Google Makes HTTPS a SEO Ranking Signal – Elite SEM Digital Marketing News

Google Makes HTTPS a SEO Ranking Signal – Elite SEM Digital Marketing News

Hey Everyone I’m Tony and I’m Dan
and we are SEO account managers based out of Elite’s
New York City office and today we want to talk about HTTPS
Google recently announced that it is adding HTTPS as a ranking factor
for websites Dan would you like to tell us more about HTTPS?
For sure, HTTPS works off of HTTP and if you’re asking how HTTP
works its essentially like asking how the internet works.
Its a request protocol that to send information from a browser
over to your database, your servers and have them send a website back
So its actually how we request that information to be sent back to us
Yes and Google has been pushing for secured websites or HTTPs
over the past few years for it’s own websites and now it’s making
the push for websites across the internet. So definitely the trend
is moving towards getting every website secured. Dan what type of websites utilize HTTPS?
Well historically banking websites, ecommerce websites, anything
that traded secure information or credit card information would take
advantage of HTTPS It adds a layer of encryption that onto the
request so people can’t see what you’re doing, hack into your information
and be malicious about what they are doing.
Sure, there has been alot of recent things happening right, NSA, as well as
I believe you talked about it earlier, Heart Bleed, secure information
lost by major websites essentially. Yea, actually April 1st of 2014 the Heart
Bleed bug was actually exposed for what it was. About half a million websites
got hit by it and that was actually websites that were protected
by HTTPS which had a verification information overload, issue where people could
hack in and steal information. So what’s the takeaway from this, should you
as a website owner implement HTTPS? Well it depends on what type of website
you own right Dan? It does, definitely, If you’re working with
any sort of secure information where your users are actually trading information
on your site its definitely recommended to implement HTTPS.
Honestly it is limited algorithm update and only affects about 1% of
websites out there on the world wide web. But, it is very recommended because
even if it’s just to gain a little bit of a leg up on the competition its still an
SEO best practice now that Google has admitted that they are going to factor it into the
ranking algorithm. Yea, definitely they said that it is a light-weight
ranking factor right now but as Dan mentioned it may grow in strenght in the coming
years so you may want to get ahead of the competition by implementing this.
Now, if I have a blog should I go ahead and implement HTTPS right now?
That’s a good question Tony, it actually depends on your bandwidth. So if you
have the room to do it now I would still recommend that you get ahead of the game and
put it through. But honestly if you’re a blog not dealing with secure information it shoudn’t
be your top priority. Following other SEO best practices that weigh heavier on the algorithm
would really help the visibility of your blog. Sure and there is also the cost involved in
doing that, so definitely you need to consult and SEO expert and get insight into what you
need to do for your specific website and your platform.
And definitely if want to learn more about HTTPS as well as Elite’s SEO services, please
visit our website at There will be a link in the description of the video
which you can click through to visit our website.
But I think that wraps up everything for today right.
Yes it definitely does Tony. Thank you for joining in. Thank you


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