fox retracted the story? Do you still believe
there’s something to it? ED BUTOWSKY: Right, you
gotta let me finish my point, because that’s one
of things I really want bill able to do, OK? So anybody who listens to it
will know there’s something. I didn’t make any conclusion. I sat down with Sean. He and I are friendly. We see each other. I saw him at a
debate once or twice. I used to do some commentating
on economic matters for the RNC. And you know what? We developed a nice
little friendship. The meeting lasted
maybe 12, 15 minutes. And then we got the old,
oh, by the way, Sean, someone’s here to see you. Which you know, just
means, Ed, get out of here. CHRIS CUOMO: And how did
you leave it with him? ED BUTOWSKY: I just left. I thought it was kind of cool. I’d never been inside
the White House, in the middle of the press room. CHRIS CUOMO: Did he say
let me know what happens? I’ll follow up with
you about this? ED BUTOWSKY: No, no, he
had no interest at all. CHRIS CUOMO: Were
you disappointed? ED BUTOWSKY: No,
I thought it was cool being in the White House. CHRIS CUOMO: But, Ed, you went
there to tell him something you thought was very important. You wanted him to
know about this tape. When he didn’t show
any interest in it– ED BUTOWSKY: I
wasn’t disappointed. CHRIS CUOMO: You just thought
it was cool to be there? ED BUTOWSKY: He didn’t
show any interest. He said, Ed– he said, Ed,
you know what, I’m new here. I don’t know, but I
can’t do anything. Nobody here can do anything. You got to, you know, whatever. And we just let it go. CHRIS CUOMO: He didn’t tell you
to keep him aware of anything or anything like that? ED BUTOWSKY: No. He had no interest. He didn’t even know I was
going to talk about anything. Then we ended up talking
about other things, about being in here,
how cool it was. The TV was on. There was some game on. We talked about that. Rod Wheeler did not talk
about asking for a job. I told Rod, come
along and meet him. Maybe Somehow you can
schmooze and get to develop a relationship with him. At another point,
Rod Wheeler sent me a text message saying can
you get me back in to see Sean. I want to give him
some information. And I have a text message
that I’ll send to you, or I’ll bring to you. CHRIS CUOMO: All right, good. Fox News retracted the
story, as we now know. ED BUTOWSKY: Right. CHRIS CUOMO: Do you
still believe there is something to the suggestion? ED BUTOWSKY: I don’t believe
there’s anything in that story that is inaccurate. CHRIS CUOMO: You believe
it’s all accurate. ED BUTOWSKY: The reason
Fox News retract– let me finish. I believe Rod Wheeler’s saying
that he was misquoted is the reason they pulled it. Rod Wheeler wasn’t misquoted. What Rod Wheeler did, the
night before, he had a crush, or has a crush, on
a lady named Maria Marraco with Fox 5, Washington. And he leaked the story
to her the night before. She wrote a lot of stuff. And I have a text
message showing Rod saying I need to sue Fox
5, because they misquoted me. So now Fox 5
misquoted Rod Wheeler. And then you got to bring
in this lawyer named Wigdor, who sues Fox for everything. He’s been on your
channel many times. And the combination of
Rod Wheeler being broke, Rod Wheeler lying,
and Wigdor putting a case together against Fox. Now you have a lawsuit
that you’re quoting, it’s just full of nonsense. CHRIS CUOMO: You know,
Ed, why are you getting critical questioning here? Because it matters. Why does it matter? Because there’s a lawsuit? In part. Because Fox News has
come under the microscope for its journalism? In part. But there’s a bigger
reason, I think. It has nothing to
do with politics. It has nothing to do with media. You went to the Rich family. They were in grieving. They were hurting. They had the worst
kind of scenario. They lost a loved one, and
they didn’t know what happened. And you went to them with
this story about what happened to their son. ED BUTOWSKY: No, no, let me let
me tell you something, Chris. I heard that said before. And I want to be very clear. That did not happen. CHRIS CUOMO: How
did you get to them? ED BUTOWSKY: I’ll tell
you what happened. Do you want to
know what happened, or do you want to
tell me what happened? CHRIS CUOMO: I really want
to know what happened. I want to know why you
would go to this family with this type of stuff. ED BUTOWSKY: I’m going to tell
you exactly what happened. I heard something. Someone told me something
about Seth Rich. I don’t know the Rich family. CHRIS CUOMO: Who
told you something? ED BUTOWSKY: I’m not
going to tell you. CHRIS CUOMO: Why? ED BUTOWSKY: That’s
not something I’m going to show to you.
