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  • simon sinek talks a lot about social media and its impact. How we are just now starting to see the long term affects on the younger generations. Eye opening stuff

  • Social media is 99.9999999% mind-numbing bullshit. Except for YouTube, I deleted all social media accounts years ago, and recently, I deleted my entire YouTube channel content (7k+ subs) — and apart from watching videos almost no one watches, I am winding down YouTube views. Social media is 99.9999999% mind-numbing bullshit (I said that already — but you cannot say that enough).

  • After my 7-day honeymoon trip to a pacific island, I closed my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Best thing I've even done for sure.

  • It's like smoking…People started doing it because their friends were doing it, then they got hooked and kept doing it even when some friends quit or wouldn't do it. Later researchers said it may be bad for you, then they said it is bad for you. Around the same time, a societal push to quit the habit began and has grown over time…Will Facebook become the next Marlboro???

    P.S. I too have quit social media, the stuff isn't good for ya. I'd like to get others to quit but they ultimately have to want to quit.

  • Go ahead Casey! I quited Social Media a long time ago and no regrets… Well, I just check Twitter from time to time, but I deleted the mobile app and I log in through Safari Browser, so the experience is less appealing. BUT I deleted completely Facebook and Instagram. And my life is just waaay sooo much better. Sure, I don't get as much contact with long time friends, but the friends who really need to be there are always there.
    So just delete accounts. Without doubts, just do it!
    Also, do not disturb mode forever is a clever way to manage your phone. Except maybe for calls and VIP messages.

  • @CaseyNeistat not related to this video I have a quick question. I am a South African ultra-distance trail runner (19th in the country according to the results at SA Trail running Champs Marathon distance at HoutBay) and a programming student. I am interested if you have ever considered running Comrades Marathon as your second half is a Capetonian? Would you ever be interested, if so when will you do it?.
    Regards David

  • Andrew Nowotarski says:

    Casey i challenge you to do one full month no social apps no lap top either i havnt had any for 2 years an because of that i lost 150 pounds

  • Malica Hamilton says:

    I spend over 6 hours a day on my phone …. it’s so addictive ? I really need to cut down I even set up that limit thing but I usually end up extending it ?

  • BLA͢K̵ILK͘ says:

    Get off of the soul sucking facebook. Maybe after that we can consider you a real person. but now no. I personally have never subscribed to any social media or posted anything so FUCK EVERYONE!!! Gawd just watching your videos makes me sick.

  • nickolassaakov360 says:

    not going to lie I also got rid of my social media and I do the same as you Casey, and I got to say it feels good. it's tempting to get it back but in the end, it feels better.

  • Spaghetti Monster says:

    "I use the word addiction lightly…" you obviously use the word "social media" lightly as well. You dont think youtube is social media? I dare you to quit.

  • Alexwintersoldier says:

    Hi Casey, I am your big fan. I have been watching YouTube for 4 years. I think I have a serious YouTube addiction. Every day, I watch YouTube til 11pm. And I don’t feel like I am myself anymore. So I think it’s time to change. I think it is a good choice to ask someone influenced me a lot to give me some advice. So, do you think deleting YouTube on my phone and tablet is a good choice? Well, you might not answer me, but I have decided that I am officially deleting YouTube from both of my mobile devices

  • Crazy good content. I don’t do anything but post. Not often. Lol 8:44 I laughed so hard I spit my spaghetti out. Ahahaha

  • Glad you're quitting, put your phone in the trunk so you're not tempted, you don't need it, glued to you, plus distracted driving is worse than drunk driving,stats are real.please everyone I was left permanently disAbled by a distracted driver who was on his phone speeding, ran a red light and blew thru me in the crosswalk. I should be dead but I'm permanently disabled now and in poverty no insurance doesn't pay isn't fair. All avoidable just stupidity to drive and use a phone.

  • Bailed on fb and instagram early this year.
    Though it was for user interface reasons.

    Not a fan of instagram's restrictive picture
    size format. (Or maybe I'm missing how
    to us it properly?)
    And facebook's user interface
    feels like it's stuck in the aughts, while the
    rest of the online world is already evolving
    into the coming 2020s.

    As for using social media/sharing sites
    in general, like anything else in life, one's
    mileage may vary.

  • interesting…the point is i just wasted 10min of my life watching this…so this is the last time i watched others people lives…good night and thank you.

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