Google’s Vegan Ad in NYC | Vegan News | LIVEKINDLY

Google’s Vegan Ad in NYC | Vegan News | LIVEKINDLY

Welcome to LIVEKINDLY’s weekly news recap Covering the top news from this past week, up to the 5th of October 2018. Google launched a vegan billboard in a New York City subway station, Advertising how easy it is to find a vegan restaurant with its newly updated “Explore” feature. Explore allows Google Maps users to find restaurants and attractions more easily. It predicts how much a user will like a location based on previous restaurants they visited. Go to one plant-based restaurant? The app will rank similar restaurants that you might like in the nearby area. The updated Explore feature itself was launched this past summer, but this new advertising campaign is a game-changer especially with all that foot-traffic in NYC subway stations. The amount of possible campaign impressions is priceless. On the other side of the globe, in the Netherlands, Rotterdam saw a powerful vegan campaign of its own recently – a giant Oatly billboard on a city skyscraper. The campaign’s message? “It’s like milk, but made for humans.” Rotterdam is one of the busiest port cities in Europe, and the billboard’s reach is extensive. Dutch vegan organization Seeds captured an image of the giant billboard, tweeting it out and saying that the brand “is making a clear statement.” Vegan milk such as oat milk is quickly becoming the norm for millions of dairy drinkers across the globe. Along with its plant-based health benefits, the decreased environmental impact of dairy-free milk like Oatly, proves it’s milk made for the earth, too. In its first week on supermarket shelves the vegan JUST egg is outselling liquid chicken eggs. The vegan mung bean egg has the look and taste of a chicken egg, but with the health and environmental benefits of being completely derived from plants. The vegan egg category is growing at a rapid rate; the industry itself is expected to reach a value of $1.63 million by the end of 2028. JUST’s CEO Josh Tetrick told LIVEKINDLY, “We’re grateful to see this extraordinary sales data. We’ve always said that if you make it easy for good people to eat well, they will.” “Are you kidding – it’s not egg?”
“No.” In the entertainment world, the “Big Bang Theory” is back for it’s 12th and final season. The cast includes a very decorated group of activists. Remember last year when the male stars took salary cuts in order to see their female co-stars get equal pay? Many of them also take a stand for animals, too. Mayim Bialik who plays Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler has spoken up for the animals on numerous occasions, she’s written a cookbook, and routinely posts vegan content on YouTube. “Animals live, they breathe, they have relationships. They have feelings.” Kaley Cuoco who plays Penny, and Jonny Galecki who plays her husband Leonard, are both compassionate vegetarians who frequently speak up for animals. Sara Gilbert of “Roseanne” fame, who also played Leonard’s girlfriend in season 1, is a long-time vegan and activist as well. That’s it for today. Check back next Friday for another weekly recap. And remember to Live Kindly [music outro]


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