Google+ Hangouts for Media

Google+ Hangouts for Media

the AC 360 Google+ page. Add us to your circle so you can
get the latest updates and behind the scenes look
at the show. BOB SCHIEFFER: We’re going to be
conducting Google hangouts, from time to time, to connect
people in every corner of the country to talk about topics
related to campaign 2012. Sarah, you’re the reporter in
this crowd, what is going on with religion these days in
the age of the internet? SARAH: We were talking about how
religion is surviving in this new age. And I’d say it’s actually
thriving. MARIA BATRIROMO: I’m Maria
Bartiromo with the New York Stock Exchange. A big shout out to all my
friends on Google+. DOUG GOTTLIEB: When you think
back Saturday, semifinals what just, kind of, pops
into your mind? MALE SPEAKER: Uneven play. MALE SPEAKER: The Kentucky
Louisville game especially. It was just sloppy all
the way around. DOUG GOTTLIEB: I thought the
first game was totally entertaining. You guys are all nuts. FEMALE SPEAKER: NBC Bay Area’s,
George Kiriyama, is live at SFO, and he’s live via
Google+ with us right now, because it’s too dangerous to
use our live truck with the mast going up there, so
he’s talking to us live over the internet. George, what can you tell us? GEORGE KIRIYAMA: We have
61 flights canceled. SARAH HILL: We wanted to say
thanks to everyone who was on our cyber count today. We hope that you enjoy
your weekend. ANGIE BAILEY: Good evening,
I’m Angie Bailey. SARAH HILL: And I’m
Sarah Hill. Thanks for joining us. KOMU’s Kristin James worked that
story on Brian Rankins. JAKE TAPPER: I’m Jake Tapper,
I’m the senior White House correspondent for ABC News. Welcome to this week’s inaugural
Google+ hang out for a discussion of election
year politics. So Emily, I think you
have the next one. And your question is about
the US Supreme Court. EMILY: If the Supreme Court
rules that all or a portion of Obamacare is unconstitutional,
are there any positives that President Obama could get
out of that decision? MALE SPEAKER: I think whatever
happens, it’s probably not going to be determinative
of this election. I think, though, there’s a
benefit to President Obama if that happens. CHRISTINA BELLANTONI: Anybody
that has Google+ can use it. It’s sort of the concept of a
watch party at home where you’d be watching a speech on
your couch except you use it from your laptop. It was definitely the
magic of technology that made it happen. If you can bring people in to
be able to talk about the issues that are driving
the day. BOB SCHIEFFER: I think this
is going to be terrific. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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