Google Alerts – Monitor Google For Specific Keywords

Google Alerts – Monitor Google For Specific Keywords

Hey guys,
In video I’m going to teach you how to set-up Google Alerts so you can monitor Google and
receive an email notifications every time the search engine finds a topic you’re interested
in. There are so many reasons why you would want
to do this. For example, you can use it to monitor your
competition, to get updates on a product you like, to find out when someone is posting
about you online or just to keep up with news stories.
So let me show you how to do this. Before we get started I just want say that:
Google Alerts are extremely powerful for business because it allows you to quickly detect and
respond to any sort of feedback regarding your business, which enhances your online
reputation dramatically. Most businesses do not know about Google Alerts
and therefore do not know when people are talking about them online. This allows negative
comments to stay on the web forever without giving them a chance for them to respond…
To setup Google Alerts you will need to go to You will then need to login to your Google
account if you haven’t already done so. To create an alert click on the box that says
Create an alert… and enter the keywords would like to monitor Google for.
It’s important to note that his box is exactly like Google’s search box which means you
can use Search Operators if you want your alert to be more defined. If you want to learn more about Search Operators,
then checkout the link in the description below.
For this example, I’m going to enter “”. This allows be notified whenever Google finds
a new page from my website or when someone posts something that contains my website’s
URL address. The quotation marks is a Google Search Operator
that searches for the exact phrase. To get a better understanding of how quotation
marks work, you can try entering your keywords with and without them.
You will notice that without the quotation marks the search a little more broad. Before you create your Google Alert you can
also see a preview of the type of content it will look for.
All the pages listed in preview have already been found by Google but after your Alert
has been created you will be notified each time Google finds new content. Before you create your alert you can change
its default settings by clicking on Show options. These are pretty self-explanatory but I will
quickly go through and setup this alert with my personal preference.
How often – This refers to how often you would like to receive an email notification.
I like to respond to people right away so I’m going to set this to As-it-happens Sources I usually leave on Automatic but if
you want to select specific sources then please feel free to do so. Language and Region I’m going to leave as
it is. How many – I’m going to set this to All
results because I want to ensure that don’t miss anything. Once you’re done click on the blue CREATE
ALERT button and you’re done. Now, if you want to modify the settings of
your existing alerts you can simply click on the pencil icon here.
If you would like to get a better understanding on how to use Google Alerts then I recommend
that you take a look at my blog post. Half way down the page I explain how I personally
use Google Alerts.


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