Google bans word “Christians” from advertisements, but not “Muslims”

Google bans word “Christians” from advertisements, but not “Muslims”

hi this is it back again with another video from the adelaide channel of the steam blockchain from addy tube and steam it as well as three speak as we get into the fact that Google has now banned the word Christian very interesting so what has happening well let's go take a look so before we go on no matter what denomination of religious system you are of course I am Christian as I have said before our Christian but no matter what religious denomination denomination you are even if it's atheist you can see a strong bias or an anti-christian bias moving into Google repeated over years and the real question is why I've got some speculations which will go into a Deans of video but let's go into this new news story coming here in the 2026 of july 2019 from russia today unacceptable content youtube ad policy bans keyword quote unquote christian so this is what is cited in this particular article a number of tweets and this reference it is this individual here own some kind of company as a former recon marine a veteran there and raising awareness here for veteran rights they state we ran a youtube ad for our veterans ministry outreach for those in need and it was denied for the word christian now this tweet is from the 23rd of july i just left it on screen there so you can see the rest of it and you can cite the date we'll just punch in here a little bit to go in a bit closer to read on they state basically that the word christian was banned and they provided this screen shop here from potential policy violations the following keywords violate google ad advertising policies please remove the unacceptable content to continue unacceptable content as keyword IE christian so the word christian was deemed by Google as an unacceptable word in terms of an advertisement policy so Google came back and have got a punch-up of this you see Google's reply above and we'll go into the secondary of reply in a moment so this was replied to on the 24th of July there by Team YouTube team YouTube had this to say we know that religious beliefs are personal we don't allow advertisers to target users on the basis of religion beyond that we don't have policies against advertising and includes religious terms like Christian so here's the thing if Google was a completely neutral entity like a phone pole or electricity company I would say okay well they are neutral about everything but my idea of a free world which would be you can use any advertising to him as long as it isn't you're not involved in a legal activity but that's not what youtubers you see they say it's only they're not ban in particular words but they ban the word Christian here and he comes back and states this and replied to Team YouTube we ran the exact same ad with the keyword Muslim and it was approved but Christian was not so here the saying that it banned the word Christian but not Muslim so here you can see the bias now if this was one example you'd probably say it's a glitch okay some kind of glitch or they someone preach the wrong pattern I don't know how it works but something like that right but it's not it's part of an overall pattern of behavior a mode of operation okay this is the way the that Google operates its mode of operation there see here and I'll show you some other examples in a moment but think about that for a moment it bans the word Christian but it approves the word Muslim so here let's jump back a year to 2018 and this is a 24th of March April sorry 2015 Google rejects Christian publishers that mention Jesus okay so in this story they pretty much banned or rejected a Christian publisher because its ads were mentioned the word Jesus which they state is offensive and it's important to recognize this story which are all the where of course are covered this on my channel at the time here is the first of April 2018 no not an April Fool's joke something that was had been talked about at length at the time and had been talked about at length four years before that because Google has snubbed Easter with no doodle for eighteenth year in a row Christian say what's a fact that has so this is where you go to the Google front page and usually for every single holiday every single religious holiday whether it's a Jewish holiday a Muslim holiday you know you know whatever religious system a Buddhist holiday they will have this big dude or usually on their home page which gets you know the most traffic the most traffic there is on the Internet you know to celebrate that holiday but it'll never do it for Easter in fact 18 years in a row becomes 19 years now okay it hasn't celebrated Easter now like I said if they Google wasn't like an electric company like a utility or built lamppost I'd be like you know whatever I mean they're kind of like a neutral screwdriver that someone uses a tool which was what they should be a tool in order to get a job done a search engine they're like a box of bolts or something like that or a but about the box of electronic parts they used to build something you use it in order to provide the information that you require it's at all but it's not so it celebrates everything apart from East own here we have Ramadan for one example Google Website screenshots showing the countdown to the Muslim holiday of Ramadan big massive holiday and the muslim faith and 74 days to ramadan will be back on the 15th of may they say 2018 the meantime you can check out all this information here big massive doodle okay graphics artwork people hired nothing for Easter nothing at all so that is that what I want to put keep on saying this is part of an overall mode of operation this isn't some singular glitch every single time you you go past your house and the window is broken again or broken once okay it's broken once someone threw a stone to your window if you're going to your house every single Sunday and there's a broken window after you've repaired it it's part of a pad and someone's breaking the window on purpose that is the point there's just an example of them celebrating Valentine's Day of course you are all aware the last time they celebrated Easter was in April the 23rd mm so back before 9/11 was the last time Google actually celebrated Easter on its page and here let's go to another story just a quick video it's not going to be very long here so I'll scroll out in a moment so let's just take a look at this particular story here Christians outraged okay Google home won't answer questions about Jesus covered this at the time this is from 2018 the 27th of January their video showing Google home using users asking who was Jesus okay this was tested many times and I covered this at the time my south's they asked who as Jesus and the smart Google home or the Google home assistant and the smart speaker which is the equivalent of Amazon Alexa echo dot could not provide any type of answer it didn't know who Jesus was but it did have a response for Buddha Mohammed and even Satan so you could ask all the other religious figures from history but you couldn't ask who Jesus was it couldn't tell you again part of an overall pattern there so just about to scroll out just showing you some more information there on screen it's able to give details of course on a la border or so on and so forth but not Jesus my apologies I don't understand Google home replies sorry I don't know how to help with that yet because Google changed its terms from don't be evil back in 2015 remember that remember their first actual model of Google don't be evil well they had to change that to do the right thing well the right thing is of course relative just like a lot of different things it's relative on what you believe the right thing is so what does Google really believe the point of this video is really to show the systemic symptoms systematic practices of Google over and over and over again with this anti-christian theme running through it because Jesus Christ as you can see pictured here with a child are so dangerous to them okay so dangerous it's just the so dangerous okay in times like these they just can't even say Jesus Christ's name anymore they probably would turn it to fire if they did I don't know in the meantime now of course God and decide for yourselves what to believe and as I said you can believe anything you like that's the freedom of being alive the point is I'm just showing that there's an a massive air bias against Christians okay at least in my opinion course God do you own research come to your own conclusions and this is it from the outer light channel stay safe to carry yourselves and I'll see you all later