I’m not doing that. CHRIS CUOMO: I thought you
said you’d tell me everything. I thought you wanted
to be all open. You’re going to come up
here and hand it to me. ED BUTOWSKY: I’m going to tell
you everything except that. CHRIS CUOMO: Why?
It matters. Because it was so important. Whoever told you this, that you
would go to a grieving family and talk to them about the thing
that would hurt them the most. ED BUTOWSKY: Right. CHRIS CUOMO: So
I think we should know who told you, because they
must have been damn credible. ED BUTOWSKY: Right,
Chris, I before I came on air, I had a
discussion with your producer to let me talk. So let me talk. CHRIS CUOMO: You’ve
been talking plenty, Ed. I’m just saying I got to check– ED BUTOWSKY: You’re
interrupting me– you continue to craft– excuse me, Chris. You continue to try
to point something out that you think is important
and not let me talk. I went to the Rich family
after finding them. I get introduced to them. I spoke to them December 17
at 3:17 PM for 30 minutes. I started off saying thank
you, I’m sorry what happened, and so on. I heard something I
wanted to share with you. And when I told them, I
heard exactly what it was. I heard something
about Wikileaks. They said to me, you know
what, we don’t believe you. I said fine. We started talking
about many other things. Started talking about
children and life and so on. They said if you ever find out
anything, will you please let us know. That’s all. You know what, this
was very private. I had a private
discussion with them. When I left, or excuse me,
when I hung up the phone, I just let it go. And then at some point, someone
introduced me to Sy Hersh. Sy Hersh then told me
all of this information. I sent that privately
to the Rich family. They said, you know what,
Ed, if you ever have anything concrete, let us know. And then I said to them,
this, I said why don’t you hire a private detective? And they said we would love
to, we can’t afford one. And you know what, Chris? You don’t know me, but a
lot of people out there do. You know what I said,
I said I’ll pay for it. Now, I’m not a rich guy,
I’m not some rich donor. I don’t know why you guys
keep saying that, OK, because I’m not rich at all. But I said to these
people, you know what, I’d be happy to pay for it. I thought, as most people
would say, no, thank you, we don’t know you. They said, yes. And I said, oh,
I had no idea how much a private detective cost. I started asking people
who knows anybody who’s a private detective. I got recommended Rod
Wheeler by somebody. I have an email exchange
that I’ll share with you. And they said why don’t
you meet Rod Wheeler. The first time I ever talked
to Rod Wheeler was February 23. So this nonsense that
Rod Wheeler said that he had been pinpointed is all BS. Rod Wheeler wasn’t pinpointed. Rod Wheeler spoke to
the Riches for two weeks back and forth with a contract,
and the whole contract negotiation, Chris,
according to Rod Wheeler, was Aaron Rich and
Aaron Rich’s wife saying don’t ever
look into Wikileaks, don’t ever talk about emails. And if you listen, and
if you go to Debunking RodWheeler’, there’s
a 27 minute audio there of Rod Wheeler stating all of this. So Rod Wheeler then
is now involved. There wasn’t any
of this nonsense that he’s talking
about, coordination, trying to do bad things to him. He knows all of that. Rod Wheeler is broke,
and he’s trying to make some money out of
extorting, maybe me, maybe Fox, who knows? But the facts are none of this
stuff is adding up to what Rod Wheeler is claiming. CHRIS CUOMO: Is that
your full answer? ED BUTOWSKY: Yeah, but thank
you for letting me talk. CHRIS CUOMO: All right, so
let me ask you some questions. ED BUTOWSKY: Go ahead. CHRIS CUOMO: You’re a
Trump supporter, yes? ED BUTOWSKY: I’m a Republican. And I didn’t donate
any money to Trump. CHRIS CUOMO: You’re a
Trump supporter, yes? ED BUTOWSKY: Well, I
don’t want him to get mad, but I’m a Republican. I didn’t give him any money. And I didn’t campaign for him. So I don’t know what a
Trump supporter would be, but did I vote for him? Absolutely. CHRIS CUOMO: So you
voted for Donald Trump? ED BUTOWSKY: Yes. CHRIS CUOMO: So we’ve
established that. You go to the Rich family,
whom you didn’t know, you don’t have any pre-existing
relationship, right? ED BUTOWSKY: None, whatsoever. CHRIS CUOMO: You hear something
from somebody, who you won’t reveal the source to be, right? ED BUTOWSKY: Yes. CHRIS CUOMO: Well,
here’s why it matters. Because on the strength of
whoever that person was, and what they told you, which
you have admitted on this show was not that much
that you actually knew what happened, because you
