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  • altitude illume says:


  • John Edward Jones says:

    High respect for Bernie. 26K rally. Excellent…I dont think he should be the candidate but he is a powerful voice and contributes big time.
    Maybe Warren and Mayor Pete are a good team. Respect for Biden but he should mentor….Senator Harris could be my choice but doubt America will embrace her.
    Little respect (none) for TULSI…She has a devious agenda. Said so with other friends two months ago..Dont trust her AT ALL.

  • Because the Dem primary elections will have a 15% threshold in 2020 — meaning candidates who finish below 15% in a state will win zero convention delegates from the state — finishing in 4th place in Iowa may not be as bad as finishing below 15% in Iowa.

  • Sasha Magdaleno says:

    petey doesnt even seem to care being president anymore. Rather petey has made it clear he is campaigning for his corporate sponsors not for the people of our nation.

  • Sasha Magdaleno says:

    Stop trying to push yet another corrupt, corporate, politician on Dems. This bs propaganda is going to get us another 4 years of Orange Clown.

  • Rapacious Interloper says:

    I don't have insurance. Mayor Pete thinks if I get cancer, I should be forced to die a slow, painful death, without care, because I don't deserve basic human rights. I will vote 3rd party before I vote for a fascist monster like Mayor Pete.

  • pete's ascendence doesn't surprise me. when i first heard him speak, months ago, he struck me as intelligent, informed, and sincere. quite a refreshing change from the current administration and sets him apart from many of his competitors in the democratic party.

  • Sasha Magdaleno says:

    The Orange Clown would eat a whiney, tantrum throwing, little boy puppet like petey. Petey is campaigning for his corporate donors, not the people of this nation.

  • Yes AOC, I will thank Bernie for his service to America and his well deserved place as our Elder Statesman. He deserves it more than Biden. Tulsi Gabbard should leave Iowa, and go to Syria and watch the ethnic cleansing and the resurgence of ISIS she so favors. Warren and Buttigieg will make a great a great Democratic ticket.

  • Sasha Magdaleno says:

    Petey reminds me of Pinocchio, every time i see him speak or debate his nose keeps growing longer and longer with all his lies. Petey is campaigning for his corporate donor's interests, NOT for hard working, honest people.

  • I've never understood why Iowa was the first primary every election cycle. I get that it's a middle of the pack state but it's not that diverse in terms of population, cities, or industries. Why not Ohio? Seems like that would be a better representation of America.
    And for the love of all things good – please don't start the campaign cycle 2 years before the election!

  • Im tired of the democratic media hating on and down playing Bernie Sanders. This reminds me of how the Republican Party treated Trump-until he won. He deserves some respect. I dont want another regular politician back in office. Polls mean nothing at this point.

  • He's a centrist dempublican who will vote with the rethugs, against Americans interests and for corporate interests, because he is accepting corporate donors. Just like Biden being personally responsible for ALL student loan debt because of the 2 million in donations he took, to protect lenders by not allowing BK dissolving debt. Chump files 6X and his huge corporate losses are dissolved. Even disabled students trying to renegotiate debt are told "No". Pete will be no different.

  • Trump's just gonna get elected again with this corporate clown as the nominee. He has received almost as much money from the Pharma industry as Biden. Buttigeig is the establishment's plan B if Biden fails.

  • Senators Sanders and Warren or Warren and Sanders, should be considered for the highest office in our nation because of their DEDICATION and SERVICE over the years. Their SELFLESSNESS, KNOWLEDGE, AND EXPERTISE need to be taken as an ASSET for our Nation.

  • I’m glad Buttigieg is steadily climbing. He would make a great president. I’m impressed by him every time I hear him speak.

  • Tessmage Tessera says:

    Anyone who votes for Pete Buttigieg is asking for another corporate-controlled White House. Not for me, thanks. BERNIE 2020

  • MSNBC, you are so obvious about Mayor Pete. This must be the fourth or fifth time you covered his campaign and his supposedly winning polls. It is a fact, that the News Media is not supposed to show SUPPORT OR FAVOR for any individual candidate campaigning in the presidential or congressional races. You're reporting similar to the NY TIMES who favor CLINTONS. If you check Mayor Pete's hypothetical strategies at the beginning of his campaign and bring it fast forward to now HE CONTRADICTS himself constantly. Jake Tapper proved that.

  • Are they seriously making a big deal of this poll? Only 500 likely voters was polled. And Mayor Pete being in the top three, I wonder how many of those 500 likely voters was people of color? Or has the problems he had with black people and his police force been resolved?

  • Truthful Politics says:

    The news media, and political junkies, seem to think that polls mean something for those allowed to debate by the DNC. They all seem to forget that the corporations and wealthy donors of the DNC pick the candidate they want to represent their business interests. They want people who know how to take direction for cash from these donors. Biden is their choice, and they really don't care if he wins or loses.

  • Trump campaign and the russian trolls are going after Pete Buttigieg hard. They know Mayor Pete will make Trump look like the brain damaged toddler he is.

  • Sasha Magdaleno says:

    The Orange Clown would eat a whiney, tantrum throwing, little boy puppet like petey, alive.Petey is campaigning for his corporate donors, not the people of this nation.

