Google Home New Updates and New Features for August 19, 2018

Google Home New Updates and New Features for August 19, 2018

Hello everyone. Thanks for tuning in
again. It’s time to get started with another Google Home new features, new
updates, and of course everything new for the Google Assistant as well. So let’s
get started. All right, first things first. We’ve seen the launch of a number of
Google Home Smart Displays or Google Smart Displays on the market. We’ve seen
one come out from JBL, and we’ve also seen one come out from Lenovo. Now both of those devices are getting good reviews, but ultimately Google still has
not released their own device. So that has been rumored to be launched before
the Christmas season, and I would expect it to come out here as well. Obviously
Google wants to hit that market before the Christmas season. Next up is
something else we’re likely to see by the time Christmas rolls around. Sonos has been hinting at Google Assistant integration into the Sonos One
and Sonos Beam, both of those speakers for a long time, and ultimately what
they’ve said is it’s time to go. It’s going to be right around the Christmas
season as well. So that’s going to make both the new Google Smart Display
branded by Google and the Sonos speakers pretty hot items around Christmas. This
is a big feature as far as I’m concerned. We’ve all seen the revamp of Google News but what we haven’t seen is integration with Google Home and the Google
Assistant. What happened this week is in the US you are able to ask your
Google Assistant on an Android phone to go ahead and give you the latest news
about a specific topic. That means the functionality is coming very quickly
to all the other devices and a number of countries. We don’t have a roll out
schedule but here it comes. The next thing is something I’ve been asked about
by a number of users on the channel. There’s obviously a lot of different
music services that you can use with your Google Home and Google Assistant,
but Pandora has never been a service that’s been available. So Google has gone
and they’ve partnered now with Pandora, and the premium service is available on
Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, and of course most Google Assistant devices. The big thing I noticed with this integration was actually the fact
that you could search by lyric using your Google Home. So that’s a really
interesting functionality and not something I’ve used with other services, but is
available with Pandora. Last week I told you all about the Russians, the fact that
they were coming to the Google Assistant. Well this week it’s the Swedish that are
coming, and so Google Assistant can now speak Swedish. This is in line with
what Google has said in the past months here, that they will be adding all of
these languages to the Google Assistant. and eventually the Google Home. This is a
bit hearsay right now, but what I’ll say is some pretty good detective work went
into this next thing, and what has been found throughout some of the most recent Google Assistant code is what appears to be a face match service. This makes
sense as well if you think about the Smart Displays coming out here. They are
basically creating a new set of functionality that you could go ahead
and use with your Google Home device. Now what they’re saying in this is this code
is called Avocado right now. It’s a little bit cryptic, but ultimately it
seems to require the use of your camera on your tablet or phone, and then on top
of that there also seems to be some facial recognition code within the
program. If you were living under a rock this week, you probably didn’t hear
about Alexa and Cortana being integrated at some level. It’s a it’s a pretty basic
level right now, but ultimately that integration is intended to deepen and
get better. Now what we’ve seen is one device here, a thermostat called GLAS
from Johnson Controls, it now has actually three assistants, or three voice assistant capabilities within it. So the Google
Assistant integration has been added, Alexa has been added. The interesting
thing about this device is Cortana will still remain front and center. You can
ask for Alexa. The Google Assistant integration is through your Google Home,
but ultimately you can still control this device. Now while this next
piece is not actually Google Home news or updates or new features, what this is
is something that I think a lot of people on the channel are going to be
interested in, and that is basically i hearing aid capability being added into
Android through a partnership between Google and a company called GN Hearing, basically a Danish company actually. Now those two companies are pairing to get
hearing aid support and connectivity embedded into Android directly, and
therefore what i think you’re going to see, especially when we talk about these
Smart Displays, is direct connectivity through those devices. It remains to be
seen if that would extend to something like the Google Home or the Google Home Mini ultimately, though I think it’s headed in that direction. So I wanted to
share that here as soon as I heard about this different type of integration. There
you go everyone. We’re all done this week with all the new latest Google Home and
Google Assistant updates. We’re still waiting on Google Duplex and a number of those features that came out from Google I/O 2018. We’re not hearing any updates, I’ve actually asked Google a number of times, but nothing new is being shared at this
time. We do know in in terms of Google Duplex, we do know that Google is out
there demoing this and getting tests done with different focus groups. So we
do know that’s coming soon, it’s just how soon. So stick with us here on the
channel. We’re going to be running these every so often here. I try and run
them every week, but ultimately sometimes there’s just not enough
news related to the Google Home and Google Assistant. So thanks for watching
everyone. We’ll see you next time.