learned more after the Riches when you met Seymour Hersh,
and then did whatever other investigating that you did. So on the basis of this
one piece of information, from this one person,
whom you won’t reveal, you go to a family
that is in the worst situation of their life
and say to them, hey, I have an idea of what may
have happened with your son, does that make sense to you? Is that the kind of
thing somebody does? ED BUTOWSKY: Don’t– CHRIS CUOMO: They go to a
family that’s grieving– excuse me, let me finish. I let you finish. ED BUTOWSKY: You
know, Chris, I don’t appreciate what you’re saying– CHRIS CUOMO: You go to
the family that’s grieving and say– ED BUTOWSKY: –you’re
trying to characterize me– CHRIS CUOMO: –I
heard something. You don’t know anything. But you heard something, and
on the strength of that alone, and your humanity, you
went to this family and offered it up to them. And that was your only
motivation, to give them this piece of information. ED BUTOWSKY: So, Chris, I resent
you trying to characterize me as an insensitive jerk. CHRIS CUOMO: Those
are your words. I’m asking you a question. ED BUTOWSKY: I know, but
you know what, that’s what it’s obviously coming across. So here’s the answer, Chris. I went to this family because
I thought I had heard something that would help these
people, because they had said in newspapers– and by the way,
when I heard that information, it took me about two months
after my son went to college, and I couldn’t
imagine what it would be like to have a son murdered. And nobody was telling them. The Washington police,
according to what I read, wasn’t telling them
anything, and wasn’t investigating anything. So when I got a hold of
them, I went to them, thinking I was
actually going to try to help these people bring
some relief or some knowledge about what happened their son. My son had just left
to go to Vanderbilt. I was an empty nester, had a lot
of time to reflect on my life. And you do that when you’re
an empty nester, Chris, OK? And I’m reflecting. And I thought this is weird. Because if I know something,
this is the way I am, about somebody’s kid, or if
I think I know something, and this is how I was growing
up– excuse me, with my kids– I’m not going to
hold on to something without the parents knowing. And anybody who knows me
knows that’s the way I am. So what I did is I called
up, got a hold of them, and shared this with them. As soon as they said we don’t
believe you, it was over. I thought I needed
to say something. CHRIS CUOMO: Except it wasn’t. You went and found Wheeler,
you talked talk Hersh. And then they wind up– ED BUTOWSKY: No, you’re
wrong, you’re wrong there. CHRIS CUOMO: Well, that’s
what you just said. ED BUTOWSKY: It was
over at that time. CHRIS CUOMO: I understand
the distinction. ED BUTOWSKY: You’re
trying to make me look. CHRIS CUOMO: It wasn’t
over, but that was over. The whole situation wasn’t
over, but that introduction was. I understand that. ED BUTOWSKY: What
you don’t know is they asked me to make a
donation to the son’s memorial. They asked me to come up
for a concert in his name. They asked me to find out who
this Jack Burkman guy was. The Riches asked me. I have a text
message or an email. They also said that this
guy Brad Bowman just showed up one day
and said he was assigned to them from the DNC. And they asked me why. Now, let’s remember something. I’m a Republican. Seth Hersh– excuse me,
Seth Rich was a huge Bernie Sanders supporter. The Riches are big Democrats. I don’t care what somebody’s
political party is. I care about human beings. And I heard something, and I
felt, inside, that I needed to share this with a family. I didn’t go there to
upset this family. I went there to help. They were already upset
because the DC Police wasn’t telling them anything. They were upset because
their son was killed, Chris. CHRIS CUOMO: Absolutely,
understandable. ED BUTOWSKY: I heard
something, so I thought I’d share it with them. CHRIS CUOMO: That much
we know to be true. We know something else also. The Rich family
put out a statement saying they hope that
this lawsuit will end the connection of their
son and their family to an ugly set of conspiracies. I’m of time for this. But, Ed, I hope you feel you
got the full opportunity– ED BUTOWSKY: I had so
much more to say, Chris. I want to tell you more. CHRIS CUOMO: This
was a good start. And I’m looking forward to
you giving me all the backing for everything that you said.
support material. ED BUTOWSKY: And have me back. CHRIS CUOMO:
Greatly appreciated. Let’s look at the
information you have. ED BUTOWSKY: I
want to come back.