  • Bernie > Warren > Yang > Harris > Buttigieg > Biden – regardless the Democrat I will be voting for them. This is honestly the FIRST TIME EVER that I will go in without any hesitation to be partisan when voting. I WILL NOT vote for Trump again, EVER!!!

  • Sasha Magdaleno says:

    The Orange Clown would eat a whiney, tantrum throwing, little boy puppet like petey alive. Petey is campaigning for his corporate donors, not the people of this nation.

  • Aubergine Bellen says:

    I love Bernie but his recent heart attack really worries me. Essentially, if I vote for Bernie, I'd really be voting for his Vice President.
    My vote goes to Warren but I want to know who her Veep would be. I would love to see Selina Meyer as her running partner.

  • Anybody who has worked on the Hillary Clinton campaign, including Adrienne Elrod, should shut the heck up…. You had your moment, you screwed up, badly……

  • Daniel Schaeffer says:

    The left has an inherent problem. They've done everything they can to turn "centrist" and "moderate" into swear words — just check out the comments — yet most people are centrist and moderate. Voters don't like politicians who make promises they can't keep. I'm really terrified that this will be a rerun of 2016, and that most people will just stay home.

  • Pete can be doing well in Iowa but without the black vote Pete won't get the nomination! I know I'll never vote for Pete or any Centrist!

  • How is Buttigieg going to pay for the massive increase in people who are on Federal Government run Medicare if he will allow people to keep sinking all that money into a Private Insurance Company Millionaire Shareholder's pockets by continuing to pay Deductibles, Premiums, and Copays??? How will he stop employers from bailing out of offering Private Plans when they can no longer be forced to offer them if there is a Public Option available to everyone???

  • I wouldn’t touch an establishment Neoliberal corporate centrist democrat with a ten foot pole. With the exception of Bernie Sanders, Yang, Tulsi. And Marianne Williamson . The rest of the democrat party field of candidates are garbage

  • The left has no platform but, to smear the current President and continue to spew radical leftist agenda which, is going to destroy this Country by trying to make it socialist..

  • Raymond Jay Johnson says:

    And in turn they will merge with Warren. This is great news for assertive Progressives. Not sure how it works out for Democrats to earn majority.

  • Robert Hartford says:

    • Warren was a Republican.
    • The "whistleblower" worked with 2 of Schiff's staffers.
    • AG Barr and US Atty. Durham have Joseph Mifsud's Blackberries.
    • Gen. Flynn's lawyer has requested evidence from Mifsud's Blackberries.
    • IG's Report is complete and being declassified.

    Rumor is that Durham has hired more investigative staff due to the treasure trove of evidence. Mueller Report in question.

  • Wonder why Democratic people can't see past there nose. Everything done today is on course for a world take over for one it to govorn. Yes I called it, it. Because I won't give it a nothing. You guys need to seriously study your Bible, if you have one. It's so on target it's scary. Everything done today is practically out of the pages. Jesus Christ saves, even a Democrat. You will change, but you will become a person who is a great person for the Lord God Almighty.

  • Sasha Magdaleno says:

    Petey reminds me of Pinocchio, every time i see him speak or debate his nose keeps growing longer and longer with all his lies. Petey is campaigning for his corporate donor's interests, NOT for hard working, honest people.

  • I'm going to stop looking at these clips until spring when people might stop circulating the same viruses around the daycare-studio and stop sniffling into their mics. If you aren't well, you aren't a hero showing up and infecting everyone. And Elise, the word is strong, not shtrong. You seem to be able to say every other word beginning with the letter 'S', practice this one.

  • Bernie can keep making money and stay in as long as he wants but he’s going to get past that 15% mark to get any delegates and it’s pretty clear he’s not going to just run away with this.

  • "HIstory is bound to repeat itself"…And not that he has the same corrupt personality of Dump, Pete has nearly as little experience as Dump had in running a large government..He is a Mayor, for Christ's Sake!! He is not the Governor, and not even the largest city in Indiana…
    And just like Dump, he has zip experience in Foreign Policy, Infrastructure, Social Programs, Finance, etc on a National Level…All the major Foreign Leaders will eat him for lunch..And he probably hasn't even met or has any relationship with any of the Power Players, Pelosi McConnell, Shumer, etc.
    For someone applying for the job of President his resume is really scrawny..Its like he just woke up one day and decided it would be a rush to run for President…
    My point is that naive voters voted for Dump, ignoring his lack of qualifications, and now this time some voters are doing the same thing with Pete..
    Don't waste your vote, vote for experience and vote for Elizabeth Warren…

  • Kamala Harris wanting to take away trump's twitter is irrelevant., also it is an infringement of the first amendment. Freedom of speech.

  • Buttigieg are a kind and respectable man. I would be happy if he was on the running ticket, together with Warren or Sanders.

  • Bernie, Biden, and Warren are too old to lead in the progressive direction we NEED to go AND none of them have military experience to deal with the MESS trump had created in the middle East! #PETE2020 THE BEST CHOICE. PERIOD

  • If you're socially liberal but fiscally conservative, which MANY Americans are, Pete seems the most logical choice.

    Not that he's truly fiscally conservative, but compared to the rest of them…

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