Google Privacy Policy Update

Google Privacy Policy Update

We’ve been tidying up a little,
making our privacy policies and terms more
consistent, easier to read, and easier to understand. You see, while privacy policies,
ours included, may not be the most popular read
on the internet, we think they’re important. So instead of over 60 policies
for different Google products and features, we’re introducing
just one with fewer words, simpler
explanations, less legal gloop to wade through. That means that when you use
Google, from Gmail and Search to YouTube and Calendar, you
can count on one simplified policy that explains our privacy
commitment to you. The new policy reflects our
efforts to create one beautifully simple experience. It means that if you’re signed
in, we’ll treat you as a single user across all of
our products, combining information you’ve provided
from one service with information from the others. So you have a better, more
intuitive experience from the moment you sign in to the second
you log out, whether you’re sending mail,
making meetings, watching videos, or searching. Over time, it will mean better
Google search results and ads. We’ll understand that when you
search for jaguar, you’re looking for a jaguar
and not a Jaguar. It can mean more accurate
spelling suggestions because you’ve typed a word before. And it may even mean we’ll be
able to tell you when you’ll be late for a meeting based on
your location, your calendar, and local traffic conditions. All of which means we’re not
just keeping your private stuff private, we’re making it
more useful to you in your daily life, too.


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