Google I/O app source code, Chrome 77 Beta, & OpenCensus Web

Google I/O app source code, Chrome 77 Beta, & OpenCensus Web

I’m Timothy Jordan for “The Developer Show.” This is your weekly update
on the coolest developer news from Google. The source code for the official
Google I/O 2019 Android app is now available. Fun stuff to check out
includes gesture navigation, the dark theme, the improved
schedule screen, and much more. The GitHub repo is
linked from the post. We recently shared updates
to virtual machine offerings on Google Compute Engine,
including the launch of the all-new general
purpose VMs in beta, the general availability
of compute-optimized VMs, and memory-optimized
VMs, also in beta. Details and links to get
started are on the post. Chrome 77 is now
available in beta, with new performance metrics,
new form capabilities, capabilities in origin
trials, and more. Lots of details and
links are on the post. Live Transcribe
is an Android app that provides real time
automated captions for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. We’ve just shared our
transcription engine so that you, too, can
build applications with robust transcription. An overview and a link
to the source code are both on the post. We’ve also open
sourced OpenCensus Web. It’s a tool to trace and monitor
the user perceived performance of your web pages, and can
help determine whether or not your web pages are experiencing
performance issues that you might otherwise not
know how to diagnose. Please remember to like,
subscribe, and share. I’m Timothy Jordan for
“The Developer Show.” Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next week. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mark. Did I do it right? OK.


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