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  • ❤??

  • Google is a private company and as such may conduct their business as they see fit whether you like it or not. If you don't like it then don't use Google. Or better yet set up your own social media platform. Just because a private business does not run itself according to your specifications does not mean anything. Snowflake much?

  • 1st Soy Battalion 75th Bugman Regiment says:

    The amount of power these tech corporations, corporations in general, and their Leftist handlers is beyond out of control and we are left with very little tools to solve this problem.

  • Alina Padilla says:

    Pit groups against eachother to justify war or black op coups. Google is a tool for the military industrial complex.

  • Ed, i use to be christian but no more. Celts have Virgin Mary as image of Earth and Child is image of life on Earth. This story twisted by few bag people. Jesus is imagenary collective image, energetic egregor. We are celts, zombie celts. I'm in Ontario Canada, my Ontario logo is celt symbol, so is Franco-Ontarians flag. Compare to The Triquetra or the Trinity Knot. My Canadian Parlament full of celtic symbols. Notre Dame ( eng. Our Lady, image of mama Earth) Cafedral in Ottawa have NO Jesus in stone and wooden Jesus named INRI because JE SUIS translated I'M from french so jesus christ mean i'm cross. Add there 4 to 20K monthly tax per parish, teaching not exsist, main call " Jesus, i'm your slave and will wait for Your return"… ALL modern religions have problems. Horseshoe symbol for luck ? How about Celtic Claddagh Ring Plaque?

  • Personally, I don't think they're afraid of Jesus, which I again, personally think is a mind-control device that keeps people spiritually infantile. I think the PTB are elevating Islam, the last Abrahamic tradition. I think certain inner dark circles in the Islamic world are thinking their revolution is well underway. The rug will get pulled under them too though when whatever endgame the PTB have lined-up, goes green.

  • Let me make a brief case for Satanism. The most discriminated religious group in America are atheists. Partly as a result of Atheism not being a religion. The excuse is that as atheism isn't a religion so discrimination doesn't count. That is when Satan spoke to me and told me it is time. Time to put Christians in their proper place. Would a local government allow a permit to build a church? Sure unless it was Satanic. Then the lawsuits would begin, forcing Christianity back where it belongs.

