Google fined a record $5 billion ||TECH SINGH Urs || LATEST NEWS UPDATES

Google fined a record $5 billion ||TECH SINGH Urs || LATEST NEWS UPDATES

tech news updates from TECH SINGH URS
number one BuzzFeed launches a new website for its
real journalism yes the company has already taken steps to give them more
serious reporting its own home and identity with a BuzzFeed news app a
section on the main BuzzFeed site and a BuzzFeed news label on every story
Google find a record 5 billion dollars by the EU for Android and II trust
violations Google has been hit with a record-breaking 4.3 billion euros five
billion dollar fine by EU regulators for breaking Andy trust laws the European
Commission says google has abused its android market dominance and three key
areas benchmarks for 2018 MacBook Pros show dramatic multi-core performance
gains though Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pros have shown only modest gains in single
core and graphics performance early multi-core benchmarks have grown in
leaps and bounds vs. 2017 Microsoft eases all new Xbox hardware announcement
for next month Microsoft is planning to attend game Escom in Germany next month
and the company has new hardware to announce the software maker is planning
to hold a livestream for new features news and most importantly all new Xbox
hardware and accessories on August 21st Facebook partners with NS DC to empower
youth with digital skills in India social media giant Facebook on 17th of
July entered into a strategic partnership with the National skill
development corporation NS DC to empower youth and entrepreneurs with digital
skills in India fantastical 2.5 for Mac brings integration new time
proposals much more fantastical 2.5 for Mac also adds a new field for events
that lets you propose new times for entries with support for exchange iCloud
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