41 thoughts on “Google Home New Updates and New Features for August 19, 2018”

  • Thanks for the update! My friend Andy just got his Google Home Max and used to use Pandora as his primary streaming service for Google Home Max before switching to Google Play Music. He LOVES LOVES LOVES his Max.

  • Where do we go to tell Google they need to add a feature to Google Home? I would like to see added software code to allow Google Home, mini, max and Smart Displays to be commanded thru Headphones with Bluetooth. Having this feature would give us another reason to use the call features which I hardly use now other than to demonstrate because it's not private.

  • Guess what? We here in Canada can already get news on a particular topic read to us on the Google Home. Just say (as an example) " Hey Google, what's the latest news on the Paul Manafort trial?" Your Google device will then read out the latest news and also send articles to your phone on the same topic! Pretty cool!

  • Eh up Yoof. I was reading rumours about Google, assistant and a screen too. Was going to send you the links a few days ago but then realised I had no email address for you. Sorry Yoof. Is that the same Denmark that's in a worse state than Venezuela according to the idiots at Fox news? Lol. Grrrrrr!

  • Peter Rivera-Pierola says:

    Thanks for the updates! When are we going to get a fix for the Bluetooth audio delay? Watching YouTube videos on my iPad while streaming audio to my Google Home Mini is simply unacceptable, meanwhile my cheap no-name shower speaker performs lag-free. What gives?

  • I just purchased a Onkyo TX-NR787 with Chromecast built-in. This receiver works great with my Google Home. Have you tired any of these receivers and reviewed them? Thanks for keeping news updates for this home automation.

  • Benjamin Persson says:

    The launch of the assistent in Sweden has been kind of a weird one thus far. Google went out with the news on there social media outlets and the hype was real. Media went out reviewing it, some good and some bad. It ended up looking like it was just being given to the beta testers because people started complaining about it not being supported in Swedish and that's the case still. I don't have it yet and many others don't. Someone on Google (Sweden) has now hinted towards it taking weeks to roll out fully in an email of some sort. Strange from Google's side to go out with it so strong when it doesn't even seem to be given to everyone. Sure we will get it in a few weeks,no rush, but the problem is that the "none android nerds" are now testing it out thinking Google Now is Google assistant and are super disappointed and think it's garbage. The same goes for some reviews done early on. Google might have shot itself in the foot I think. O well, I'm excited for when it eventually comes out to everyone.

  • They need a USB Chromecast type device for a PC. It's something they could sell a ton of and the chrome vice integration sucks, tbh. Why this isn't a thing yet idk. They need to make Google home bilingual. It used to work originally and then they killed it

  • On 8/22/18, I was at a Costco store here in Atlanta and noticed they have the Google Mini on sale @ 3 for $75.
    I wonder if Google is dumping inventory to make way for newer models.

  • I only wish all this great news was relevant for anyone who lives outside North America. But it's not. Ultimately all these great features are enabled and the rest of the world has to wait a year to get them. In this respect Google absolutely sucks. So google the Global company actually just operates locally. Leaving anyone who buys their equipment frustrated that none of these features are coming anytime soon. No wonder Alexa is winning………..

  • That's all great but what about MUSIC STUTTERING DURING BLUETOOTH STREAMING? It's months now, so many of us complained to them, it's nothing banal like the distance or type of speaker, it's something about the last firmware, but there's no solution from Google on the matter. Needles to say – other similar products, like Alexa, don't have that problem. And, believe me – it's a problem.

  • Awesome update. Got my Lenovo Smart Display connected to my google home, and the display just gives so much more features to the assistant. Now I have 2 assistants with the same brain haha

  • Mister Negative says:

    Switching from iPhone to a Google phone soon and when I do I plan to get everything in the ecosystem so I keep watching these videos to learn more about the ecosystem

  • Ok so I just recently purchased a Google home mini and like it so much that I got three more. I thought for sure I would be able to link it to my ring door bell but cant seem to find away. I hope that Google can make that happen soon.

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