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  • This old man is admitting to a much lesser fault of being a gossip, trying to deflect from his malicious intent to share something to help Trump to lay dirt for Hillary and whoever he tried to malign. If this is not slander, what is?

  • This guy is depraved, as well as being the worst liar.
    It always shocks me that the extremely wealthy want desperately to make even more money.
    Hillary Clinton is a right winger, the DNC's current economic policy would have made him vast profits, but they have made some concessions regarding equality for many that have been oppressed by the US institutions since the country was founded.
    Hillary was anti LGBTQ+ until she saw how it was resonating with voters, so like she does with all her policies.
    Voting for the GOP is admitting what a vile, (or uninformed or indoctrinated by religion) greedy and pro killing and oppressing others you are.
    Edit: I didn't write "changed" when using the example of her previous lack of support for the LGBTQ+ community.

  • they thought that that a black man is stupid and wouldn't tell ontheir  asses.this guy is lying his ass off and stevie wonder can see that

  • TheFarmanimalfriend says:

    Ed Butowsky is going to have the same problem with his story as Donald Trump: there is no supporting evidence to give his paranoia any reality.

  • Carolyn Robinson says:

    Ed sound like he's lieing, he can't hardly get his words out with out studying, and talking fast as Donald Trump Jr. Any time Jr. Start talking fast he's lieing.

  • What a sleaze bucket….. seeking attention and fame for himself no matter what. He wants to show that he’s a victim for trying to be so gallant and so concerned for being a big help. He seems like the kind of person that gets into other peoples business that he shouldn’t! He’s a noisy kind person filled with arrogance and deception, untrustworthy in my opinion. A person that I wouldn’t trust for nothing…..sad commentary. Too often this is a waste of time and also detrimental of others feelings.

  • Why is he so stuck on someone being dead broke? If you are dead broke does that make you a liar? And is it true that because you are rich that you are not a liar?  Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, I would think it's a duck and a lying duck!

  • Raheem Mohamed says:

    Omg! The ugly guy is turning purple.. And this is on TV.. Imagine a half good lawyer putting this ass on the stand. He's all over the place

  • Ed Boutowsky resembles my predator father in that his nose is filled with vodka to the point of bursting.for the educated that's petechial hemorrhaging due to overindulgence…….kind of like sheriff arpaio but not quite as advanced…………………………

  • Sorry Mr Como it looks like you have a down vote bot(maybe Russian maybe rep) . This guy is in quicksand lol. Keep up the fight and you have a like from me.

  • I don't understand why a Rep goes to CNN for an interview. They will be slaughtered whatever they say as CNN doesn't know what fair journalism is.

  • Floppy lips flying everywhere from this platform…… you lot need to stop leaking shit so easily! Your arses are already in the hot seat for flapping your gums too much…..

  • Seth Rich was leaker to wikileaks it is obvious. Anyone that says different is litmus test of being a traitor, be it Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Podesta, Clinton to obfuscating media scum.

  • Amendment 1 is being destroyed right now by tax exempt corporate giants in league with the Fed to squash opposing viewpoints. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and the mainstream media are the Ministry of Truth.

    The Pentagon and Council of Foreign Relations have engaged in illegal warfare for decades, eroding American wealth and destroying innocent lives in the Middle East for their own gain. They are the ministry of Peace promoting perpetual warfare for elitist economic gain.

    Wall Street and the Federal Reserve have bought and paid for most elected politicians in this country. They out-source our wealth through ridiculous trade deals, control our currency and interest rates, and control most aspects of economic policy through the politicians. They are the ministry of Plenty.

    Amendment 2, 4 and 5 are under attack through relentless propaganda and fear mongering elitists who are further brainwashing those who have fallen into their trance. They take our freedom slowly, in the name of security. The police state has seized power since 911 and only seems to be getting stronger. It is only a matter of time before the ATF, Homeland Security, and the increasing federalization of our police force become the ministry of love.

    Wake up America. Wake up. George Orwell's nightmare could very well become our reality. Its roots are already here. Trump is only one man. It takes all of us to individually fight the tyranny before it is irreversible.

