Google Ara |Nokia 5G | Space Elevator Geek news Ep ▶3

Google Ara |Nokia 5G | Space Elevator Geek news Ep ▶3

HI , Google Project Ara ! , The 5G ! , A Lunar space elevator ! Welcome Welcome To The 3rd Episode Of Geek news Project Ara is a Google Project that give to the phone owner the possibility to customize his phone hardware The platform will include A processor , Camera ,batterie for a price less than 50$ The platform will include a structural frame or endoskeleton that holds smartphone modules of the owner’s choice such as a Ram, camera or improve External storage. which allow the owner to change his phone hardware without buying a New phone Can it find success, or is it just too ambitious? Let us know what you think In comments bellow As i told you in the first Episode that nokia will an invention that will change the way we live On that day Nokia announced 5G Network But before jumping into the more commonly known data speeds , let’s take a look back at 5G predecessors. there was the first generation of mobile communications.The 1G system was based off of Bell Systems And voice calls and SMS functioned well-enough over 2G technology. Then the 3G came with new features like Video calls, web browsing but the connection was a llitle bit slow . And the 4G came to fix that problem And the 5G which allows u to downlod 5 movies (HD) In just One second with a speed of 19GB/s And it will also help Self driving cars that Google is developing in California by Giving them instant map updates with low latency


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