    Think of it like this, a teacher is allowed by a school (not by constitutional law) to promote Christianity without punishment, if there is evidence to this fact then a Satanist should be allowed to do the same. Of course we know the school would react negatively and likely fire the Satanic teacher at which point the law suits would begin. Christians need to learn that constitutionally, Christianity is no more or less favorable than Satanism. This may upset them but I have every religious right they do despite my Satanism.

    So there is no misunderstanding, I hold no grudge against Christians despite our disagreements as they too are humans. I respect them equally. The theology they follow though I cannot accept as I know it's a flawed man made attempt at control and an effective one at that. Long before the organized religions Satanism existed not to control the minds of men but to join them in oneness a self reflective state. As civilizations grew, some wanted power and detested the freedoms Satan offered, made him an enemy and exploited mankind for power and profit.

    The point to Satanism ultimately is to show that all religious belief is bunk, which in turn will show that even Satanism is bunk. Then Satan can rest and we humans can get on with our lives not judging each other via dogma. Religion can produce hate quite easily depending on it's proposed ideology. Atheists have a disadvantage as they are not seen as a religious group needing protection. They should in my view adopt Satanism even if they don't sincerely believe it. Just as Christians often don't sincerely believe what they say they do and are merely going through the motions as it is easier than being honest and facing the backlash.

    Do take notice of how people who self identify as Christian are so quick to judge, demean and insult those who disagree with them. Are they following the teachings of Jesus meek and mild or is this just self aggrandizing blather? They speak of humility but act brutish and ignorant of what they claim to follow blindly. They are liars and fools. Satan does not need them but still understands their stupidity is not all their fault and loves them nonetheless.

    A large part of the problem with Christians is that they don't really believe what they claim to. Why so violent given the supposed softer teachings of Christ? As I said, Satan does not judge, you are free to act as you wish and still Satan does not judge, maybe many of these so-called Christians would be more as peace following Satanism like I do.

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised that no Christian would answer my question. Honesty and morality are just musings defended now by trolls for the likes. Silly sexless children needing the comfort and response of the easily duped for the likes to assuage the fact that they are spineless grotesques with daddy issues and a subscription to pornhub. There will soon come a time when those who refer to themselves as Christian will finally be mocked as the fools as rubes they've always been.

  • Follow Jesus and Jesus wasn't a Christian. Christianity was created by men as all religion are mechanisms of control derp

  • Cherie Tillapaugh Hott says:

    Unless there is a moral compass, such a Jesus Christ, unless there is an absolute moral code which is a constant and an anchor…. you end up with today's chaos. Whatever feels good to you may be a violation on my own personal freedoms. Debauchery, confusion, and chaps is what happens when you don't have an absolute list of what is good to do and what is not good to do (i.e. The Ten Commandments — which, btw, are NOT the same as the 7 Noahide Laws which are literally public law now in all 50 states).
    Bad things are coming soon. It's not far off that it will be illegal to be a real Christian. It's already happening in many countries of the world, and it will soon happen here in the West. People need to get ready! Repent! Confess your sins to our Father and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, and commit your life to Him, while you still can. I promise, those of you who will make fun of me for sure, you will see it soon. Be careful and be ready.

  • Winston Smith says:

    Anti-Christian sentiment has been burgeoning in the USA for a long time — seriously, goes back decades in television and movie. This isn't merely accepted, it's promoted. Mind you, I'm not referring to informed criticism of religious doctrine, nor am I referring to exposure of corruption among clergy. No, I'm asserting that Christianity is singled out — and Christians are subject to abuse for their beliefs. It's curious to me that atheists, or more generally anyone with a beef with religion, seem to direct 100% to Christianity. You could say the same for comedians and many (if not most) academics. By definition, religious dogma is that which cannot be proven through empirical inquiry. Even so, people listen avidly to Joe Rogan's Ayahuasca-induced accounts of "spiritual" enlightenment and entertain seriously the notion that the building of a third temple in Jerusalem will usher in the anti-Christ based upon bronze-age mythology. Double-standard, yeah, you could say that.

  • Alexa doesn't tell you who Jesus christ is because well there was no name James back then, but that was his name… How do I know, my name is James.

  • Electric Spellbreaker says:

    For anyone who is considering a law suit, remember a pattern of abuse is considered important evidence. They have a mountain of evidence, including a suit against them by Tulsi.

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