    Already the right of the individual states to regulate their own affairs has been taken form us. Government is WAY to centralized and we may have reached the point of no return in terms of Federal Power. We must remember the Bill of Rights and the reason the founding fathers wrote them. We must never trade freedom in the name of security, because in doing so we get neither.

    Big Brother has already been born. His initials are N.S.A., and you can be damn sure he doesn't care about individual security. God and the 2nd Amendment is all the security we need. They have taken the first. Soon they will come after the other nine.

  • GeorgiaRocketman says:

    CNN could care less about the truth. They just want to tell you what they wish/want to be true. Far left sheeple!

  • The 1st 4 comments below, don.’t make any since. This is CNN, and if they’re putting you on, and its possibly bad about anything to do with Democrats, it’s going to be an unfriendly interview. This is a smart guy, but talking to como, would be the only problem here.

  • Wait, so Sy Hersh can change his information and explain it away and that's okay, but when Ed explains his side of things, it's not okay?

  • Cuomo is a genuine worm in his musturd seed heart. He is a hate filled low life. Perfect for CNN and the brain dead lemon being.

  • As a conservative it is extremely difficult to witness how far the Republican Party (now essentially the Party of Donald Trump) with the help of its state run propaganda wing that is Fox News (Not to mention Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones and similar nut jobs) has fallen. There isn’t an unsubstantiated, insane, tin foil, big foot level conspiracy theory that his supporters won’t believe and/or promote. This kind of thing used to only be found on the fringes of the conservative community but thanks to technology the internet has allowed such ppl to connect, organize, and grow exponentially into a sizable base with substantial influence. Unfortunately that base/influence is important enough to the GOP that they’ve enabled/empowered that insanity, so now the irrationality and conspiratorial thinking once on the fringes have become mainstream and part of the backbone of the GOP and overall conservative leadership/establishment. Conservative America can pull a conspiracy out of their ass about anything but only when it suites their agenda and confirms their own biases. They will find a conspiracy in Seth hills death, and entertain insane stories like Hilary’s pedophile pizza shop but are somehow totally unable to see anything sketchy at all regarding Trump and Russia (or Trump and a thousand other sketchy dealings)…. I sincerely hope that the Republican Party is able to recover from the damage Trump and his base have done to it and rediscover their sanity and integrity but if I’m being completely honest I’m not so optimistic…. :-/

  • CNN is SO focused on connecting the Trump administration to any shady characters that they are totally missing the real story; if they admit Rich was the leaker…it will undermine their Trump/Russia collusion bullshit so the coverup will continue until Assange is pardoned.

    If there had been a Trump/Russia connection, it would be history by now. Mueller is just dragging the smear out as long as possible to protect the real criminals. They will all be history the minute the report is released.

  • the seth rich murder was closed, unsolved, way too fast. This guy, Ed, and every rumor should be investigated. There's a suspicious Podesta email and the DNC server was not hacked, it was downloaded, an inside job. The insider who knows the truth was murdered. There's no statute of limitations on murder.

  • Crowdstrike paid 100K day after Seth Rich whacked, and 100K the day after Shawn Lucas was whacked. CNN: "meh." Joe Montano, John Ashe, Gareth Williams, John Jones, Berta Caceres, Michael Hastings, and Vic Thorn all whacked that same month, all connected to DNC. CNN: "meh."

  • Peaches Williams says:

    Grifters trying to milk the first cash cow they find! Sea of lies. Trump has brought out ALL the demons from the pits of hell! Lol

  • Or maybe?!…he's telling the truth, his ego aside, we now know the "source" was Ratner..
    Butowsky didn't know Chris cHomo too well, but Chris took the meeting….and, curiously….they talked about …ALL sorts of things…..duh.

  • delaceyjames foster says:

    Just typical cuomo making up stories lying as usual you cuomo r a dirty low life and bought and paid for squirm only got into college through paying a little donation your a complete fraud liar and a disgrace

  • A man exposed the Clintons along with the DNC and was murdered. Google itself helps cover it up. The head of the FIB helps cover it up. The politicians can get away with murdering citizens…

  • jerry hardesty says:

    So wheeler was broke and needed money! and never finished the job he was hired to do! by the family, sounds like a pay off to me! and he has the nerve to try and get into the Trump organization to spy! just sounds like Hillary and her FBI cronies are looking for info, Wheeler is bought and paid for.

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